Bloodline the Movie, evidence of Magdalene & Jesus in France

Magdalen Papess Card by Robert PlaceEveryone is talking about — and my friend Joan Norton, author of The Mary Magdalene Within, is blogging about — the mysterious film coming out next month called Bloodline: the Movie. The filmmakers interviewed Margaret Starbird whose work we very much appreciate and very much study in our Order of Mary Magdala. Margaret told us on our Yahoogroups forums she doesn’t even remember a word she said the day they interviewed her because producer Bruce Burgess showed up on her doorstep, cameras in tow, just hours after she had learned of the death of her beloved father. She had forgotten he was even coming. Evidently the interview ended up being quite powerful because the Bloodline movie people have posted it in full to their website (click on Screening Room).  I need to go over and have a look. They also have an interview with the supposed head of the Priory of Sion, an organization I thought was basically made-up by Frenchman Pierre Plantard (of Holy Blood Holy Grail fame). The film claims to be following up on the mysteries of the groundbreaking book Holy Blood, Holy Grail (as brought into the public forum by DaVinci Code), a sort of whodunnit digging thru clues and artifacts in France and uncovering a chest of treasures dating to 1st Century France. Somewhere online a few years ago I saw photos of the contents, on a website of one of the filmmakers, I believe. Anyway, there was a scroll (I think) and a cup (the Holy Grail?) and some other items. Very cool. Then the Indiana Jones type explorers found a tomb with a mummy draped in a shroud bearing a red cross.

It sounds a bit fantastic, too good to be true, but hey, I will be in the front row watching the movie and taking notes. Well actually, I don’t live where it’s going to be screening! Bloodline: The Movie is being shown only in limited theaters in Los Angeles — and maybe New York? Joan has it posted on her blog where you can go view it in L.A. on May 9, I think it is. They are going to have a question and answer session after the premier. Then it’s going straight to DVD after that, so the rest of us won’t have to wait too long.

Sophia, copyright Hrana Janto, used with artist permission. Note her wings, holy spirit dove, pregnant belly with crescent moonThe blogs and forums are all discussing the topic and it’s good to have dialog about our favorite Christian “theory”, that Magdalene and Yeshua were married and the Sacred Union is at the heart of Christianity.I say theory because as Margaret Starbird often quips, “we don’t have a marriage certificate!” Having both a Christian Goddess and God is a spiritual “doctrine” that brings Christianity into balance, no longer a lop-sided dysfunctional religion, but one with heart AND soul. I believe Mother Mary was also a Judeo-Christian Goddess, an incarnation of Sophia, the God-ess mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) as being co-creator with God, called the Holy Spirit and Tree of Life. See Proverbs 8 and the apocryphal book of Sirach.

You and I have Christian goddesses! — and acknowledging them can make all the difference in our spiritual practices.

As for the Bloodline Movie, I only hope they are not gonna say that mummy is Jesus’, since we just went thru all that agony (and I believe, nonsense, call me a snob) over the Talpiot Tomb.

If they imply it is Magdalene’s body, then okay, I can handle that. I guess I can even be open to it being Yeshua’s, since I do believe after the resurrection he lived among his disciples awhile (one Gnostic text says 11 years!) teaching and getting the teachings preserved. I mean, he died to deliver that message, so it makes sense he’d want them to get it right. Okay, we didn’t said message so well back then, but he, Magdalene and their students seeded the earth’s consciousness so to speak so that now we can get the point, or at least work on getting the mystery. Digging around the ‘Net, contemplating and pondering, researching, studying ancient wisdom, is delving into those mysteries…

What mysteries are you studying, pondering or digging into lately?


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Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at

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  1. Thank you for posting information about Bloodline. I was wondering if you knew anymore blogs that would like to post information as well. I would like to spread the word even further. Feel free to post the information below onto other blogs, or forward to friends. Thanks!

    More than three years in the making, BLOODLINE takes up where Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code left off, uncovering some remarkable artifacts that beg the question, was there a Jesus-Mary Magdalene bloodline?

    BLOODLINE investigates the popular belief that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, who fled to southern France with their child. In an adventure worthy of “Indiana Jones”, filmmaker Bruce Burgess and team crack the shadowy secret society, known as the Priory of Sion. Their investigation follows clues linking the Knights Templar and the legend of Mary Magdalene with messages embedded in the decor of the famed church at Rennes-le-Chateau in France, leading ultimately to stunning discoveries: a buried chest with artifacts dating to 1st century Jerusalem and a hidden tomb filled with treasure and a mummified corpse draped in a shroud bearing a distinctive red cross.

    Do these discoveries finally provide the proof that the BLOODLINE exists?

    If you are interested, we’d like to send you “insider tips,” video clips and updates before the mainstream press gets a hold of it.

    The film won’t premiere until May 9th but Cinema Libre Studio and the filmmakers are planning to release new information about their discoveries every few weeks until then.

    The BLOODLINE website has just been re-vamped with never before seen clips including:

    * Director Bruce Burgess reflects on the film
    * Exclusive interview with spokesperson from the shadowy secret society, the Priory of Sion
    * The discoveries: a buried chest in southern France with 1st century artifacts from Jerusalem
    * Ben Hammott explains how he deciphered clues hidden in the church at Rennes-le-Chateau leading to an ancient tomb with treasure and a mummified corpse!

  2. i wish they had made this movie available online. I would pay to see it online but I’m not going to pay full price at a movie theater.

    Thanks for sharing the news.

