How to Return Goddess to Judeo-Christianity

How to Return Goddess to Judeo-Christianity

“I would like to ask how to return the Divine Feminine to Judeo-Christian religion. My background is Christian, but I find that traditional church is missing something. I feel maybe your organization may help me grow spiritually.” — Stuart, Alberta Canada

We received this inquiry the other day via our website. I thought some of you might wish to offer Stuart some ideas, advice, point him in the direction of resources you know, etc.

Margaret Starbird answered:

Church window depicting marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Jesus & Mary Magdalene as married couple

Maybe Stuart could start by reading the Mary Magdalene page on your website. That page introduces him to the “Lost Bride” who was once at the heart of the Christian story. Tell him that the first heresy in Christianity was the denial of the Bride….and that in silencing her, the Church fathers silenced women’s voices on the planet for nearly two millennia! Now, in the Year of Our Lord MMxv, we celebrate her return to our consciousness bringing wisdom, compassion, and celebration of life and the gift of our bodies as “vessels”—containers for the Spirit of God. Show him the “marriage window” from Dervaig, Scotland, where Jesus and Mary are “hand-fasted” (clasping right hands, as in the rites of Christian marriage)…. and if he wants more, send him to my website:

In memory of Her—
“The Woman with the Alabaster Jar”

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Mystic and poet Wynn Manners said in our GoddessChristians forum:

The First Step, of course, is bringing the Divine Feminine into your own daily life and daily devotions.

Returning the Divine Feminine to Judeo-Christian religion as a whole, is a tall order… and it’s just gonna take a lonnng time… and I’m meaning at least centuries.

What Yeshua once told me was, “Goddess must be elevated for a thousand years.”

He also once indicated that Goddess has to have a different language than the patriarchal religious language.

In Her Spirit we must bring forth different words, a different conceptual matrix rather than just copping-out on Her by carbon-copying the patriarchal language describing the patriarchal God and transferring that to Her.

The Second Step is that we have to be in genuine comm*union* with Her Holy Spirit… so that we are receiving Her Direct Guidance… for She’s the One who will know how to bring about the needed changes.. . She’s the One who can provide us with the phraseology of a variant linguistic and conceptual paradigm. We have to become extensions of Her Living Spirit, womanifestations of Her transformative Spiritual Essence into time. We have to become Her Living Hands, Her Heart & Mind & Spirit — rising like waves of Her Eternal Ocean of Spirit into this time.

The Divine Feminine in Christianity, at this point in time, is mainly represented by Sophia, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

Margaret Starbird’s books on Mary Magdalene are an important resource… relative to the Divine Feminine Bride of Yeshua Christ.

There is some measure of Marian worship in Roman Catholicism… but it’s highly doubtful that it’ll ever be “legitimatized” by the patriarchal stranglehold over that denomination.

When talking about Judaism and Christianity, the most helpful book by way of a Major Resource (that I’m aware of) relative to the Sophia of the Bible is WISDOM’S FEAST: Sophia in Study and Celebration by Susan Cole, Marian Ronan and Hal Taussig. Two of these have been in the Methodist ministry; one is Roman Catholic in background.

Of course you’re gonna get a lot of flack from conservative Christianity… so those seeking to help return the Divine Feminine to Judeo-Christian religion need to be well-versed in all the segments in the Bible that reinforce the Divine Feminine perspective and Sophia (as the Holy Spirit) specifically. Tho they won’t be of any use to you, relative to conservative theological lock-ins, it is also best to be well-versed in all parts of the ancient Gnostic scriptures that reveal more about Sophia & the Divine Feminine in general.

For example, it is very important to realize that when Yeshua spoke of what we have translated into the English words “the Holy Spirit” that he was always referring to Her with feminine pronouns, not the masculine pronoun as is falsely translated in the Gospel of John, chapters 14 & 16. The Hebrew word for spirit is ruach… and the Aramaic word for spirit is rukha (there are variant English spellings of these two words)… both of which are feminine nouns. I think it is also important to know that in “The Gospel of the Hebrews” Jesus actually called the Holy Spirit his Mother! Jerome — who, to my understanding, translated the entire Bible (including the intertestamentary books — which Protestantism expurgated from their Bibles — thus deleting major revelations about Sophia — “Sirach” chapter 24 and “The Wisdom of Solomon”) into the Latin Vulgate also considered “The Gospel of the Hebrews” sufficiently spiritually legitimate that he translated it too! Roman Catholicism did not include “The Gospel of the Hebrews” in their canon — and only quotations from it have survived in some of the Church Fathers’ writings… but maybe a complete copy if it will eventually be discovered and we’ll be able to determine why it was excluded from the canonized scriptures — and (possibly) learn much more therefrom relative to early Christian beliefs and actual further teachings of Yeshua that didn’t survive otherwise.

