January 6, Jesus’ “original” birthday observed by very early Christians


January 6 was observed for centuries as Jesus’ birthday.  So happy birthday again, baby Jesus, and good for you Holy Mother for manifesting the Light as only Sophia-Maria can do…


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Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at NorthernWay.org.

2 thoughts on “January 6, Jesus’ “original” birthday observed by very early Christians”

  1. I’d always heard that his birthday was originally celebrated in March, as he was syncretized with springtime deities. But I’ve also heard that Christmas was a very minor holiday for most of Christian history as its Jesus’ resurrection from the dea and not his birth which is the essence of the miracle.

  2. tmbchr, not sure what you mean by ‘originally’. The New Testament gives no date for his birthday at all. Whatever day we celebrate it on is going to be arbitary.

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