Dream Interpretation: Deceased father shows up at wedding

I lost my Father in February to a massive heart-attack. I was at my Mother’s visiting with her and we were talking about different memories we had with my Dad. I was wearing a very bright blue shirt that day. I had a dream that night and we were at my wedding, my Father had already passed on and we were still waiting for him to show up. My Dad was alive for my wedding, which made this dream all the more strange to me. I was standing at the altar and all of a sudden my Father was there and he was wearing the same color shirt that I had on that day and he walked over to me, put his arms around me and told me he loved me. I then woke up and sat up in my bed. I do not remember my dreams very often but, this one seemed so real it had me quite shaken. I very vividly remember the shirt he had on and realized that it was the same color I had worn that day. I would be very curious to know what your feelings are about this dream.

P.S. I think it may be important for you to know that I had been estranged from my parents for the last nine years.
Sincerely, Michael

Wearing of the same shirt symbolizes something quite profound: that your Dad is still alive, he is alivein you. Children are the immortality of their parents, and genetically speaking we *are* our parents, grandparents, ancestors. He is “one” with you. Your dream also reminds me of the famous Bible verse, “I and the Father are one.” The wedding means a huge family milestone, a new stage of existence, and above all a union. You say for nine years you had been estranged from your parents but then had a reunion – reunited–  and your father passed away earlier this year. I believe he came to you from the Beyond in order to deliver a  very important message to you — reassurance that he loves you — because your separation of nine years was so long, he wanted to be sure you knew things were still good between the two of you. And he brought the symbolic message that he is still alive in you – his DNA is singing in your veins and every cell. Feel his presence. Your subconscious certainly senses his presence and therefore helped you “connect” with him and “receive” that message. Very awesome dream!

Thank you very much for your input, one of the questions I am always asking myself, is if my Father still loved me…so I hope your interpretation is correct. I hope he knows that I have never stopped loving him. My sister told me he would always drive by my house hoping to see me and talk to me, and I remember seeing him several times but, he never stopped, I guess stubbornness is something he and I have in common, as I used to do the same thing. I am his oldest and we are very much alike. What you say about the wearing of the same color shirt, makes sense to me. I originally thought that he was letting me know that he was watching over me by letting me know that he knew what I was wearing that day. I have to be honest, I was never a big believer in dream interpretation and the paranormal but, this dream has had me re-thinking that logic. My wife is a big fan of yours and has two of your books and I used to tease her about it…whenever I had a dream that I could remember, she would look up the keywords and try to interpret it for me and I would not take it very seriously.

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