Candlemas / Imbolc, Pre-Christian & Christian both

Candlemas, Imbolc, Groundhog Day and the Lady
This is one of those cool holidays that like Christmas has inspiring pagan and inspiring Christian rites to go along with it.  Other holidays may have both pagan and Christian observations, but one or the other is less inspiring, boring, depending on the holiday.  Like Valentine’s Day — the pagan observations are far more exciting than the Saint day observations.  St. Patrick’s Day is like that too — pagan part more inspiring than Christian saints day observations.  The reverse is true for Easter, whose pagan observations aren’t as sublime as its Christian elements. Candlemas / Imbolc has the best of both worlds.  Both pagan and Christian rites are awe-some-awe-inspiring.
A Fellowship of Isis member named Denise aka writes:
My Imbolc poem for you all

Daylight lingers longer,
the days a little warmer.

The Lady lights her candles;
the God as Stag King rambles
in the Sacred Wood.
His cry stirs our Life's Blood.

We turn our faces sunward.
Again we're filled with wonder
as the land begins to waken
from the Death's Sleep it had taken.

Let us reach out, hand to hand,
every woman, every man,
to circle with the sun
on the Cycle now begun.

Happy and Blessed Imbolc to all!

* * * * * * *
And here is our Esoteric Mystery School Candlemas/Imbolc observation.
Light your candle for the Lady!

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  1. It is extremely interesting how all the religions join and flow together without realising it. If only they would step back and have a good look at themselves before casting judgement on others.

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