Sophia’s Compendium: Judeo-Christian Mystery Teachings and World Esoterica

2012 is going to be a year of Wisdom for us here at the Esoteric Seminary and Ekklesia Epignostica. We’re about to add an encyclopedia-like compendium called something like Sophia’s Compendium: Judeo-Christian Mystery Teachings and World Esoterica.  There will be articles on everything from Western Mysteries, the Golden Dawn to mysticism, the Divine Feminine, esoterics of liturgy and the sacraments, Rosicrucian mysteries to the symbolism of pre-Abrahamic religions.

We toyed with other titles such as Sophia’s Whispers, and Encyclopedia of Esoterica, etc.  If you have an opinion, chime in!

As soon as it is up and open for visitors, I will come back here and link directly to Sophia’s Compendium.


P.S. Happy New Year!  You know, I hope 2012 isn’t Mayan Doomsday after all. I know people now say it means a “shift” not “the End.” But I was taught it means the End of the World back when I was a new student of esoterica in the early 1980’s.

Dream Interpretation: Water in face, dog barking

My husband dreamed last night that someone’s hands were cupped and putting water in his face. He kept telling them when they’d put the water in his face to let him breathe but they kept doing it. What would this mean? Then he said he thought he heard our dog bark 3 times and it felt like someone was trying to pull on his leg. He thought someone was in the house ; he heard footsteps. But it was all in his sleep/dream.   – Melissa

Something or someone is getting in his face, making him feel choked with emotion and intruded upon. Water symbolizes your emotions and emotional state. Emotional issues are being shoved in his face, and there is an attempt to choke him. Some highly charged feelings – anger, fear, anxiety – are attacking him, threatening to drown him. Ask him if there is anything in his life right now making him feel attacked or trapped, unable to catch his breath. Three warnings of danger have been given already (the dog barking three times). Also someone may be trying to deceive him or trick him. Think of the old expression, “You’re pulling my leg!” meaning you’re trying to trick me, or you’re kidding me. Who or what is trying to get away with something at his expense? He fears they are getting close, are already “in the house” in his personal space. (Thus hearing their footsteps). Ask him what real life issue or situation might be putting him on the defensive. If he is upset by this dream, give him this exercise: cup some water in his hands and drink it right before bed while saying, I drink of the water of life, the living water. This will instruct his subconscious mind to stop scaring him with these vague unsettling messages, and just clearly give him the warning he needs!