Mary Magdalene: Wife of Jesus, Mother of his Children

Tomorrow, July 22nd, is Magdalene Day. The Church long believed this was her birthday and celebrated the 22nd of July every year as the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. The beautiful painting below shows Magdalene as the wife of Jesus and mother of his children. An ancient manuscript suggests Jesus married Mary Magdalene as explained in one of my favorite articles on the subject of Jesus’ marriage to “the Magdalene”.  Magdalene is a title meaning “great” because Mary Magdalene was ordained the First Lady of Christianity.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene married with children
Was there a sacred marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene?


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2 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene: Wife of Jesus, Mother of his Children”

  1. How delighted I was to discover your inspirational website today! It is extremely enlightening and I appreciate it very much. I am a retired pastor from a Christian denomination that does not respect or appreciate the lovely spiritual path which I now know is called esoteric Christianity. But I find that I am attracted to that path. I especially appreciate learning about Mary Magdalene and her relationship to Jesus. I will write more later, if I may, after I have read more of the information on your site. In the meantime, please accept my sincere thanks and compliments.

  2. I love this painting. I felt for several decades that Yeshua was married to Mary Magdalen. Marriage was required for a Rabbi.

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