Christianity an Amalgam of all that (“pagan”) stuff which came before

We often say at our online Mystery School that Christianity has pagan DNA, did not arise in a vacuum, is a hodge-podge of all that came before, Egypto-Sumerian-Judeo-Pagan-Hermetic-Gnostic philosophy… Evidently the late scholar Martin A. Larson agrees. Found the following bit in a review of his out-of-print classic, Religion of the Occident. R.A. Brown of San Diego wrote the review:

“[Larson] states that Christianity, like all great religions of the West (past and present), represents a fusion of what came before. This is in comparison to the more commonly held belief that religious revolutions are explosions that are sparked by the birth of some great mind (Buddha, Lao Tzu, Abraham, Mohammed and Jesus). Larson challenges this perspective. For the author, if you stand on a mountaintop and look down on the deep valley of 4,000 years of human history you will see that religious change occurs as a seamless progression of multiple faiths leading into another. This perspective makes Christianity a gigantic puzzle with multiple pieces coming from many sources that somehow came together to form a whole. This book takes on the task of breaking apart the pieces and showing how they came to fit together.

It all makes for fascinating reading. Good luck in finding this increasingly rare ‘out of print’ book.”

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I am glad he explains (away) the “bright-mind-incarnates” theory of how religions come into existence. So true, so true. A religion is mothered by its culture, not by one man’s revelations, no matter how awesome and valid.

Yeah, Christianity is a huge colorful puzzle that takes up the entire dining room table. It is Pagan Jewish Egyptian Greco-Roman Christianity and our ancestors voices are all quietly there. Some of ’em are called heretics, pagans or worse, but their thread is still there, part of the big cloth that is our inherited “faith” tradition.

The reviewer is right, the book is hard to find. Amazon has 2 used copies for $59. Yikes.


Knights Templar Remembrance Day – 700 Years Ago, a new age began

700 years ago today the Templars were rounded up and arrested, accused of heresy and crimes against God. Many modern practitioners of “Templarism” — a kind of esoteric occult Christianity — are remembering them today, including our New Knights Templar Order members. Usually we fast on Oct. 13, and wear black — but for some reason this year felt the urge to also celebrate the Templars of the past. Some (me included) are wearing a red Templar cross today and getting out that ceremonial sword for a procession to the altar. One modern Templar group produced a cool video for this “holiday” which can be viewed online (see link below). What are you doing to remember those almost mythical Knights of yore? Feasting or Fasting or a little bit of both?

Here are some observances happening around the world today:

Chris Dalrymple, KTO writes:
At the website we have posted a memorial
presentation and called for remembrances. We have an article posting
the various news and other stories relating to the Templars that I can
come across. One posted just today notes that the Univ. of Penn. will
be hosting a day long events of lectures, displays and events on the
Templars specifically, chivalry and monasticism, and medieval
lifestyle in general. It sounds wonderful. These are all that I came
across. As I find more they will be posted to the website.

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On Templar Globe:

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Linda Berthelsen, Commander of Templar Fellowship of America writes:

As the Commander of the Templar Fellowship of America, I would like
to share some exciting news concerning upcoming events. The 700th
anniversary of the arrest of the Knights Templar is RAPIDLY
approaching on October 13th, 2007. Modern Templars around the world
will commemorate the 700th anniversary of this unfortunate event with
remembrances and signs of recognition.

To commemorate that fateful Friday the 13th, the TFA has planned
special activities in which everyone may participate, regardless of
geographic location or schedule.

We have created and posted to our web site a powerpoint presentation
which you may view by clicking on the link from our web site. We will also post a text only
version. These presentations are designed to raise awareness of
Templar History.

We also encourage you to take a few moments on Saturday, October
13th, 2007, to remember what happened 700 years ago, and to wear a
Templar or Maltese cross throughout the day. Please forward this e-
mail to others and call the attention of friends and relatives to the
links to these presentations at

Why should Templars commemorate this date? October 13th, 2007, marks
the 700th year of the infamous day in Templar history when the King
of France, Phillip le Belle, ordered the mass arrests of all Templars
across Europe. History attributes much of his success with this
astounding ruse to his ability to manipulate the Papacy.

In some respects the events on this date might be compared to the
9/11 attack or the bombing of Pearl Harbor, because the massive
arrest destroyed countless lives and sent economic shock waves
throughout the western world. Although sources differ as to the
actual number, approximately 4,000 Knights Templar were arrested
within a short time. The magnitude of the arrest was stunningly
sudden, and widespread. There was little resistance because most of
the Templar fighting forces were widely dispersed. Most of those who
were arrested were older and not able to resist such a massive
surprise attack.

King Phillip then ordered that these Knights be charged with heresy
under the Papal Inquisition. Thousands were imprisoned and tortured
with the purpose of extracting false confessions of heresy. A number
of them endured horrific executions such as being burned at the
stake. Those who escaped were forced into hiding and exile. They
changed their identities and blended into society.

On the evening of Friday, October 12th, 2007, the Grand Priory of
Austria will sponsor a public lecture at the University of Klagenfurt
on the Templar Legacy. Dr. Erhard Zauner, Grand Commander Templar
Order of Austria, will present a seminar on the arrest of the
Templars 700 years ago. Dr. Zauner is a powerful, engaging and
popular speaker and draws sizable audiences from the surrounding
area. The Austrian Order will also hold a special members only
gathering on October 13th to observe this special day.

In addition to our commemorations of wearing Templar crosses and
setting aside a few moments of contemplation to remember the trials
of Templars past, please also join in a short meditation with our
Austrian colleagues at 1 pm US Central Time (8 pm Austrian time!) to
connect as fellow Templars with our sister Order and share in their
observance. We send them our best wishes!

On Saturday, October 13th, 2007:
• Watch the 700 Tribute presentation at
• Wear your Templar or Maltese Cross.
• Remember the sacrifices made by Templars 700 years ago!
• Keep our Austrian friends, and other Templar
presentations, in your thoughts.

Linda Berthelsen
Commander, Templar Fellowship of America

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope you find something to help with your own personal observance. If you can’t think of anything else, just light three candles for past, present and future Templars, preferably a red candle of remembrance for the past. But if that is impossible, close your eyes a moment and mentally “light” those candles. We will meet many of you on the mental and spiritual planes as we honor these special Knights, Ladies, Dames and Clerics of Tsion’s Temple tomorrow.

“See” you there.

700 years ago today, a new age began… Watch this awesome online slideshow:


Katia R., Prioress
Order of the New Knights Templar