January 6, Jesus’ “original” birthday observed by very early Christians


January 6 was observed for centuries as Jesus’ birthday.  So happy birthday again, baby Jesus, and good for you Holy Mother for manifesting the Light as only Sophia-Maria can do…


Mary Magdalene “portrait” by Christian Artist


This painting of Magdalene is called "Companion", which is the title given to Mary Magdalene in the Gospel of Philip where she is called the Companion or Wife of Jesus
Magdalene called Companion by James Kessler

Margaret Starbird writes:


I just received the link to a rather amazing “portrait” of Mary Magdalene that the Christian artist, James Kessler, calls “Companion” (the epithet given to Mary in the Gospel of Philip).  I thought some of you might like to see it:  Www.InChristVictorious.com

peace and light,
“The Woman with the Alabaster Jar”