Dream Interpretation: Having unexpected baby unprepared to feed

Every week for the past 10 years I interpret two dreams for an advice column called The Dream Zone, which I co-write with Dr. Lauri Loewenberg “the Dream Lady”. I thought it might be fun to start posting them here…

My dream was: I entered into my boyfriend’s room and I found him on bed with somebody else. I was able to see her face, but I was not able to recognize her. I grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor, and I also slapped her. My boyfriend had a smile on his face while all this was happening. Then I jumped on top of him and we start making out. Isn’t this weird? Hope you can help me interpret this dream.
Evelyn, Age 30, Miami, Florida

Katia interprets: This is a fun dream with two messages for you. Your boyfriend secretly wants you to fight for him, to show how passionate you are about maintaining your relationship. He may be a bit childish in this desire, but it is not unhealthy. The other possible meaning for you (and both can be true at once, as is the unique nature of dreams) is that the woman is an aspect of your own personality. There is a man-stealing desire within you, flirtatiousness toward other men, which you don’t like, that you want to slap around and get rid of. You know it will please your boyfriend if you conquer and neutralize this behavior pattern, probably because he is a bit jealous when you smile or are otherwise friendly with other men.


My name is Gina, 32 from California. I have this dream at least twice a month. It’s a little different each time but almost the same. In my dream I have a baby I wasn’t expecting. Like I was pregnant but didn’t know, and then all of a sudden I have this baby. And I’m trying to gather things to take care of it. In my dream I keep saying how happy I am but I am hurrying to go buy everything for the baby. But the weird part of the dream is that I keep forgetting to feed it. And the baby is crying. I bring it close to me and keep telling it how sorry I am for not feeding it. I tell myself in the dream why do you always forget to feed your baby and what a bad mother I am. Please HELP! This dream really bothers me after I wake up because I can’t seem to make sense of it.

Katia interprets:  Aha! The baby is a beloved but vulnerable part of your future, a long-term goal, a cherished project, that you feel bad about not seeing through. What future plan or vision for your life are you unprepared for? Every now and then an opportunity to nurture this vision comes suddenly and unasked into your life but you have never acted on it. You can’t keep focused enough to “feed” this wonderful thing. Is it something educational, some kind of occupational opportunity or other calling you keep passing up? The dream is trying to tell you you’re going to regret and feel guilty about this, so it’s time to take the plunge. Stock up on “food” for this great endeavor; prepare for the new and wonderful life that you very much want to give birth to. Next time this opportunity whatever it is, literally falls into your lap, you will have plenty of life force (baby milk) to energize it. The guilty feelings will be gone forever. Hard work and constant attention will be required, yes, as with all “babies”, but you are up to it. Good luck and get going!

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  1. I dram that I gave birth to a baby girl, and i did not know i was preggo and also at the same time i has adopted a baby boy and now had a total of four kids, i also recall up dating my fb status to just gave birth 2 hours ago.

  2. I have a 6yr. old daughter and last night I had a dream that I had a 5 month old son also but I don’t remember giving birth to him in my dream. Everyone in the dream says he’s mine but he’s a different race than me. In the dream I began to nurse the baby but I don’t have enough milk. After I stop trying he looks up at me and smiles.

  3. I am a mother of three kids.. i had a dream last night that sometime before my last child i had twins who stayed with there father that i had somehow forgotten that i had them….. i woke in tears

  4. I had a dream about giving birth already but when I try to introduce the baby to my family I could not see him/her anywhere…… What is that supposed to mean??

  5. Hi,i had a dream, it was a dark scene and i was encouraged by my dream husband to push in labour to birth a baby boy that became a toddler instantly(he was already standing). At first he had a very small mouth and was kind of ugly,then later he looked better, and i noticed he looked more like his daddy,but i’ve never seen the man that happened to be my husband in reality.pls i need an interpretation

  6. I keep having this dream that i have an unexpected pregnancy of twins despite me being on contriception. My partner is adiment he doesnt want another baby however i do

  7. This could be a kind of wishful dreaming — you are seeing yourself having that other baby (two, actually) you want. It also could be completely unconnected to pregnancy and babies, instead representing some kind of “double trouble” headed your way. It’s a lot of work, it has “doubled”, it is something unexpected — but it is precious and needs your full attention.

