Science Proves Jesus DID Resurrect? Fabric of Time

Now this looks interesting.  I’ve always believed that the Shroud of Turin, whose marks cannot be duplicated by science and whose carbon dating to the Middle Ages was proved false (it is dated to the Holy Land, first century by pollen and other evidence) proves somebody (or, some -body) resurrected under that cloth.  Most likely Jesus since he’s the one everybody claimed resurrected, on pain of their  own deaths they claimed it.  The science of this is way cool.  Ask our 3rd Degree Templars, they have been given the third degree over this whole Shroud argument…. hee hee, pun certainly intended.

The Fabric of Time television program described below airs this week on Good Friday, which is basically the Christian Yom Kippur — a solemn day for fasting, deep thought and religious contemplation.  I think I will mark on my calendar to watch this show.  As long as there are not too many fundamentalist Christians screaming about me and mine going to hell, I should be able to get thru a mainstream Christian produced documentary.    — Katia

Christian Newswire
April 1, 2007

DENVER, CO – While former “Titanic” director James Cameron’s recent documentary, The “Lost Tomb of Jesus,” makes what scholars believe to be an unscholarly and poorly documented attempt to refute Christ’s Resurrection, the world premiere of “The Fabric of Time: Secrets of the Universe” reveals new evidence of Christ’s Resurrection through numerous scientific disciplines. The “Fabric of Time” documentary will air on the ION Network (formerly PAX-TV) on Good Friday, April 6th at 10 PM EST (Check your local TV listing).

Produced by Grizzly Adams Productions with a team of 28 veteran scientific
researchers, historians, forensic scientists, botanists, theologians, and biblical archaeologists, the feature-length program analyzes historic records, an ancient burial shroud, current medical knowledge, and scripture to build a compelling case for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“When viewers see our show that scientifically examines the 2000-year-old burial cloth which many scientists now believe wrapped the crucified body of Jesus Christ, there will be no doubt about how baseless and full of holes James Cameron’s ‘Lost Tomb’ show really is that aired on the Discovery Channel,” says David Balsiger, senior producer of “The Fabric of Time” documentary.

Startling new discoveries by physicists and other scientists around the world are shedding new light on one of the world’s most controversial and revered artifact, an ancient burial cloth known as the Shroud of Turin. Even though this piece of linen has been revered by millions of people the world over for two thousand years as the true burial shroud of Jesus Christ, that belief was swept aside by Carbon 14 (C14) tests in 1988 which concluded the fabric itself was of medieval origin. Science, it seemed, had trumped faith. But had it?

Even though three labs each separately determined that the cloth was 600-700 years old dating to about 1350 A.D., the Grizzly Adams show will reveal new scientific evidence by the late Ray Rogers, a Los Alamos National Laboratory chemist, that proves the C-14 test was in fact done on a rewoven and patched area of the shroud after a fire destroyed portions of the burial cloth in 1532. The C-14 date is accurate for the patch but not the Shroud.

“As a spiritual phenomenon the Shroud should be left to theology to discuss,” said Dame Isabel Piczek, a particle physicist and monumental artist of international repute. “But the bodily resurrection, the Shroud of Turin and the whole circumstance of the image on the Shroud involves matter, although matter seen in a startlingly different way. What we have here is probably a new branch of quantum physics that will tell us new findings about our universe.”

The Shroud is a piece of ancient linen cloth 14 feet 3 inches long by 3 feet 7 inches wide. It contains a negative image of a man who appears to have been severely beaten and crucified. The front and backside of the man’s body are imprinted on the burial cloth. By using laser technology, two-dimensional photographic negatives of the image become anatomically accurate three-dimensional holograms of a man. Identifying this man and discovering the process that created such a scientifically advanced image of a human body thousands of years ago has captivated scientists and scholars for centuries.

Balsiger noted that throughout history thinking men and women have wrestled with the question: Does indisputable evidence exist to prove the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? “We’ve researched all the relevant elements to which thoughtful people appeal when addressing this timeless theme. We feel strongly that ‘The Fabric of Time’ will convince the most skeptical observer about the historical legitimacy of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection.”

