Women were ALSO created in God’s Image

We were talking about the woman in Proverbs 8 who helps God create the world.  
Julio over at our GoddessChristians forum contributed the following:
ja_translations / Julio Salomon 20 Feb 2009


God is part woman, women were also created in the image of God, contrary to the false teaching of the old male dominated religious political system. Women are not some spiritually inferior being, made to be a shadow and servant to man, but an equal. Of equal importance, equal beauty and equally representative of the God head that created us for love.
In Genesis chapter 1, verses 26 & 27 it says: “And God said, Let “us” make man (mankind) in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of  the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth.
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him: “male and female” created he them”. “Who” was God the Father talking to when he said let “us” make mankind in “our” image?
According to the late great American comedian “Lenny Bruce”: “If God made woman for man, he must have one of his own for himself.” Sounds sensible.
So, then, we could safely assume that the Holy Trinity, the Godhead of 3 Gods in one:
Father, Son & Holy Ghost, is not a male dominated political circle, but the perfect picture of the heavenly family of which we are a representation, having been made in their image and likeness: The Father, The Son and “HOLY SPIRIT”: the ever present wife of the Heavenly Father & Mother of the Son. Also known as the spirit of wisdom, compassion, mercy, love,  gentle like a dove, like a woman, not stern, judging or harsh as the Father.
When they talk about the “Trinity” 3 Gods in one, it means that they are ONE in unity, in love, even as “we” should be. Like Jesus prayed to his Father in John chapter 17: “I pray that they be one, even as we are one and the love that we have for each other, let it also be in them.” (read the whole chapter) So women are ALSO made in the image of God. This sounds a lot more fair and equal. Some feminist groups suggest that God is a woman, maybe they are “half” right, because the third person in the trinity: The Holy Ghost “is” a woman.
No wonder Jesus was such a defender of women in a hypocritical society were men were tolerated to commit certain sins, that if a woman committed them she would be immediately stoned to death. Women were viewed as mere possessions, second class citizens, before God and before man, they did not have equal rights. God did not make a woman from Adam’s feet so he could walk all over her (nor did he make her from his head so she could dominate him), but he made her from his ribs, near his heart, so she could be his sweetheart.
Possibly, the male dominated religious system of the past, even influenced the Bible translations to maintain superiority over poor women who were burnt at the stake as “witches” if they dared to demonstrate any spiritual gifts and who even in the epistles of the New Testament were told to be ashamed, take a lower seat, subservient to man because of  the “curse” of the garden of Eden and are not allowed to speak in the church.
Furthermore, the Apostle Paul, seemed to be opposite to Jesus Christ. Jesus said “eat and drink with sinners”, Paul said to disassociate with them. Jesus told a thief that tomorrow he would be with him in paradise, Paul said thieves cannot inherit the kingdom of God.
And on the subject of women, Paul said that a woman should bow her head in shame in the house of God and not be allowed to make any comments. But Jesus in his defense of an adulterous woman said: “he that is without sin, let him be the first to cast a stone at her” and then he told her: “I condemn thee not”. How beautiful.
Jesus did not need anyone to compliment him, not the Apostle Paul, not anyone, nor did he have any twin brothers, he stands on his own, representing himself. Thank God for that.
That part of the bible even contradicts Jesus, who came to free us us completely from all curses. He even liberated us from the curse of death: “He that believes on me HAS eternal life”, right now and without any other conditions. Amen. John chapter 6, verse 47.
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I often contemplate this “let us make man in our image, male and female made he them”.   “Man” in those days meant “humanity”.  And the “god” doing the talking has a compound name (Elohim) which means literally “God and Goddess” or as some translate it, “the gods”.

If you find yourself wondering about all of the above, you might enjoy my online slide presentation, which covers this fascinating creation conversation and the woman-god Sophia of Proverbs 8.  We show other appearances of Sophia in the Hebrew scriptures, too.  See God Has a Wife! starting here (this starts you on slide #28)