Skull, Red Egg, Chakras and Magdalene

Scott Hutton over at the GoddessChristians forum last week posted these interesting observations about the red egg, skull and Magdalene.
I read – whether in his forum or one of his books I can’t say – a most fecund
sharing of Tau Malachi, to wit:

The red egg and the skull that are so often associated with the Magdalene?
Without interfering with the other attributes out there, he suggests: the red
egg points to the first chakra, where in most of us lies the sleeping kundalini
princess will awaken; the skull points one not to death but to the seventh
chakra, where dwells the Awakener. The mystic marriage of these two occurs, of
course, in the fourth chakra, the sacred bridal chamber where the two combine.

I merely share the jotting. I have little to say about it, except to note the
thinking on it leads one to some sublime perceptions indeed. As I’ve been
wearing the Magdalene mysteries medal for some weeks, I am often reminded of
these symbols. Synchronistically, to my immediate right at my computer keyboard
for several years has been a crystal skull (full of rainbows) and a blood red
egg shaped naga eye crystal from Thailand. For at least two years I’ve been
wondering what on earth they’re doing there, and why did it seem so in
appropriate to move them.

Early this week, reading Tau Malachi’s words, I understood.

I tell you, if we just give it half a chance, life can be grand.

All be well,


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Katia here:  I have been contemplating this chakra connection to the symbols of the egg and skull. The Sacred Marriage and the Bridal Chamber sacrament of Gnosticism are so intriguing. The Gospel of Philip is a good place to see the Gnostic sacraments explained.  Explained is too strong a word… the sacraments are pointed to, hinted at, and in some cases symbolically explained in the Gospel of Philip.  The Bridal Chamber is the ultimate Sacrament in Gnosticism and I sure wish I fully understood it… <grin>  
I like the idea of the marriage of mind and body, head and heart.
The skull representing Awakening and the Awakener is very satisfying.  Not sure about the red egg and sexuality… gotta think about that one.  Hee hee.

It’s Magdalene Day Today!

We’re talking about honoring Magdalene today over on the GoddessChristians forum.  Some of us are re-dedicating our altars to Her and I got out my red egg, placed it on the altar in our home-chapel, lit a special candle, called over my three little girls and the rest of the family (eleven people living in my house these days!), etc.  We remembered how Jesus said in Mark 14 and Matthew 26 that everywhere his story was told, her anointing of him would be told “in memory of Her.”

There are no huge celebrations for Our Lady Magdalene, no Christmas or Easter holidays for the veiled goddess of Christianity, but we can start to change that, make this a holy day, “holiday”.  Just saying her name, the First Lady of Christianity, is enough to “remember Her.”  ee Mog-duh-lay-nuh is the Greek pronounciation of “the Magdalene,” and you can add in MEER-ee-ah at the beginning.  That’s how Mary Magdalene is written in the New Testament — always in Greek, of course.  In Aramaic it would be Maryam Magdala (or Migdala, pronounced Mig-DOLL-ah). (I think!)

We also played Katherine Conrad’s awesome song, Mary Magdalene.  If only I knew how to upload music to this page…  You can get the song and other goddessy tunes here on Katherine’s website.  Her band is called Aurora.  Margaret Starbird is very fond of her music.  The CD Pagosa Rose is the one with the Mary Magdalene song.  Margaret’s favorite song is on their Mystery CD.  I use two songs from Pagosa Rose in my slide-show presentations.  Talk about our Christian Goddess in music…

I am gonna have to figure out how to make YouTube videos so I can put my Magdalene slideshow to the song and make it available for viewing.  Now if only I knew the first thing about it. <laugh>

Other Magdalene authors and presenters are up to cool things today.

Joan Norton, author of The Mary Magdalene Within, writes:

Blessed Magdalene Feast Day to everyone .  Perhaps the Earth herself is recognizing  this Feast Day of the Magdalene by “putting up” a crop circle with intricate mathematical workings , some aspects which add up to the Magdalene number of 153. This intricate and beautiful crop circle appeared on July 20. Go here to see it .

and here to read about the “153”.

    I’ve heard Margaret tell audiences that when she spoke to John Michell, author of New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury, and an authority on both gematria and the symbolism of crop circles,  about the number “153” being the gematria code for “the Magdalene”, he indicated to her that perhaps it was her job to bring this forth to the world.(I’m paraphrasing) Thank you Margaret!

   Here in Los Angeles we had an Isis-Mary Magdalene Birthday Tea last weekend, bringing together the goddess community and the “new” Magdalene Christians. Thank you to Karen Tate for feeling strongly about this sisterhood.

   Our own Loretta Kemsley will be on Karen’s internet radio show this Wednesday night July 23 in honor of Magdalene’s Feast Day. Lore, you uplift this discussion list with your wit and intelligence…I look forward to listening to you.

      Happy Feast Day to Us All, May Her Abundance Grow in Sacred Union…


* * * * * * * * *

Lesa Bellevie, author of and Idiot’s Guide to Mary Magdalene bakes Madeleines — the French scone, cookies, biscuits or whatever you call ’em, that are in the shape of the sacred almond, the vesica piscis.

So what are you doing for Magdalene’s Feastday?  How do you revere her, honor her today or other days?