The film reveals that following His death, Jesus was seen by numerous people, both believers and non-believers. “There were at least 500 eyewitnesses in and around Jerusalem who actually saw or talked with Jesus after his resurrection,” explained Balsiger. “Beyond the Bible, there are more than 20 non-Christian sources written between 30 and 130 A.D. that refer to Jesus of Nazareth as a historical figure. Twelve mention his death and provide details on how he died. Ten of these refer to his resurrection.”

One of the most fascinating parts of the program shows how holographic scientists in Holland created a three-dimensional holographic image of the Shroud face and body of Jesus Christ. “In all nearly fifty scientific discoveries on the Shroud tie this burial cloth to the biblical account of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ,” said Balsiger.

“Viewers will see the newly discovered scientific information presented by scientists and scholars that gives a never before seen up-close look at a three-dimensional view of the face of Christ and His entire body,” said Dr. Petrus Soons, who directed the holographic research with laser scientists in Holland. “It’s absolutely breathtaking. This is truly historic — it is an image the world has never seen.”

Dame Piczek thinks that the image was created in an infinitesimally small fraction of a second. But, she says, the image may have been created by a complex process arising as Christ’s body passed from one form of existence into another. She notes that it may be “Something akin to the Big Bang, but at the opposite end of the creation continuum — a portal opens into a new science and eventually into a new form of human existence.”

In 2004, Dame Piczek, working independently made a discovery that could change everything we think we know about the world we live in. Time, space and energy apparently interact in a way never before predicted. This discovery soon received support from two completely independent sources : a group of laser scientists and a former U.S. Apollo astronaut. According to some observers, this new information could ignite a scientific revolution, or perhaps even provide something much more important to mankind . . . like the secrets of life itself . . . perhaps even eternal life.

Dame Piczek, was fascinated by the total lack of distortion on the Shroud image, a physical impossibility if the body had been lying on solid rock. She created a full-sized, three-dimensional reproduction of the body and discovered what she believes to be a true “event horizon,” or, a moment when all the laws of physics change drastically.

“Two things are immediately obvious ; the image-forming action at a distance had ‘nothing to do with gravity’ . . . and the new field does not have an anti-field, otherwise the two images would not show the same exact system,” says Dame Piczek. “Summarizing all of these qualities, the Shroud puts us in the realm of raw creation . . . we have nothing less in the tomb of Christ than the beginning of a new Universe.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a former U.S. Apollo astronaut, the 6th man to walk on the moon and the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, was also searching for a way to describe the quantum universe and came up with his own discovery. In the show, according to Dr. Mitchell : “If you analyze all the emissions from any physical object . . . that’s called a quantum hologram, and what we now know that we didn’t know before is that every object is a quantum object !”

Forensic scientists and chemists have determined that the bloodstains on the shroud are real human blood and contain DNA. Botanists and paleontologists have identified pollen grains on the shroud fibers as coming from various plants, some of which grow only within the immediate vicinity of Jerusalem. Other images on the shroud — flower blossoms and an identifiable coin on each eye (both Pontius Pilate widow’s mite coins minted between 29 and 33 A.D.) — have been examined in microscopic detail.

Joseph Meier, writer and producer of the program pointed out that, “Everyone who has seen the holographic images believes they solve the mystery of what Christ really looked like and agrees that, taken as a whole, it appears the Shroud provides ample scientific evidence of the literal Resurrection of Christ. It just might be,” he continued, “that instead of science proving the Shroud is authentic . . . the image on the Shroud is proving the accuracy of the science.”

Grizzly Adams Productions in-part based the TV Special/DVD on two books by Oxford-educated author Ian Wilson : New York Times bestseller “The Shroud of Turin,” (Doubleday) and “The Blood and the Shroud” (Touchstone), as well as “The Shroud of Turin” (Providence House) by Dr. Alan Whanger and his wife, Mary.