  8. Hi there.

    I’ve had quite a few dreams of me having a baby girl but each dream varies. In my first dream of having a baby girl, I dreamt that my family was very against me having a baby because I was not married and shunned me from the family so I moved overseas with my baby to start over and take care of her. I was also a single parent and very poor. In that same dream I dreamt that someone stole my baby and I went completely crazy and did everything I could to get her back. Eventually I did find her and stole her back but she was on a ship that had a lot of older girls on that they were sending off for sex trade.

    In another dream I dreamt that I had a baby girl again but she was not completely white. (As if her dad was a black man but I never dreamt about that part). She was incredibly beautiful with a tanned skin and sky blue eyes. But I did not have money to buy new clothes for her and give her the life that she deserved. I felt broken inside that I did not have the finances to provide for her but whenever she looked at me she smiled and made my hart feel warm inside and never cried.

    I am relatively young, 19, and I did get pregnant a few months ago with my first love but unfortunately it was an ectopic pregnancy and the doctors told me that I could not Carry on with the pregnancy. A dip I’m my life to say the least.

    What do my dreams mean? And does it have anything to do with what had happened to me? Any help would be appreciated x.

  9. This dream really got to me, I even called my mom this morning to tell her about it. Further more, my mother had a little newborn baby girl, I was very attached to her and kept playing with her. My mom did not want her and wanted her laid to rest. So I took up the responsibility to keep her and have her as my own to save her life.

  10. I keep having dreams of moving into a new house. Then I had a dream I found out I was pregnant,so the next dream I had a baby girl and she was at least a month old, and one of the homes I was moving in had a lot of ants on the night stand and it stood out I’m so confused

  11. I keep having dreams of moving into a new house. Then I had a dream I found out I was pregnant,so the next dream I had a baby girl and she was at least a month old, and one of the homes I was moving in had a lot of ants on the night stand and it stood out I’m so confused.

  12. I had a dream last night that I gave birth to a baby, without having known I was pregnant. I saw the birth but I never saw the baby. Somehow I knew she was a baby girl and my boyfriend and I named her Helen. I don’t know anyone named Helen and have never particularly liked that name or known any significance of it. I’m confused about not knowing I was pregnant and why I never saw my own baby??? Should I be concerned? Please help

  13. The past few days I have been stressing a lot and last night I had a dream that somehow I had a baby and it was completely unexpected. In real life I dont have a boyfriend, and in my dream I had no idea who the father was even though there was a man in my dream who was supposed to be my husband, my mom was there to and she was trying to help me figure out who the father was. I was really happy to have the baby, but I had no clue what to do with it. As well we were not in a building but in a room that was all white and we were surround by like a white light.

  14. i dreamt of seeing jesus christ and i bow to him he place is pams on my head and start speaking pls kindly interprete it.

  15. I had a dream this morning that me and my boyfriend and my familia were all at my moms old house in California , and I felt something I looked down and I saw what looked like a baby kicking my stomach and I was like awe a baby kick but it grew longer and like the toenail sharp slli ed through my tummy and my stomach stretched like caramel or painlessly like and I pulled out a little brown baby(who was calm an still then I put the baby on the bed and called my boyfriend then I had a chocolate little baby boy I can’t remeber his face to much and as I went to get a brush to brush his head as I brushed it was a beautiful little Hawaiian curly haired girl with the cutest little face, my boyfriend and I were excited so we made way to the car and my nephew which my daughter facial structure mimicked but she was more caramel an hrs almost white skinned,she had brown eyes and I was thinking awe no room and my grandma. Was on the phone to someone mad about how the child wasn’t planned and something else ( I can’t remeber )this is odd because she is the one pushing me to have a baby. Then as I’m walking to the other side of the car and I look in my arms I hold a white baby with blue eyes all calm and chubby and cute and I remeber feeling good and satisfied 🙂 and my boyfriend was telling me it was ok well take care of everything it needs.me and my boyfriend are and interracial couple I am black/Hispanic//Indian and he is half white and Pakistanian (he had blue eyes an blonde/red hair)he’s beautiful!!:) I’m not pregnant but want it in the future .what does this dream mean.i had an unexpected both of a baby then it grew like to and infant boy for like a Devon then turned to a girl with curly hair all cute a sweet and then it ended with my little blue eyed white little cute babyyy!! And it was all normal and felt right nothing was hectic it was as if it was natural for this to e happening and everyone was kinda taken by surprise:)