  3. Hi Katia:

    A fascinating subject. I have spent a lot of time in the south of France and the island of Corsica studying the anthropology of the local religion. It is so interesting to listen to the locals explain their believes in the divine feminine. For almost two thousands years now they have had to hide their believes under the veil of Mary within the Catholic Church because it was heresy for them to speak the truth. Mother Mary has become an icon for at least three different entities. First there is mother Mary the mother of Yeshua, then there is Mary the wife of Yeshua, and finally there is Mary who is the Goddess/ Wisdom/Holly Spirit herself. It is often next to impossible to unravel who is who as the people speak of Mary. Yet this is part of the very nature of the cover-up or protection activities that have been ongoing.

    I have taught information security at the university level and in industry and one of the first things you learn about is to recognize misinformation. That is the art of misleading people by providing them with certain true bits of information mixed in with the false information you want them to follow. It is a real science and every significant government and organization spends an extensive amount of time teaching their public handlers in all the nuances of the art.

    The belief in a divine feminine is in fact the oldest religious believe on the face of the earth. My current studies in the topic are looking at the archeological record that covers the period of about 25,000 BCE till about 6,000 BCE. It is just amazing the amount of information that exists about the Goddess, long before the discussion of the God appears in the record. It is like the first encounter with the divine came from meeting the Goddess and then it was she who informed mankind about the God. In the Gospel of Judas, Yeshua is said to have told his apostles they are praying to the wrong God. This Gospel and other early Christian writings have been suppressed for almost two thousand years by the very institutions that don’t want you to know the truth about Yeshua and Mary being married and having children.

    Movies like the Bloodline and Di Vinci Code, etc. help to reintroduce in to the publics mine these very serious issues. If the blood line is still alive today, would they be safe? If enough people come to realize the truth of their own history, then perhaps a time will come when the biological descendents of Yeshua would be able to come forward. Perhaps they will have some of his understanding of the truth they can share with us. In any case no such person would be safe (unless divinely protected) until the world accepts the truth about the divine feminine and masculine aspects of our God.

  4. I believe There is Some one in the tumb thats related to Jesus and Mary, I think his daughter Sarah. Sara was also called Tammer. ( hope I spelled her name right). they had at lest 3 children according to my research. a Daughter and 2 sons named Jesus the younger and Joseph. I read the Bloodline of the Holy Grail and The Tumb of God, I cant forget The woman with the Alabaster Jar by Margaret Starbird that I just finished reading. hear is some info I found out The Priory of Sion was called the Order of Sion that dates back to the Knights Templer. apparently there was a war and they stole each others secrets about the family.

  5. I’m glad to meet another person who believes that Mary is the Incarnation of Sophia, as I do. Embracing Sophia-Maria is the cornerstone of my way. I’d suggest the book Sophia-Maria: A Holistic Vision of Creation by Thomas Schipflinger, for anyone interested in this. In my view, this book is by far the best out there.


  6. You said, having both a Christian Goddess and God bring Christianity into “balance”, but I don’t see Christianity as intrisically out of balance to begin with. The divinity of Jesus isn’t measured by the size of his penis is it? I don’t see how the gender of Jesus has any relevance to his divinity claims – particularly since the Bible right up from claims both male and female were created in the image of the Creator. It may use male metaphors for God more often than female, but it does not do so exclusively, and it needs to be recognized that when it does its doing so in a literary way (same way as we talk about a cyclone being a “she”) and not in a gendered way as you are suggesting we do here. The Bible never suggests YHWH is a god of masculinity such that a Goddess of femininity is required to balance it all out. You’re projecting gender issues onto YHWH that the Bible never itself suggests. Far more in tune with Christian monotheism to call YHWH s/he.

  7. I am studying her teachings. What was her message? What will the movie Bloodline reveal? What did the Cathars know, that was so threatening to the church that they massacred thousands of people? What’s the song of the hills in the Languedoc that still whispers her name? Can we hear it through a scientific approach, through digging for facts, wishing for adventures ala Indiana Jones?

    There is a silent song in those hills echoing from Languedoc to Provence, from every church dedicated in her name, placed over a well, including a crypt, whispering of mysteries long lost. It still sings in the people who’re looking. Like everybody reading these blogs.

    Thanks for an inspiring site.


  8. Slowly, it seems, the masses will come to the understanding that all religions have elements of truth. It is when all these pieces are put together that we get a true story, one that is no less divine, but much more realistic and tangible. It is only by accepting that there is something in every belief that can benefit our own internal philosophy that we can begin to see through the jaded views of those who prescribe only to one solid belief, and the theory that that one belief is all there can be. Living in one of the most conservative areas of the country, and belonging to one of the most conservative Christianity based religions makes my esoteric views somewhat heretical Im sure, but I wish more was available on where one might become more actively involved in teaching and sharing esoteric christianity and carrying out the mission of those organizations, both modern and ancient that have both a truthful and sacred mission and belief system. Excellent website Katia, thank you for the knowledge, experience and wisdom.

  9. “Bloodline” looks interesting, but the interview with the gentleman from the Priory of Scion is troubling if the were, indeed, a hoax. Much of what Dan Brown has written in “DaVinci” has been disproven. It will be interesting to see what “Bloodline” has to offer.

  10. It is indeed interesting the similarities of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, with Osiris and isis of ancient egyptian mythology. Mary Magdalene was a priestess of Isis, therefore knowing all the ancient wisdom of the old, as well as in the Gospel of Aquarius. Jesus journeys to Egypt and spends some time there going through the mystery schools. He was given the number 7, the number of the Logos. Interesting enough, that same number is the number of Osiris. I love the connection between the ancient pagan world with that which Christ and Magdalene taught. I love you guys and good luck on your research

  11. 10 years later and I am still fascinated by this movie. I just read your block right now and I really enjoy your perspective and I am in agreement with you. Some aspects of this movie have sense come out to be fraudulent…or maybe they were FORCED to say this:)

    Jesus was alive as late as 45 ad

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