Article sent to me by the “In Search of Jesus” News List on YahooGroups

Why do Kids Suffer? Kabbalah’s Answer

My Jewish pal and writing partner Dr. Lauri Loewenberg “the Dream Lady” was on The Today Show this morning.  They flew her up to NYC.  Lauri emailed this evening saying,


On the flight back from NY I was sitting across from a mother and her daughter who was probably three years old.  The little girl obviously had some form of cancer as she had hardly any hair and was wearing a surgical mask.  I heard her tell her mother, “Everything looks dizzy Mommy.”

Sigh.  I’m having a hard time getting over it.  I realize at least I CAN eventually get over it… but that poor little girl and her mommy… [they may never heal]


I wrote back to her with a less coherent and more rambling version of the following:

Oh how tragic.

I’ve given MUCH thought to this subject of suffering children since Rhea (my just turned four-year-old daughter) has kidney disease and has endured much.  I run into suffering children whenever Rhea has gone into the hospital and she has had a fair amount of suffering herself, to the point of developing PTSD.  Many opportunities make me ponder this topic.  (Rhea however is doing great since her surgery two months ago).

Just last night I stood in the bookstore and read the stirring conclusion of The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks & Feels.  It’s by the same guy who wrote How the Irish Saved Civilization and Why The Greeks Matter — Thomas Cahill, a non-Jew with very clear sight of history. Anyway, his stirring and sobering conclusion quotes Dostoevsky, “The suffering of children is the greatest proof against the existence of God.”

I remember reading that same thing in philosophy class (Dostoevsky’s novels are considered works of philosophy) and being depressed by it.  I think it’s in Crime and Punishment.

I recently read in one of the books from that all the bad deeds and evil thoughts of mankind sort of rise up and mix together into a kind of black cloud. Pardon the simplistic  explanation of this concept, but I just today formed these thoughts in order to explain it to my kids.  So bear with me, here…. Sometimes bolts of that darkness cloud come down and hit a child, a baby even, give them cancer, an abusive parent.  Or bad bolts of darkness from humanity’s collective crap hit a woman who then gets raped, a young man who gets murdered, etc.  The dark cloud then gets fed some more and grows even bigger. Innocents suffer because of all the negativity humans do and think.

Michael Berg writes that by changing our own consciousness from one of “wanting and getting to one of sharing and giving,” we can actually not contribute to this black cloud that affects us all so badly.  Furthermore, if enough of us keep doing that — adopt an attitude and even a way of life that is focused on giving and sharing and never on wanting and getting, getting, getting — we will gradually create a cloud of Light above us all, so to speak, that will cancel out that bad black cloud.

A critical mass can be reached.  We can leap forward out of this endless cycle where children suffer and life seems horrid so often.

Then something else clicked when I read a certain part of the Kabbalah book I mentioned above (the book I was reading is, The Secret by Michael Berg NOT the Law of Attraction movie The Secret, but a book which gives a true Secret, an unselfish, utterly unmaterialistic spiritual Secret).

In philosophy they call this “problem” the Problem of Evil or theodicy.  Anyway, I wrote in the margins of The Secret by Michael Berg the other night that we all agreed in unison to come to earth, to incarnate into bodies and live a life (or lives if you believe in reincarnation) in order that humanity might evolve, leap into the next level or phase.  I imagined a sort of pep talk God/dess gave all of humanity before we and God together(!) decided to create this planet and populate it.  Perhaps S/He said to all of us, “Some of you will die before you’re ever born.  Some of you will be filthy rich while others of you will starve to death, end up in prison, be born with terrible diseases.”  But.  Sick children and even crime victims “teach” other members of this human race so many valuable lessons…  you’ve heard how a sick child “touches lives” and indeed on the plane last night one such touched my friend.   Evidently we all work as a team to help the collective Mind come to higher awareness.  Poignant moments, suffering, shake us up, make us think, make us SEARCH for the meaning of death, life and the meaning of suffering, existence, evil and all those cosmic questions.  Suffering and diseases like my daughter’s and cancer compel some of us into scientific research, but for the vast majority of us, they make us question and ponder the cosmic doctrines like origins of life, why the hell innocents have to suffer, does God exist, what the freak are we here for, etc.