In the Nag Hammadi Library, works like “The Gospel of Philip”… “Thunder, Perfect Mind”… “Trimorphic Protennoia”… and “The Apocryphon of John” (and others like “The Hypostasis of the Archons” and “Upon The Origin Of The World”) are important resources relative to awareness of Sophia & the Divine Feminine as it existed in the early centuries of Christianity… and the return of neo-Gnostic denominations of Christianity, as they florish across centuries ahead will surely be utilizing these… along with more contemporary revelations of and from the Divine Feminine… for, of course, we’re going to get lots of future texts being written across the centuries forthcoming by many who are “in Her Spirit”.

It’s going to be exciting!

Besides contemporary Gnostic groups (like those of Tau Malachi and Tau Rosamonde Miller) incorporating the Divine Feminine in their services, there are a few contemporary ministers in the mainline Christian denominations who are devoted to the Divine Feminine, too. Foremost, to my knowledge, is “herchurch” (ECLA Lutheran) in San Francisco, California.

I think it also Of Value to read some of what the opposition to the Divine Feminine are writing… so that one is aware of what kind of criticisms / attacks one needs to be equipped to respond to for the sake of the borderline sorts (one is hardly going to convince the “hardliners”).

The only major Christian denomination (that I’m aware of) which recognizes Goddess, is Mormonism — but you’ll hardly find that out from the most of what they’re saying! — for they pretty much “keep Her in the closet”… and (it appears to me) that the voices of the women who want to promote Her are being suppressed by the Mormon patriarchy. One writing friend (who is Mormon) at a local writers group a half a dozen years ago, when I asked him about it, said that Mormons don’t broadcast Her Existence because She’s too holy to them to beget circumstances where unbelievers will be profaning Her. Another Mormon who came to my door about six months ago — when I brought up the subject to him — said that Mormons are condemned to hell for so many of their doctrines, already, that they didn’t want to be adding more fuel to the fires of other denominations condemning them as not being Christians by publicly advocating Goddess, too — for of course that gets labelled as being “paganism” by Christians who condemn the Divine Feminine.

I praise those who are working within the established denominations, trying to “return the Divine Feminine to Judeo-Christian religion” — but, overall, I believe it’s going to turn out to be a heart-breakingly futile attempt. (I’ll be only happy to be proven mistaken in this assessment! I believe there are several in the ministry who would love to incorporate Her in their services, but are very well aware that they will either lose their positions… or lose most of their congregation — especially the conservative ones who make the larger monetary donations.)

I think, in largest part, those capable of doing so are just going to have to start up their own separate denominations… just like Methodism, Lutheranism, Christian Science, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormonism, Unity & the Jehovah Witnesses all had their own beginnings (or, more anciently, Valentinism, the Sethians, the Barbelites, etc. did) — only these new denominations will totally incorporate the Divine Feminine, eliminating the distortions and still-faulty mythology of many of the ancient Christian Gnostic sects. And they will be bringing forth “The New Wine of Her Spirit”.

~~wynn manners

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I personally have had good experience with the Unity Church, a very metaphysical Christian denomination. They allow Goddess to be mentioned in childrens’ Sunday School — She is not suppressed! Unity Churches are in most cities.  — Katia

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Margaret Starbird wrote yesterday regarding this article about about Mary Magdalene’s similarities with the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

Margaret says: Although this author, Dr. Margaret Merisante, does not site my work, she could have. I discussed the connection of Mary Magdalene with Isis, the original “Sister-Bride” of a sacrificed Bridegroom-King in my Woman with the Alabaster Jar (published in 1993). I’m not an expert on Egyptian funerary rites, but I recognized the connection of the anointing of the king as an ancient rite from the Hieros games cult in which the marriage union of the “Beloveds” is followed later in the liturgical season by the assault, mutilation, death and burial. This connection of Mary Magdalene with Isis is strong—based on the “Song of Songs” where the fragrance of the “Sister-Bride” spreads around her Bridegroom at the banqueting table. The “Canticle” (Song of Songs) is known to be a a liturgical poem from the cult of Isis and Osiris. The Bridegroom speaks of his beloved as “My sister, my spouse”— which I believe was the epithet given to the wives of Jesus and his apostles, the “sister-wives” Paul mentions in his letter to Corinthians (1: 9-5).

