Mary Magdalene “portrait” by Christian Artist


This painting of Magdalene is called "Companion", which is the title given to Mary Magdalene in the Gospel of Philip where she is called the Companion or Wife of Jesus
Magdalene called Companion by James Kessler

Margaret Starbird writes:


I just received the link to a rather amazing “portrait” of Mary Magdalene that the Christian artist, James Kessler, calls “Companion” (the epithet given to Mary in the Gospel of Philip).  I thought some of you might like to see it:

peace and light,
“The Woman with the Alabaster Jar”

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4 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene “portrait” by Christian Artist”

  1. Hi Margaret,
    Thanks so much for the link. As I waited for the image of Kessler’s painting to come up, I read his interesting words:

    “As my title seems to suggest, this portrait of Mary Magdalene is a controversial one because I do believe there are clues in the Scripture themselves that would suggest Magdalene role in the ministry and life of
    Jesus Christ was very significant. More so than most Christian’s are willing to admit. The gospels mention her only in the key moments of his life and ministry, especially at his cross and resurrection. This was rare in the male dominated Jewish society to give women such recognition and stature. Magdalene was actually the first commissioned evangelist we
    find in scripture. We know she was also among the first eyewitnesses to see the risen Christ.”

    The painting is very lovely, and important in that it appears to be coming from a Christian artist whose general audience would think that
    the idea of Mary Magdalene as Christ’s companion is an unacceptable idea.

    I say, bravo to artist James Kessler. See his art at:

    Love Jennifer
    “The Holy Book of Mary Magdalene”

  2. Margaret wrote to tell us she had received an email from the artist, James Kessler saying he has decided to make 250 prints available for only $35. Otherwise one had to come up with $8000 for the original oil painting! I ordered one of the newly available prints just today. I wonder which number between 1 and 250 I will get.

    Thanks to Margaret for writing to him… here is his response and info how to get one of the lovely Magdalene as Companion prints for your own wall:

    James Kessler writes:

    Dear Margaret Starbird,

    After much thought and prayer, I have decided to make this portrait of Mary Magdalene, “Companion,” (See Update below) more readily available to all those whose lives she has impacted through her servanthood and great faith.

    I have posted this important update as on my website as well. The goal and purpose of my art ministry is to direct people to Jesus Christ. If Christianity had a better understanding of Magdalene’s role in our faith then this world would be a far better place.

    Feel free to mail this out to all your friends and those who share our passion for Magdalene and the true, pure meaning of her life. I hope that we will be able to help each other more in the future.


    Jim Kessler
    Because of Him Art Ministry 2009

    ***Important update ***
    Due to the responses I have been receiving about this Magdalene portrait, “Companion,” I have decided to make a limited edition series of 250, 11×14 inch poster prints available of this artwork.

    The reproductions are Giclee / Museum quality poster size prints on a premium semi-matte durable, high end paper. They will come to the buyer ready to hang in any standard 11×14 inch frame to beautifully display your print for your friends and family.

    The cost of this limited edition print will be **$30.00 each ** and that includes shipping and handling. For orders of 3 or more prints the price is $25.00 each including the shipping and handling. Example: 3 prints for $75.00, 4 prints for $100.00, ect, ect……

    **Each print comes signed by the artist as well**

    By limiting the number of signed reproductions of this painting, it will only add to its value in the coming years. This limited edition print would make a great Easter gift for anyone who has a passion for the role Mary Magdalene played in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

    Easy payment for your copy(s) of “Companion” can be made through PayPal (Donation) button on the left hand column of this page.

    If you wish to pay by check or money order my address is:

    Because of Him Art Ministry 2009/ c/o James Robert Kessler

    PO Box 52, Everson, PA, 15631

    **Orders will begin shipping by January 31st.**

  3. Dear Mrs Romanoff,

    Thank you for publishing this information about my Mary Magdalene prints. I have just put them on e-bay as well.

    I just received your order today and want you to know because of your kindness in sharing this information, I have reserved print #3 of 250 for you.

    May God bless you and your family mightly in 2009 and may His peace be upon you.

    In Christ Victorious,

    Jim Kessler

  4. Jennifer, I think more Christians are willing to admit that she was the first evangelist. I think more Christians are also willing to acknowledge he as one of Jesus’ most faithful disciples, precisely because she stuck by him in his hour of distress. They’re just unwilling to speculate any further, beyond what scripture actually tells us.

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