So I think we all said, okay, I agree.  Even if I have to be a kid with terrible cancer, or a senseless murder victim in order to help some others of us, my fellow human-thinkers, head down the deep-thinking path, thus leading us all collectively a bit closer toward the Leap of Evolution we hope to make, so be it.   How noble we all must’ve been (hah) to make such a choice.  It is said some people didn’t want to come to earth on this rather frightening mission to help consciousness make this evolutionary leap.  They felt they were not cut out for such a scary adventure, and those folks remained in whatever state they were in, and/or perhaps became angels.  In Judaism and the Kabbalah both (sometimes they are different) it is agreed that there was a finite number of souls “sent” to earth to fill the Hall of Souls.  It all makes sense to me when I merge it with my other metaphysical studies and philosophy studies.  I just love Kabbalah.  (Now that I’m forty plus, hee hee).

I really like the way the Kabbalah Centre people deal with the Problem of Evil. They don’t even call it that, not being philosophers but rather kabbalists.  They sure are tight writers, the Bergs, consisting of a father and his two 30-something sons. All three of them have the Jewish gift of parable.  Just like Jesus had…  Man can they come up with the most perfect little teaching stories.  Short and sweet and they sink right into your consciousness like a Zen lightbulb blazing on.  The Berg’s mother, Karen, wrote God Wears Lipstick: Kabbalah for Women.   I like it immensely, too.  Cool deck of cards available to go with it.  She doesn’t use the parable gift like the men in her family, but cites cool little case stories, letters she’s gotten, conversations she’s had, and vignettes from her life.  It’s sad the way critics excoriate and even mock the Kabbalah Centre and the Bergs.  I have been around the block these past couple of decades reading, meditating, studying all manner of spiritual systems from Self-Realization Fellowship, to Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, Golden Dawn, Gnosticism, Judaism, New Age, Shamanism, pre-Christian European religion, Zen, Osho, Metaphysics, Hermetics, Christian Qabalah, Ken Wilber and my favorite tradition (the one I never left and still work in) esoteric or alternative Christianity.   I have learned to spot false gurus, greedy teachers, have been fooled by more than one.  The Kabbalah Centre people are not such.  I don’t know them personally of course, but I can read in the multitudinous words they write in blogs, books, website articles, that they are truly unselfish, giving people.  Ye shall know them by their fruits, said Yeshua.  And let the teachings they offer speak for themselves, ’cause it is good stuff.  Ancient stuff… with Judeo-Christianity all over it.  No prosperity Gospel (Jesus was a rich man, so should you be!) crap or get-rich-off-Christ stuff like Joel Osteen and others.  No get rich by winding up God.   And no winding up yourself since you are the Creator God, or co-creator, as is taught in the other book by that name, Secret: Law of Attraction.

Anyway, I still like my good ol’ Christian Qabalah but boy howdy do I like the Kabbalah Centre material too, enough to send my own students there when they sign up for our Qabalah elective course.

As for other answers to the Problem of Evil….I’ve never liked the eastern concept of Karma.  It doesn’t resonate with me, never has seemed quite believable though it does seem neat and tidy.  But it means my daughter Rhea was a bad person in a previous life so was born to suffer and “pay” for her sins this time.  Hogwash.  Ken Wilber and other modern philosophers also disagree with this you-deserve-it idea.  Ken Wilber speaks elegantly against the New Age concept that if you think hard enough, focus and believe, you can do anything, cure anyone, get any materialistic thing (the “we each create our own reality” doctrine).  Ken’s wife Treya died of cancer and Ken couldn’t heal her.  And now he himself has a debilitating illness.  He’s one of the greatest thinkers to ever live, not to mention very spiritual — got the mind-spirit union goin’ on.  Yet his mental power isn’t good enough, strong enough in his conviction to accomplish mind over matter healing? Even deep thinkers like Ken, and holy men and women around the world can’t snap their mental fingers and win the lottery or heal someone of cancer.  Mind over matter just isn’t that strong.  I think the Kabbalah Centre does teach that the Zohar can heal like that…it can bring about miracles, but it is a holy book, not someone’s personal wish for healing or riches.