  16. Explanations of dreams can be very difficult. Depend on many factors and everyone can be the same dream mean something else. I am this morning I had a dream about blue rainbows that floated on the lake.

  17. Last nite I had a dream that I had a baby. I am not pregnant in real life and hardly sexually active. My boyfriend and I are on the verge of breaking up. In my dream I had a baby girl but I left my house (which isn’t my real house but the house in my dream) I left the house and came home and felt so mad at myself because I forgot my baby. She was just laying there in her bassinet peacefully. All I was thinking was omg I forgot my baby she must be starving so I picked her up. She was so Beautiful. I picked her up and called my boyfriend telling him dont you know we have a baby, where R u? And told him she doesn’t even have a name then I woke up literally upset and confused and was looking for a real baby. I have kids and non of them are babies and non of them are my boyfriends biological kids. In my dream I was never pregnant this baby just appeared n I left her all alone n felt like such a bad mom. After reading the other post at least I’m not the only women having a dream like this. I wish someone could translate why I had this dream and what does it mean.

  18. Last night i had a dream about a new born baby girl but she wasnt my baby and her mother couldnt take care of her did attend to her when she was crying or even bothered to check the babys diaper so i was taking care of her and i wanted her to be my baby and i remember rocking her and then looking at her and she opened her eyes and smiled at me with her eyes and it made me soooo happy and i fell in love with her and just wished she was my baby so bad.. what does this mean? This is the first time i have a dream like this

  19. I had a dream that I had a baby boy and I don’t remember any pregnancy but i have been gaining weight so in my dream i was like oh thats why! But i seen the babies face! Like every feature and i dont know who he looked like…..he had my complexion and big brown eyes just like me but the lips and other features were not me! And the baby looked familiar but im really unsure why.

  20. I had a dream that I had a little girl named Isabelle.She was white with blue eyes and black hair but I’m black with dark brown hair and eyes.She came in during my math class because she didn’t have a babysitter and my teacher asked who she was.Also at the end of the day her dad came in to get her and he was a very rich guy like 13 or 14.He tried to give me a kiss and i pulled away from him.I don’t know what this means but I really do want a child even though I’m not sexually active.

  21. Hi . I have many dreams about babies and i am a person that allot of my dreams comes true. Its a little scary…usualy i can figure out what they mean but i cant figure out what these baby dreams means. Testerday i dreamt that my a friend of mine had a new born bahy. She came and left it at my parents house(i dont live there anymore but in my dream i do) and i took care of it. She brought the baby with nothing…no diapers or food or instructiins about milk or anything. Then i went to the drugstore to buy something for the baby girl but it started to rain , it was like a storm. But i git trough it and got to the drug store and then when i was comming back the storm was more windy and there was voices…like strange voices like the voice didnt want me to get home to the baby…but got trough it..then i saw my mother and sister and my sister children and my ither nephiu getting iut of the car and going to the drugstire but the storm didnt effect them. So i finaly get home and my mother and sister and the children was there before me( they had a car) my mother was playing with the child but now it wasnt a new born baby anymore it was like a 1-2 year old baby…she was so cute…soo kissable and lovable. My mother was holding her and then she reached for me because she wanted me to hold her. I was looking for aomething for her to each and asking my mother and sister how much scoop of formula i have to put for her. My mother didnt know and then i wwnt to ask my sister. Then i say all these book they had .. blue books like dictionaries and it looked like they were all mine. My niece and nephiues was looking at them and then i asked her about the scoops of formula but before she can tell me i woke up….can yiu please tell me what yhis dream means..

