Apocalypse Now?

All the world’s religions, spiritual traditions and scriptures talk about a world-ending, an Armageddon, Final Judgement day, etc. But are these the end times?

Here are some of the clues we’re supposed to see:

  1. Pestilences and pandemics (but we’ve had these for centuries) True the first horse of the Apocalypse could have been COVID. But it’s supposed to take out 1/3 of humanity, like the Plague killed 1/3 of Europeans during the Dark Ages
  2. War (we’ve had them forever)
  3. Rumors of wars (ditto)
  4. Famine, natural disasters (yep, this crap keeps happening, too)

What do you think? Seen any “signs of the times” in your part of the world?

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Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at NorthernWay.org.

One thought on “Apocalypse Now?”

  1. With the access of information we are more aware of what is happening across our earth not to mention the possibility of “visitors” checking on us. We are overwhelmed with all media presence and acknowledgement of all the information it being “fake news” or real new.
    When Orson Welles read “War of the World” and it had New Jersey in a panic due to the realism of the broadcast to that time’s up to date technology of the Radio. With the technology we have today people can fake many things and fool us today.
    While reading the Bible you must remember it is the most widely published, most published, must conservational, and in the most languages than any other publication in our history of knowledge. While taking that into consideration we must also remember that it is also the most censored HISTORICAL REFERENCE PUBLISHED we use in and follow still to this day.
    While using it as a reference you must think there are things described in their day and time we must consider they had no words for as translating and new words are added as we have advanced.
    We have always had and will have those who believe the end is near, I am a skeptic. The reason I stay a skeptic is not because I don’t fear the ending of this journey and those who fear the end are those who don’t have confidence of their existence of the there after.
    I am proud to say the there after does scare me but I know I have done all in this journey to make to the next.
    Kenneth Forrest
    PhD, ThD

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