Such poignant moments as what my friend witnessed on the plane, reach into us and give our heart and our very soul a little shake.  They compel us to think deeper than we normally do.  To exercise our right as a thinking one (the term mankind comes from the word mannaz which means the thinking ones).  Furthermore, we must each of us be a meaning-seeker.  The one thing that makes us different from animals is our ability and our drive to find meaning in everything from dream symbols to suffering to ink blots.  We are the same as the animal kingdom, going about seeking food, shelter and pleasure, unless we think and seek meaning in life.

We are kept on track by suffering.  Negativity encourages us to keep digging, keep seeking the meaning of life, not just stop evolving and be complacent life-enjoyers, pleasure seekers.  Slogan idea:  To be meaning seekers, not pleasure seekers.  By seeking meaning we help humanity as a whole leap into the next phase of our evolution and then all pleasures will be available to us.  Or at least we will have a new fuller understanding of what the heck pleasure is, and may not really want it for pleasure’s sake.  One thing is promised however, if we can make it to humanity’s next level:  pain and suffering won’t be around.

Perhaps we’ll be bored, who knows.  Or perhaps we’re part of the Creator’s mind, each of us a firing neuron in His/Her “brain” or of some Godling’s brain.  A Godling is awakening and we are part of that evolution to help him/her reach immortality.  Immortality would be a painful existence and might go horribly wrong if the Being in question doesn’t go thru proper phases of evolution.  Freaky thought — we are all part of an awakening God’s/Goddess’ mind.  That reminds me of yet another book I had to read in a philosophy class, in fact the first philosophy class of all, Phil 101.  Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke.  It describes in a classic sci-fi format how all earthlings combine into one Overmind, mature and “leap” into the next phase.  “Initiation,” Blavatsky would call it.  Becoming god, the New Age and perhaps even the Kabbalah Centre and the Theosis doctrine of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church would call it…


Today he said Jerusalem O Jerusalem

Hail all ye initiates of the Esoteric Christian Mystery School, and friends of the School, too.  Today is the day Yeshua, Magdalene and their group arrived at the outskirts of the holy city in preparation for the End Time.  At sunset they camped on the Mount of Olives and Yeshua sat looking down upon the golden city in the fading golden light.  “Jerusalem, O Jerusalem,” he said in one of his most poignant moments.   Follow along our Mystery School’s Easter Cycle observances (and see a nice painting of this moment) here:

Katia, Adepta Kristyana

Easter: Christian Pagan Resurrection of Nature & God

My eight year old daughter (I have five children at home) looked out at our willow tree three weeks ago when all the many other trees were still “dead” and cried out  excitedly, “Look Mama!  The willow tree came back to life!” She was so amazed, and my three year old with her.  Out the door they went to investigate.

My children love that tree (we planted it after the baby was born last year) and were so sad it had “died” over the winter.  Her sudden lightbulb moment realization made me realize why the ancients loved spring so much.  It was thus vitally important for Jesus / Yeshua / Adonis / Tammuz / Osiris to “die” and then come back to life in the Spring.  Ancient people must have been very afraid all winter long that Nature was dead for good, and might not resurrect. Since Nature was feminine, it made sense that a male god would come and “fertilize” her with his “blood.”    Then again, there is the Greek Demeter/Persephone story, where the annually resurrected one (comes up from her descent into hell) is a goddess.

Anyway, that’s why we love Spring — and Easter!

Went out yesterday hunting for palm branches or decorations.  I wanted to put up all the bunnies and eggs, yes, but also add some palms, lilys and white donkey colts, maybe some rolling tomb stones, etc.  No crosses, though.  Not going there yet, my girls don’t need to dwell on that symbol.  I just read yesterday how the early Christians despised the cross as a symbol and used the Ichthys “Jesus fish” and the anchor instead.  Then came the Chi Rho, and only 400 years later, the crucifix.  Yuck. 

