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The current pope, Pope Francis, was so inspired by St. Francis of Assisi to choose his name for himself when he became pope. I wonder if he knows about Saint Francis’ possible heretical background.

Margaret Starbird wrote:

October 4 is the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi—13th century founder of the Franciscan order.  I was baptized on his feast day many years ago—and have always had a special love for him. The “Song of Saint Francis” and his “Canticle to the Sun” are beloved around the world. [Hear it in the video below] His message of joy in God’s creation resonates with all generations.

Cathar Heretic praying hands
Clasp your hands like this but then point your fingers down toward the floor. You will see the heretical little X’s appear made by your fingers

One of my favorite movies—from the 1970’s(!)  —is “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” [movie trailer below] based on the life of Saint Francis, whose mother is alleged to have been from a prominent Cathar family from Provençe.  At one point in the movie, Francis notices that his mother is praying with her hands folded, fingers crossed in little X’s and pointed downward. Saint Francis comes over to her and straightens out her fingers pointing them all upward in the traditional Roman Catholic prayer position, but after he turned away to go back to his friends, his mother put her hands back in the “alternative” Christian position of “prayer form the heart.”  My mother, who was an Episcopalian, used to pray in that Protestant hand position, and I’ve found numerous paintings of Mary Magdalene with her hands folded together that way as well. It’s interesting that the fingers form little X’s because the letter X was one of the prominent symbols of the “Grail Church” that recognized Jesus and Mary Magdalene as partners. Details are available on my website:

Here is the url for the trailer for “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” in case you’ve never seen the movie.  It’s a classic…

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  1. Both positions are western. I have seen sources that claim the hands with fingers up position is derived from the practices of Germanic tribes who were allied with Arianism. (So named for a 4th C. theologian who believed Jesus was not always with God.) Eventually the prayer style became standard practice for Roman Catholicism, the western part of Christian tradition. Of course reformers, dissidents, and the later Protestants would prefer something different.
    Check out the way an Eastern Orthodox priest does a blessing. It’s done with the 1st finger straight up so as to form the Greek letter iota (i.) 2nd finger curved down to form a c (old style “s”.) 4th finger is crossed by the down turned thumb to form a chi (x.) 5th finger is also curved to form a c. Thus ICXC, meaning Jesus Christ (as the Greek name.)
    Most Orthodox, the Russians in particular, pray with hands orans, same as seen in ancient Egyptian carvings. Elbows out to the side, forearms slightly out, hands held approximately horizontally with finger spread. Made all the more strenuous as the Russian Orthodox Church and its derivative, the Orthodox Church of America, do their entire liturgies while standing.

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