  22. I’ve been having similar type dreams, So far this week I have had two the first dream is that I’m giving a baby boy a bath, but I keep getting out of the bathtub to get something or do something very quickly then when I get back to the baby he is under the water and not moving then I panic and rush over to him and when I pick him up he’s perfectly fine and breathing. I keep getting out of the bathtub a few more times with the same results and then I get the baby dressed and my dream ended… The second dream I just had last night, I had dreamt that I just had a baby boy but I didn’t know I gave birth to him and when I asked my mom she said I was passed out and didn’t see my birth I also asked if I had a c section but she said no and that even if I’m passed out my body will still give birth. And at this point the baby is still in his car seat sleeping, then he wakes up and I go over to him and talk to him saying hi, you are sooo cute… And then my sister’s boyfriend comes in the kitchen where we’re at and he goes in the fridge and I asked him if I named my baby yet, and he said no… After that all I remember is that the baby is hungry and I didn’t know if I had breast milk or not so I squeezed my nipple to see if any milk came out and it did so I go into my mom’s room with my baby and feed him after that every one In my family is over visiting the new baby boy and he’s on a reclining chair being paid attention to my family and then my dream ended. Also in my dream I named my baby boy Daniel. I’m really confused on what these dreams may be, mind you I’m only 20 and I’m on birth control

  23. I just had a dream that I was at my inlaws house. There was a knock at the door and a woman held out a baby and said its a boy. Then I walked over to my moms house and there was another knock at the door another woman was there with another baby and said its a girl. I don’t know these children and when i woke up it makes me sad. Because I’ve always wanted kids. Since I was little I’ve wanted to be a mom. What could this mean?

  24. Hi.. Im Andrea ,age 23 from California.
    Right now im goung through a rough patch with my spouce. Its a really bad time of our relationship. So I had this dream about having a babygirl ,oh how excited i was but in my dream i did not see my baby nor could get a hold of my boyfriend…
    We alreary have 2 boys , and he has 2 other boys with another past girlfriend. He has no girls. What do u think this means?

  25. A man said iwas having a baby. And I thought I can’t be, bcos I’m too old and I haven’t had sexual intercourse for about four and a half years. iwas really happy though coz it made me feel unique and special. But iwas a little worried too though., but knew somehow itwas all gonna work out fine. I was really really looking forward to the birth, even though I’ve never been pregnant.

  26. I dreamt that I was suddenly full term pregnant and bursting to give birth, as in I was heavily due i could feel the pressure in my hips and feel my belly bursting, i was ready to deliver this baby, I was pacing to and fro trying to figure out how to have it, naturally or by c section , but i was calm and not worried, I told my sister who is well off to take me to the hospital, she asked me why i wanted to have His baby anyway when he hasnt even married me, And i replied Bcos the man (I said a man’s name who i had met and started seeing in real life), and i will raise this baby together and God will put us together because of it and I saw the words SHARE in capital white letters and a vision of the man and I with a small child. I also heard in my mind that he is a Good father as the man’s description. i felt confident and secure and not worried at all in my dream, My sister didn’t comment again after I had replied to her. what does this mean? I have been praying to find my life’s mate for a few months now since august, I met this man in august. i had this dream on september 25, but in reality, things aren’t going so well between us. what does this mean?

  27. Pregnancy in dreams usually means a new and wonderful project or endeavor in your life. It probably means in your case the boyfriend relationship. You want a life’s mate, you said. It’s a major “project” for you to find yours. That’s why you are so ready to give birth, it’s bursting out of you — because you really are ready to have your life-long relationship occur. The word SHARE may be instructions for you — to “share” about yourself, to share the truth about something, the truth about your desire for a life mate. OR it may mean you need your soul mate to be someone who will share your ups and downs, your everything, with you. Don’t choose someone who doesn’t know how to share himself with you, in other words. The Universe wants you to choose someone who also will be a good father type. Not a party person, but someone kid-friendly is who you need.
    Your sister represents your doubts about the guy you are / were dating at the time of the dream. She is the inner fear of yours that he might not be the one, he might not be the soul mate you will spend the rest of your life with because he is not the marrying type perhaps, or isn’t interested in you as a life mate.
    Sometimes we have to remain alone a little while longer until we cross paths with THE ONE. Just hang in there and keep praying. Go to church, if you can. Some churches value the family and marriage more than others. Some, such as the LDS Church really value good fathers, sharing life with your soul mate, and the concept of eternal marriage. Do your research.