But we didn’t find any of these “alternative” easter decorations.  Got a bunch of cling to the window bunnies, eggs and chicks.  Might have to hit the larger Christian bookstores in Fort Worth or Dallas for such non-pagan Easter decorations.  Our local shop didn’t have anything, although the florist will be getting real palm leaves and lily flowers the end of this week.  My little girls did find a God’s Little Princess Bible.  So cute.  Says all little girls are princesses because they are the daughter of a King.  “Who is the King?” they asked and I said Creator-God.  El aka Yah, aka God-the-Father.  Jesus being King of Kings notwithstanding.  I really think they mean God-the-Creator/Father when they say all girls are daughters of the King.  The Princess Bible is full of charming activities of a princess-y nature and I look forward to using it in our home esoteric Sunday School.

Official name is God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible by Sheila Walsh.  Click above to see the cute hard-back cover and read about it — it’s only $11.



Esoteric Meaning of Easter

Don’t forget to follow along with our Mystery School’s esoteric Easter cycle observances!

This is the greatest mystery in all Christianity.  Initiations (baptisms, etc.) used to all be scheduled for Easter.  A powerful spiritual energy is released upon the world, be sure to download your share of it!

Our observances start the Thursday before Palm Sunday when Jesus, Magdalene and their group of friends, relatives and students would’ve set off on foot for Jerusalem for Passover.  The anointing with oil from the alabaster jar is covered, and the teaching on the Temple steps, overturning the tables, the passover dinner held in Mary of Jerusalem’s house (upper room).  We try to interpret the whole “why does God demand a blood sacrifice?” conundrum from an esoteric view.

Check it out here:


Not Magdalene’s Ossuary

Here I am in a hotel outside Disney World where daughter Rhea just had her fourth birthday today.  I found this Magdalene ossuary update in my inbox.  — Katia

Associated Press, March 13, 2007

JERUSALEM – A prominent scholar looking into the factual basis of a popular
but widely criticized documentary film that claims to have located the tomb
of Jesus said Tuesday that a crucial piece of evidence filmmakers used to
support their claim is a mistake.

Stephen Pfann, a textual scholar and paleographer at the University of the
Holy Land in Jerusalem, said he has released a paper claiming the makers of
“The Lost Tomb of Jesus” were mistaken when they identified an ancient
ossuary from the cave as belonging to the New Testament’s Mary Magdalene:

Produced by Oscar-winning director James Cameron and directed by Simcha
Jacobovici, the documentary has drawn intense media coverage for its claims
challenging accepted Christian dogma.

Despite widespread ridicule from scholars, it drew more than 4 million
viewers when it aired on the Discovery Channel on March 4. A companion book,
“The Jesus Family Tomb,” has rocketed to sixth place on the New York Times
nonfiction best-seller list.

The film and book suggest that a first-century ossuary found in a south
Jerusalem cave in 1980 contained the remains of Jesus, contradicting the
Christian belief that he was resurrected and ascended to heaven. Ossuaries
are stone boxes used at the time to store the bones of the dead.

The filmmakers also suggest that Mary Magdalene was buried in the tomb, that
she and Jesus were married, and that an ossuary labeled “Judah son of Jesus”
belonged to their son.

The scholars who analyzed the Greek inscription on one of the ossuaries
after its discovery read it as “Mariamene e Mara,” meaning “Mary the
teacher” or “Mary the master.”

Before the movie was screened, Jacobovici said that particular inscription
provided crucial support for his claim. The name Mariamene is rare, and in
some early Christian texts it is believed to refer to Mary Magdalene.

But having analyzed the inscription, Pfann, who made a brief appearance in
the film as an ossuary expert, published a detailed article on his
university’s Web site asserting that it doesn’t read “Mariamene” at all.

The inscription, Pfann said, is made up of two names inscribed by two
different hands: the first, “Mariame,” was inscribed in a formal Greek
script, and later, when the bones of another woman were added to the box,
another scribe using a different cursive script added the words “kai Mara,”
meaning “and Mara.” Mara is a different form of the name Martha.