I’m so thrilled that others are finally seeing this connection and are willing to research and affirm that Mary Magdalene is indeed, the “Goddess in the Gospels“.

In memory of Her—
“The Woman with the Alabaster Jar”

Cave of John the Baptist – Mysterious Subterranean Chambers

One of our GoddessChristians members — his name is Klaus M. from Germany — just sent this awesome photo of a newly discovered “John the Baptist” cave in the Holy Land with mysterious subterranean chambers. John Baptizer used to hang out in the desert as you recall, teaching the mysteries and initiating/baptizing people who came in throngs to hear him. He was arrested because of a beautiful princess Salome’s intoxicating dance of the seven veils, but that’s another story. He hid deep in this cave, trying to avoid Herod’s soldiers.

John Baptizer who ordained Jesus with water beginning the Apostolic Succession
This site, on Israel’s Jordan River, is believed to be the cave where John the Baptist hid from Herod’s soldiers

The subterannean chambers and tunnels connected to the cave seem to lead down into Mother Earth. Our German cousin says, “Did John venerate an old Earth Mother? One of the Mothers who went to the underworld to save Her beloved? Inanna did that, as did Ishtar, Isis, Demeter  – and last but not least Mary Magdalene!”

We teach in our Mystery School lessons that John the Baptizer, who initiated Jesus with the water-rite, and also Jesus himself were probably well aware of God-the-Mother AND God-the-Father. There is an often forgotten verse in the Greek Bible aka New Testament that has Sophia, Christian Goddess of Wisdom, and co-Creator saying, “And I Sophia will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and persecute.” Luke 11:49

Perhaps both John the Baptizer and Yeshua the Anointed (aka Messiah) were initiates of the full Godhead, of the Creators Divine Mother and Ancient of Days Father God.

Goddess Sophia Version Psalm 111

When poet Wynn Manners writes these luminous Sophia versions of the Psalms, they always inspire me…  He usually posts them to our GoddessChristians forum, below is his latest post. [To read other Sophia prayers and see gorgeous Sophia art, visit our Sophia page]

Sophia Psalm 111

Gratefulness To Goddess

1. How wonderful You are, Living Goddess, Who ARE Divine Love, Yourself. All loving originates in You and returns to You. If You did not exist, how could we love You with our own heartwholeness?

2. All wonders that exist originated from You and in You! Wonder of wonders that *we* exist, to be aware, to think, to *feel*… and that You take pleasure in us as we come to take fullest measure of pleasure in You!

3. Measureless are the joys in knowing You, experiencing the awesomeness of Your Works across all of time & space; blessed are we with Your Living Presence.

4. The Seeds of Immortality that have been sown into the deepest depths of our very souls are seeds of *You* as VeryEssence of our own being; and in You we are becoming all that we *can* be.

5. The very food we eat to sustain our lives is loving sustenance *You* have provided from Your Body of the Living Earth. When we partake of the meaning of the land, we partake of our Divine Mother.

6. You are the Tree of Eternal Life; You are the boundless Sky of our infinite potential; and all that can *be* eternal is Eternal in Thee.

7. None of us avoids the path of sorrow, the path of pain — that we be more intensely *deepened* in You. In Your Wisdom You know that these are *necessary* for us to *attain* wisdom in You. Love of You is the beginning of true wisdom dawning into our lives.

8. From You, the healing within. And ever, in You, new surprises! You mystify and You delight us; You provide all that makes our lives worth the living.

9. In You the sheer wonder of our awareness recurrently unfolds like
flowerpetals to the morning sun. You are the Living Light Who feeds our growth & illuminates us from within.

