Ten Days of Awe, Ark of the Covenant Goddess & God Entwined

Ten Days of Awe

Yesterday was the first of the annual Ten Days of Awe, the Jewish New Year aka the High Holy Days, aka Rosh Hashanah…  You can just bet Yeshua and Magdalene honored this holy season every year.  It’s when the gates of heaven are said to be flung open and blessings rain down for ten days culminating with Yom Kippur when the gates go shut again. In the days of the Jerusalem Temples, the priests would open up the holy place and for a short time even roll up the curtain separating the most holy place, thus revealing to view the Ark of the Covenant with its God-and-Goddess entwined in the Shiva-Shakti sitting lovemaking posture.  Wow, that woulda shocked the populace 2000 years ago, eh?  Nah, not if you consider other cultures believed and honored sacred union, too. People were used to that kind of thing and only later did it become “heresy.”


Here’s an article on the Ten days of Awe and Jewish New Year



Here is something in my God Has a Wife! presentation about the sacred union “posture” of entwined Goddess-and-God on the Ark of the Covenant:  http://northernway.org/presentations/godwife/79.html   Click on the speaker symbol to hear me gab about it, and then click thru to the next few slides.


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One thought on “Ten Days of Awe, Ark of the Covenant Goddess & God Entwined”

  1. Hi Katia,

    I really enjoyed this article and the image of winged male-female cherubim over the ark. Thanks so much for sending this. Yes, I can easily imagine Jesus and Mary Magdalene celebrating the Judean/Israelite holiday season together. I feel that their families were close (no empirical evidence of course) but that they would have had quite a few of these holidays together.

    Love Jennifer
    Jennifer Reif

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