Yeshua, Magdalene arrive Jerusalem Tonight

The Esoteric Easter Cycle began a couple of days ago when Yeshua and his band (family, friends, students) left on foot from Galilee in Northern Israel to make the 3-day walk to Jerusalem for Passover.

Walk along with them on our Esoteric Easter Cycle page, and discover the hidden meanings behind everything that happened that Spring so long ago. That one Spring holiday season changed the world forever. Whatever year it was, 30 A.D., 26 A.D., we re-enact it every year, don’t we? Re-birth after the long death of winter, the Spring Equinox, Easter with all its pagan fertility trappings, eggs and the cosmic origin of the universe — it’s all there in this ancient holiday.

This evening, the Saturday before Palm Sunday, the band of travelers from the North, led by the Man from Galilee, arrived in Jerusalem. Yeshua stopped to survey Jerusalem before them, seeing it with new eyes. And he mentioned chicks and eggs! Seriously… <grin> It’s right there in Matthew 23:37, well sort of:

“Jerusalem, O Jerusalem…how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings…”

Come walk with him, his family and friends, as they activate (this year with your help) the annual Esoteric Easter Cycle.

There’s nice artwork there to look at, also…