Skull, Red Egg, Chakras and Magdalene

Scott Hutton over at the GoddessChristians forum last week posted these interesting observations about the red egg, skull and Magdalene.
I read – whether in his forum or one of his books I can’t say – a most fecund
sharing of Tau Malachi, to wit:

The red egg and the skull that are so often associated with the Magdalene?
Without interfering with the other attributes out there, he suggests: the red
egg points to the first chakra, where in most of us lies the sleeping kundalini
princess will awaken; the skull points one not to death but to the seventh
chakra, where dwells the Awakener. The mystic marriage of these two occurs, of
course, in the fourth chakra, the sacred bridal chamber where the two combine.

I merely share the jotting. I have little to say about it, except to note the
thinking on it leads one to some sublime perceptions indeed. As I’ve been
wearing the Magdalene mysteries medal for some weeks, I am often reminded of
these symbols. Synchronistically, to my immediate right at my computer keyboard
for several years has been a crystal skull (full of rainbows) and a blood red
egg shaped naga eye crystal from Thailand. For at least two years I’ve been
wondering what on earth they’re doing there, and why did it seem so in
appropriate to move them.

Early this week, reading Tau Malachi’s words, I understood.

I tell you, if we just give it half a chance, life can be grand.

All be well,


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Katia here:  I have been contemplating this chakra connection to the symbols of the egg and skull. The Sacred Marriage and the Bridal Chamber sacrament of Gnosticism are so intriguing. The Gospel of Philip is a good place to see the Gnostic sacraments explained.  Explained is too strong a word… the sacraments are pointed to, hinted at, and in some cases symbolically explained in the Gospel of Philip.  The Bridal Chamber is the ultimate Sacrament in Gnosticism and I sure wish I fully understood it… <grin>  
I like the idea of the marriage of mind and body, head and heart.
The skull representing Awakening and the Awakener is very satisfying.  Not sure about the red egg and sexuality… gotta think about that one.  Hee hee.

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2 thoughts on “Skull, Red Egg, Chakras and Magdalene”

  1. M-m-m-mmmm….must be the morning for chakra contemplation. I’ve been musing over the Magdalene Rosary’s first Gospel highlight of Magdalene’s life, “Mary meets Jesus and is healed of seven demons” with it’s obvious reference to our chakra system of spiritual “powerpoints” . I love the association Scott makes of the red egg to the 1st chakra’s emmantion of “life force energies” which we can use in all creative ways we can think of. In the big project of taking responsibility for healing our world, we each need constant daily doses of creative energy. That’s the business of the 1st chakra, as you know, and just another reason we need to consciously connect to Magdalene. How perfect to visualize it’s egg-quality, it’s quality of “potential”, as we are each going to use our “red egg” in unique ways. Sometimes it’s actually creating a baby or a relationship and sometimes it’s creating a new way to perceive the world.

  2. Hi! Lovely blog!

    My understanding of the Red Egg is that Mary Magdalene preached “the Way” to a group of Russian. One of them asked if her God was so powerful could he turn a white egg red. There was a basket of eggs sitting there. Mary performed the miracle and that was the beginning of the Way in Russia. In St. Louis I was visiting a gift shop call ArchAngel that has only religious Icons that one can purchase. I asked, not blieving there would be, if he had one of Mar Magdalen. he said there was only one form the clssical period. He had it. It is a Russian Icon of Mary holding the red egg.

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