In Her Sacramental Presence

Poet Wynn Manners is at it again.  Wow.

In Her Sacramental Presence

We are Living Temples
of Her Sacramental Presence.

What of this Silence — like
a shrine about us, within us?

Goddess introduced the Silence.

Silence is Her Gift to us —
that we commune with Her
& are enabled to know Her most deeply.

In Her Womb of Silence,
what music of the heart
sings our being *alive*?

How about the puissance of initiative?
From whence does it come, at the deepest level?

*Feel* Her *stirring* within —
setting free the creative flow.

What of consolation? Sophia is Who has consoled us
most in our intensest need, depression & desperation —

Her Voice whispering thru the Silences, Her Presence
a lifeline into a divinely compassionate rest & healing,
Her Spirit permeating thru every cell of our body.

“Joy Eternal!” sing the eternal voices
of the angels, themselves,
hymning praises to their Divine Mother.

When awesome things are forever sung
from human heart & woman tongue,

Her Presence is recognized as a beacon
that has shone-forth for all time:
no longer concealed, Wisdom’s Grace:
luminously revealed…

She is Everlasting Beauty…
& joyful are our communions in Her.

She is the Divine Consciousness Who exudes all being.

Sophia is a weaver & She weaves our heartbeats

together as a symphony *inside* Her own Cosmic Heart!

~~wynn manners

In This Intimacy, a love poem Jesus & Magdalene

Wow.  Rock on poet Wynn Manners.  He has done it again with this passionate Magdalene / Yeshua poem.  See his website for more.

In This Intimacy

In this intimacy, a sense of enlacement
with your voice whispering,
whispers-to-whispers, breath-to-breath
lips mesh-mush-yes, this too,
& tongues… dancing tongues…
caressing magickal lilt to the song
of this golden tenderness,
third-eyeing bedazzling fusion of souls,
as minds, dreams meld to emerge
as rose petals mystically one rose
arising with fragrance singing
the soul of the infinitudes,
eternities of delicately touching
in shimmering glow, our flesh
iridescent in this meshing
of intertwining fibres of
the lifesong of your loving
merging with the lovesong of my life*ing
binding us free into mercy’s tender regeneration,
sweet compassion’s tears falling into infinity

~~wynn manners

Wynn says: more poetic LoveWords between Mary Magdalene and Yeshua can be accessed here: