Sophia Feastday Today, one of 3



Hagia Sophia aka Maria-Sophia Mother of Humanity Mother of God
Hagia Sophia aka Maria-Sophia Mother of Humanity Mother of God

Today is one of three days that honor Sophia on traditional church calendars.  They can’t make up their minds as to which day is Sophia’s feastday.  Perhaps it comes from making her a Goddess of Christianity and then demoting her to “just a good woman” who became a saint.  Typical.  Harumph. (Sort of like they did to Mother Mary, demoted her to a mother of God, but not divine herself).


Part of the feastday confusion comes from the 17th of September becoming the 30th when the calendar was adjusted by 13 days.  Not all churches accepted the new calendar, so Sophia ended up with two feast days in September, plus the one in August connected to Mother Mary.  Very interesting. There are also two Christmases because of that disputed calendar adjustment ….the Dec 25 Christmas and Jan 7 “orthodox” Christmas.


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  1. Hi Katia, thank you for the reminder of this important “Mother’s Day” celebration time….no matter the confusion over exact dates. I was reminded of our incredibly beautiful St. Sophia’s Cathedral here in Los Angeles, with it’s mosaic of Sophia stretching open arms over the main sanctuary. here is the link for everyone to see and be inspired. There’s a nice video tour with Huell Howser of the cathedral. Enjoy.

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