10. The priceless Pearl, the Treasure of treasures You are, to us, Beloved; & in Your Love for us You recognize & value *us* as the treasures *we* are, to *You*, too!

~~wynn manners


Praise for God’s Wonderful Works

Psalm 111

1 Praise the LORD. I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation.

2 Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who have pleasure in them.

3 Full of honor and majesty is his work, and his righteousness endures for ever.

4 He has caused his wonderful works to be remembered; the LORD is gracious and merciful.

5 He provides food for those who fear him; he is ever mindful of his covenant.

6 He has shown his people the power of his works, in giving them the heritage of the nations.

7 The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy,

8 they are established for ever and ever, to be performed with faithfulness and uprightness.

9 He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant for ever. Holy and terrible is his name!

10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all those who practice it. His praise endures for ever!


Psalm 111

The works of Good are great
and are the praise of creation.
Good is not inward and not outward. It is both
but it is more. It is higher.
It is joined and whole. It is holy, and therefore Good.
Good is creative and the children of the Light of Good
become known in that light when they allow creation.
So get going with great praise and be creative.
All works become creative when they are re-creational and loving.
It is not what you are doing that matters
but what you are feeling about it as you do it.
Every act can be mindful, prayerful, and playful.
Then it becomes not just outward
or not just inward but whole and sacred and a Good work.
So praise the art of living
and whatever you do, make it creative.
Nothing is so small or trivial that it cannot be a prayer,
a creative act of your goodness.
Then it is no longer a duel between inner and outer
but a harmony of oneness expressing itself through Good*s idea.
Religion is not a doctrine or code of law.
Religion is a recreational playfulness of spirit.
People are not born into religion but into the game of creative choice.
People are bliss-beings that praise creativity in every way.
People are soul-spaces of infinite spiritual creativity.
They move infinity around and make it more.
Mostly they move ideas around as fun things to do with Good.
Their vocation is their vacation
and their prayers fun things to do with the consenting Universe.
Then they do not get stuck in the inside subjectively
or on the outside objectively.
They flow recreationally as holy beings
and masterminds of good-idea waves of playful choice-prayers.
Choice-prayers are magical-movements of praise
allowed to be made real. They join inward thought-forms
to the outward form-thoughts of the seen.
They allow the Idea to be shaped by desire
as fun ways of being what you are:
creative bliss-beings of light.
So take pleasure in the creative, no matter what way it happens
and creation will become your recreational playtime.
All will be a praise-prayer and Light-work of movement
created for fun by the light-worker within your Good.
Choice-prayers are the motivational magic of miracles.
They are the art of love-saints who have got it going on.
Everything comes to those who choose,
who are steadfast in their Good.
Good things are made with playful thought-fingers
and good hearts that are handy with light arrangements of reality.
Light-working love-saints write their own commandments of Yes
and only say no to hopelessness.
Their covenant is to Good and they have fun being fun.
Fear is the beginning of poor choice
but wisdom is the choice to be free.
When freedom allows love to guide it,
wisdom shines out.
Good understands and overcomes all fear
and states its goodness into reality-blossoms.
Manifestations of miraculous thoughts
that are flower-arrangements of good pleasure-forms,
and they see that as perfectly Good.
They know that Light is the love-commandment of Good
and, knowing this, they shine.



Copyright by Eric Ashford December 2003.

Sophia Feastday Today, one of 3



Hagia Sophia aka Maria-Sophia Mother of Humanity Mother of God
Hagia Sophia aka Maria-Sophia Mother of Humanity Mother of God

Today is one of three days that honor Sophia on traditional church calendars.  They can’t make up their minds as to which day is Sophia’s feastday.  Perhaps it comes from making her a Goddess of Christianity and then demoting her to “just a good woman” who became a saint.  Typical.  Harumph. (Sort of like they did to Mother Mary, demoted her to a mother of God, but not divine herself).


Part of the feastday confusion comes from the 17th of September becoming the 30th when the calendar was adjusted by 13 days.  Not all churches accepted the new calendar, so Sophia ended up with two feast days in September, plus the one in August connected to Mother Mary.  Very interesting. There are also two Christmases because of that disputed calendar adjustment ….the Dec 25 Christmas and Jan 7 “orthodox” Christmas.