SOPHIA Psalm 50

SOPHIA PSALM # 50 (by poet Wynn Manners)


01  When Sophia comes to you She speaks as a whisper into your mind.  She has no need of loud thundering or brash strokes of lightning to shake us with startling fear or mesmerize us with displays of power.  Her touch is delicate, like a dewdrop quivering on a flower*petal in the early morning light, Her breath like a soft breeze, Her fragrance a wisp of a titillating tease.
Sophia Goddess of Wisdom, God the Mother with the Holy Spirit Dove
02  The perfection of Her beauty is as scintillating as stars across the vault of the heavens on a clear night, as delicate as a blossom of your heart’s content.

03  All of Nature is Her playground.  All of Nature is Her Living Body.  The entire Cosmos is Her Larger, more extensive Body, the stars, themselves, Her Living Jewels of light, the Darkness & the Void… Her Mystery.  Every death is a portal for entering more deeply into Her Mystery.

04  She *can* roar as a hurricane; volcanic eruptions are Her hot spells, the rain, Her tears, the cyclone, Her fury.  She can flood Her grief & gentle Her expressiveness into sublime peace.

05  She teaches us wisdom thru each of our experiences if we but give heed to the deepest lessons to be learned therefrom.  She comforts us in our need.  She ever-provides wise & compassionate good counsel (sometimes thru this one, thru that one, when our mental & emotional blockages are shutting out Her still small voice).

06  “I come to you out of the singing silence,” She has said.  “I Am all doors into every Beyond.  I Am the doorway into all knowledge earthly and celestially.  I Am the doorway into every dimension, all futures, all pasts, into every world that exists, into every world that *will* exist, into every heart & mind, into every dream, even into the Dreams of God.  I Am the doorway into Love and Creat ivity.

07   “I can speak to you day & night.  Seek me with the all of your being, hold nothing back.  Devote yourself to being all-consumed in me, and you will know me as you know yourself.  That close I Am — always and in all ways.  But your receptivity must be sensitive enough to recognize me.  Yours remains the power to shut me out & not recognize me.  Yours is the choice to believe as you choose.  Ever I Am here, but never will I compel you to me.  Your love must be freely given, as mine is to you.

08  “Many of my priestesses, priests and believers have sacrificed their lives for me, murdered by the religions of abomination that would kill those who refused to convert to their falsehoods & worship their jealous & arrogant war-gods; but I did not forsake even one of them, for I embraced them into a Greater Life than they had ever known — for my love for those who love me never dies, is as eternal as I Am.

09  “I accept no blood sacrifices — nor have I, ever.  Only the deceiving gods of abomination have accepted blood sacrifices — whether of animals, of children, of virgins or even of one claimed to be his only-begotten Son.  I accept only your love — freely given, because with all your heart & mind, soul & eternal spirit, you *want* to love… & to love… & to love…  Those who die in love for me will rise in love to know me in my Entirety — in an ever-expanding Love that never ends.

10  “All life is mine, for I Am Life, Itself.  All dying is a metamorphosis into a new form of life-experiencing.  Each has been with me from the Beginning and there is no Final Ending… only transitions, transformations, rebirthings.

11  “I Am the energy of change & transmutation; I Am evolution-in-action across the eons; I Am new genesis.  I Am living creativ e force of energy in all permutations.  What I Am cannot be destroyed.  But I can be experienced, personally, transformationally, enlighteningly.

12  “I brought you into existence to experience yourselves uniquely, to experience as I experience, to know as I know, to love as I love — to simply *be* & *see* in ever expanding awareness… to experience & know each other, sensitively… to love each other, tenderly… & as your sensitivities develop & extend, to experience me as whisperings of love & wisdom, of consolation & emancipation, as invisible wisps of a caress within your very cells, as an expansion of psychic abilities that you come to know more of the ethereal vibrations, that you experience pure wonder & love-making at the cosmic interpermeative level of the hyper-real.

13 “I help you expand your awareness & understanding.  You need only seek, unceasingly, & remain open to learning from each new experience.

14  “There will be pain in the learning; & the deepest pain is for the deepest learning (remember — purity & innocence have been crucified; daughters who were closest to me were burned at the stake).

15  “Erect a shell around yourself for protection, armor yourself for invulnerability, defend yourself with a rigidity of beliefs & you erect a barrier to shut sensitivity to my Spirit *out* of your life.

16  “I am the softening of things.  I come to you in your vulnerability.  I respect your striving for invulnerability that shuts me out.  I will not force my way into your hardness of heart.  But when the time is ripe, I will gift you an experience to *shatter* that hardness to set you free of it!

17  “When you love me — wholly & holily, my words whisper into your mind.  Like the tenderest of lovers I come to you, for you *are* my Beloved — & I have loved you even before you were born!  Full Remembrance will shake you to the core of your being.

18  “Mine is the love that cannot be stolen or adulterated.  Neither moth can devour nor rust can tarnish my love for you.  My love is Heaven’s most valued treasure.  Heaven is as near as I Am near.

19  “Give your mouth, your lips, your tongue to the purity of this heavenly love in the songs you sing.  La-la-la your way into my Mystery.

20  “Taste & see, open & breathe, & Be This Love I *Am* for you.

21  “In the silences, *feel* me caress you.  I descend into you that you ascend into me.  I am the freedom of Forever.

22  “There are no boundaries to my loving.  I am the Cosmic Womb of your rebirthing into the infinite numinosity.

23  “All final awakenings are into my Ultimacy.”

~~wynn manners
5 – 8 .July.2014

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