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Every week since 1998 I have been interpreting two dreams for a wonderful advice column, The Dream Zone, which I co-write with Lauri Loewenberg, “the Dream Lady”. Our column appears in several alternative newspapers and in Sedona Magazine.

To dig through the archive of interpretations from years past, go here.

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6 thoughts on “Dream Interpretations”

  1. I had a dream that I had a baby boy and I was really happy and it felt so real! Its weird thinking about it now

  2. I dream that I was in the bathroom and a little girl was there too. I told her to get a towel to wash her face. She looked in the closet and there were few towels. She implied you don’t have many towels. I told her to get a towel and wash her face. I moved her face to speed the process. The little girl said you don’t have to be so rough. I washed my face with the heat water. There appeared a baby in a carseat with water in it.

  3. Hi. So I recently been having dreams that’s weird. So my boyfriend has a child already. So I dreamed that everybody was at my old house just happy. Everyone knew I was pregnant but me. So my water broke and then when they said you have to push, I looked down and the baby was coming out of me. It was a little boy. The crazy part is my boyfriend wants a little boy. He had been went baby shopping and been prepared but I never once knew I was pregnant. What does this mean.

  4. I’m not pregnant and don’t have any children. I had a dream I all of a sudden had a baby boy and I first bottle feed him. Then I was trying to help everyone with what they needed and I forgot to feed him and he was such a happy baby he wasn’t making much noise. So I tried feeding him but I wasn’t able to produce breast milk. So I went to my sister to see if I was doing it wrong and she looked it up and it said it had been a lack of melatonin. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

  5. There is a brand new wonderful “project” in your life that you must “feed” to keep going. It is fragile and needs attention, although it doesn’t go sour or get ugly if you get distracted a bit. Then the dream also commented on your own health mentioning there is a “lack of melatonin”. So perhaps you need more sleep in order to best nurture this new thing/project/relationship in your life.

  6. I had a dream my boyfriend died i heard news of him dying but then i saw him alive in my dreams he was running away from people
    Im so confused why did i dream this pls help me🙏😢😢

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