  28. I dreamt I had a baby with my Ex but for some reason I didn’t have a connection with the baby. I was holding the baby but did not breast feed it. Then my Ex’s sister called to say she was planning to come see the baby. It dawned on me that my Ex had informed his family about the baby but I hadn’t. So my family and friends weren’t there for me during that period. While holding the baby I asked my Ex to kiss me but he was reluctant.

  29. The baby represents your NEW life without your Ex. Part of your subconscious mind is still linking your life to his as when you were married, which is probably what triggered the dream. But you know full well you are separated for good, which is why in the end you are shown him being reluctant to kiss you. Part of you may miss him and wish he (and his family) were still in your life. You may believe he and his family have successfully moved on without you, but you feel left out a little bit, and unsupported by your own family. Did you or do you feel sometimes that your family are not “there” for you as you live your new life? Do you have a new relationship now? If so, that could be symbolized by the baby, too. You want your Ex to sort of endorse your new relationship, but you know in your heart he won’t be proud of you, will be reluctant to give you a “You’ve done well” kiss.

  30. Hi,
    I am single but had a dream last night that I found out I was pregnant and was having a boy but didn’t know what to do so went to the doctors at 20 weeks and he told me it was to late to have an abortion, I went into have the child and loved it :s what does this mean?

  31. I’ve had two dreams that I wa pregnant and didn’t kno and I had the baby out of nowhere the first dream the baby was a girl and she didn’t have a name but the second dream I had last night I was full term pregnant and had a baby boy and we stayed in the hospital for one day then went home ( to a house that wasn’t mines) and I asked my boyfriend wat should we name him cuz he didn’t have a name and he said Ryan ( never would I consider that name) but the baby had a pacifier in his mouth with a tube coming from his nose and he gave him to me and I looked at him and saw his face. True enough I want another baby in the future but I’ve never had dreams about it before and they felt so real til I was so excited but wen I woke up to it only being a dream I was sad lol

  32. I am a young lady aged 20,I had a dream where a guy I dont even know gave me a baby saying it was mine and I did not even deny it because it seemed sincere.The baby was already around 3years of age ,a boy,while I have never been pregnant in my life.In the dream I was filled with worry on what I was going to say to people but was ready for the change.

  33. I had a dream that I didn’t know I was pregnant until I went into labor. I was holding my finance hand squeezing it to death while being in labor,, and out came a little boy. We took him home we we’re excited cause we’ve both wanted a baby it just didn’t happen the way we expected it to happen ((unknown that is))

  34. Im currently expecting a babyboy in dec and I had a dream I had my baby boy and a few days later i have this chocolate babygirl that was unexpected me and friend both had our babies at the same time we both was living together she had two twin boys but she knew she was having i had a boy and a girl and i was so happy I was about to introduce her to my family which was unaware i gave her to my dad but my dad passed away the beginning of this year everyone was happy what could this mean idk

  35. Hi i have been having dic dream of an unexpected baby d 1st time i dreamt like i was sleepin wit m 1 year old bbygal and my bf.I woke up not feelin well n went to d bathroom n in a blink of an I i jst gave birth and i ddnt knw i was pregnant.I remember goin to tell m bf he ddnt blv me n den i went to fetch d bby n he was happy.Last night i had d similar dream .I walked and ther was dic bby n i happly played wit d bby when i asked who’s baby is dic thy told me its was m little cousin’s bby wat confused me is dat she was not pregnant n she was way to young to b pregnant .I really wish to knw wat dic suprise bby is

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