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Mary Magdalene – Would a Judeo Christian Feminine Deity make a difference in our culture?

One of our seminary students is writing a paper for her Women in Religion class and wants to interview us by email as follows. Please answer and take part!

1. What is your definition of feminism?

2. What is your definition of patriarchy?

3. What do you think of the stereotype “women are from Venus, men are from Mars?” Put another way, do you think it’s true that women are more emotional and men are more logical? Do you think that men and women are compatible?

4. What do you think America would be like if the main religion was centered on a goddess?

5. Do you think that religion in America has positive role models and messages for women?

6. Do you think that modern America is a healthy environment for women? What about men?

Pythagoras: the first PhD in Metaphysics – Doctor of Philosophy means Teacher

Pythagoras first PhD degree
Pythagoras teaching

Rev. Dr. Leonel Hinkert, who received his Ph.D. in Religion and Ph.D. in Metaphysics degree from our online Seminary, posted the following to the Seminary’s Facebook page today. I’ve always enjoyed the study of Pythagoras. When he comes up in live classes, I like to pronounce his name the French and Greek way “Pee-tag-or-ROSS”.  That pronounciation better matches the spelling Pitagoras used below. He is one of the great founders of Greek philosophy, and one of the first to be called “doctor”, a word meaning teacher. Without him, we would not have any such thing as the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in our civilization. It is something for our alumni to think about. If you hold a PhD degree in whatever discipline, you are a Doctor aka “Teacher” of some kind of Philosophy.

Leonel Hinkert PH D

Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher and scientist, the legendary founder of the Pythagorean society of initiation. He was a man whose mind has been a basis of mathematics, and geometry.

Pythagoras lived on Earth about 570-500 years BC, He was known as a Greek philosopher and mathematician. He was a strict vegetarian.

Pythagoras was born on the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea. His birth was predicted by a prophet, through which God told his parents about the birth of this boy who would grow and become famous for his wisdom, beauty and great deeds.

From childhood, Pythagoras had interest and skills for philosophy and other sciences. He learns music and painting, and the sciences of medicine, biology, astronomy, mathematics, learned from famous scholars of that time.

At a matured age, Pythagoras founded His spiritual School in the city of Croton. Concerning the work in this school we know the stories told by several great students, who also they had succeeded, with the help of Pythagoras, to the Divine, the Union with the Creator.

The goal of the Brotherhood was the moral renewal of society and purification of religious ideas, and the delivery of confidential methods of spiritual development to deserving students.

The Brotherhood was a monastic community consisting of both men and women who regarded Pythagoras as an incarnation of God. The activity of this great School ended due to the savage repression of primitive people.
Pythagoras wrote works on philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and music. In particular, he already knew about the phericity of the earth, within which is the Central Fire. He also taught about the immortality of the soul and its gradual development during incarnations.

Now we know the literary translation of the ancient text “The Golden Verses of Pythagoras” which was written to be studied by the neophyte students of his school.

Performs to the immortal gods the consecrated worship and keep your faith. Reverence the memory our heroes, benefactors, the spirits of the demigods.

Respect your mother and father, and also your neighbors.
Choose for yourself a truly wise friend, listen to his advice and follow his example, do not quarrel with him for petty reasons.
Remember the law of cause and effect in your life.
It is given to you the opportunity to overcome your passions. So, repress yourself with great effort of greed, laziness, sexual passions and unreasonable anger!
Whether you’re alone or with people, be afraid of doing something wrong. Save your honor!
Be always just in your words and actions; follow the dictates of reason and law.
Do not forget that the inevitable fate leads everyone to death.
Remember that earthly goods are easily given to people, and in the same way, are easily removed.

As for the misfortunes that come to people according to their fate, you must endure them patiently. But strive to relieve pain as possible. And remember that the Immortal Gods do not give people tests that are beyond their strength.

People have many possibilities to choose between them, good and bad. So you have to look carefully and choose the path worthy to oneself.
If there is a prevailing misconception among people about the truth, the wise steps aside and waits until the truth prevails again.
Listen carefully to what I say, and keep it in memory:
Do not be troubled by the acts and thoughts of others; do not induce harmful words and deeds!

Listen to the advice of others and deliberate yourself! For, only a fool acts without thinking ahead!
Do only what you do not then add in affliction and cause no pangs of conscience.

Dare not to start to work immediately if you do not know how to do, but learn first, only then will you achieve success!
You must not exhaust your body, unlike it comes to giving food, drink and exercise with measure for strengthening without knowing the excesses and laziness.

Keep, if possible, order in your life. Check out the luxury of everything! Well, it provokes envy in others.
Be afraid of being greedy!
Have fear also to squander goods like careless people do.
Do only that whereby you do not ruin yourself now or in the future! Premeditate therefore, before every step and act.

Let not reach to your tired eyes the dream, before your remember your deeds three times a day. Consider them as an impartial judge, asking yourself, “What good have I done? What I fail to do that should be fulfilled? “So, check by everything you’ve done during the day. Severely Repróchate yourself for everything that was wrong! And rejoice for the good you have done and successes!

Use this instruction, reflect on it and tries to always to follow it! Well, you can approach to Perfection! And that is the guarantor of this truth. He who hath placed in us the garment of the Divine Essence and the supreme virtue!

By putting hands to the work, go first to the gods, with the earnest request so that with His help you can finish the work!
And when thou shall be in this way, you’ll know all about the Immortal Gods and also about people, about the difference between them, about him that contains them in Himself, being its Foundation, and also know that the entire universe is One and the Eternal One which there is no dead substance.

By knowing this, you will not go wrong again, because all will be revealed to you!
You will know also that people themselves provoke misfortune for themselves because of their ignorance! And you know that they freely choose their destinies!
Woe to them! In their mad blindness they do not see the desired happiness is in its own depth!

There are very few among us who can throw through their own efforts the trouble out of themselves, as most people are blind to the law of the formation of their destinies! Like wheels they descend from the mountains, carrying the burden of the damage they have done and past fights, charges that controls their destinies until death.
Instead of looking for a fight, people should, where possible, to avoid it, give up uncontested.

O almighty Zeus, just you have the power to deliver those born of afflictions, showing to them the veil of ignorance that blinds their eyes?
However, there is hope for the salvation of the people of this darkness, as each human has a Divine Root, and nature is ready to reveal to him the mysteries of existence.

If you also penetrate in these, you will realize what I am preaching to you! So, heals the soul! This will reveal the path to liberation!
And abstain from eating meat: it’s against your nature and will prevent your purification!

So if you want to get rid of earthly fetters, follow this higher understanding given to you! Let this governed your destiny!
And after completely transform the soul; you can become an Immortal God who will crush with his foot the death!