According to Pfann’s reading, the ossuary did not house the bones of “Mary
the teacher,” but rather of two women, “Mary and Martha.”

“In view of the above, there is no longer any reason to be tempted to link
this ossuary…to Mary Magdalene or any other person in Biblical,
non-Biblical or church tradition,” Pfann wrote.

In the interest of telling a good story, Pfann said, the documentary engaged
in some “fudging” of the facts.

“James Cameron is a great guru of science fiction, and he’s taking it to a
new level with Simcha Jacobovici. You take a little bit of science, spin a
good yarn out of it and you get another Terminator or Life of Brian,” Pfann

In Israel Tuesday for a screening of the film, the Toronto-based Jacobovici
welcomed Pfann’s criticism, saying “every inscription should be

But Jacobovici said scholars who researched the ossuary in the past agreed
with the film’s reading. “Anyone who looks at it can see that the script was
written by the same hand,” Jacobovici said.

Jacobovici has faced criticism much tougher than Pfann’s academic critique. The film has been termed “archeo-porn,” and Jacobovici has been accused of “pimping the Bible.”

Jacobovici attributes most of the criticism to scholars’ discomfort with journalists “casting light into their ossuary monopoly.”

“What we’re doing is democratizing this knowledge, and this is driving some people crazy,” Jacobovici said.


Scholars Doubtful & Unhappy About Jesus Lost Tomb

Just got this in. So they only scraped a little DNA from two ossuaries, the ones labelled Joshua ben Yosef and Mariamene e Mara (supposedly belonging to Jesus and Magdalene). Why the heck didn’t they compare the supposedly Jesus one to the supposedly Mother Mary one — or the one who is supposed to be Jesus’s son??  Because, I think, they wanted to be able to say, “we’ve got DNA evidence!” and were afraid the answers would be no, no, no.  The only no answer that would be provocative and thus permitted, would be a no to whether Jesus and Magdalene were biologically related.  Some science this is.  At the end, I include a Laurence Gardner reaction to it all. 


By Christopher Mims, Scientific American
March 2, 2007

In researching our special report on the upcoming Jesus Tomb documentary, fronted by James Cameron (of Titanic fame), I encountered more than a few angry scholars and archaeologists.

Of special note was Tal Ilan, whose Lexicon of Jewish Names was essential to the statistical calculation made by Andrey Feuerverger, the U. of Toronto professor of statistics and mathematics who is quoted in the documentary as saying that the odds that any family other than that of the historical Jesus family would have the same names as that family, and be buried in the Tomb the documentary covers, are 600 to 1. In other words, that number argues, the odds are slim that this isn’t the tomb of Jesus.

You’d be forgiven for finding such claims far-fetched, and with the exception of the historian, James Tabor, who was consulted for the film, the professionals in the field appear to find these claims no less incredible.

In an interview I conducted this morning, the scholar Tal Ilan, without whose work these calculations would have been impossible, expressed outrage over the film and its use of her work — she’s the source of the quotation in the headline of this post.

Jodi Magness, a professor of archaeology and Jewish history of that period at UNC Chapel Hill, had this to say in an interview conducted yesterday:

“Let me tell you what I think. So first of all if you’re writing for Scientific American, so it’s important to point out that this debate is taking place in a most unscientific of manners.

“Archaeology is a scientific and academic discipline and there are proper fora for these discussions — if you’re a scholar and you have something you want to present to the larger world, there are proper ways of doing that, specifically publishing papers in peer reviewed journals or at meetings, so your colleagues can respond to it.

“If after that you can go ahead and announce that and people can say ‘Well I’ve responded to this,’ then that’s fine. But I’ve been slammed with [interviews for] this now — it was announced in the public media.

“I’m reacting to something that has not been published or peer reviewed and I haven’t even seen the film — the entire way this has been done has been an injustice to the entire discipline and also to the public.

“I think it’s a very important point to make — that this is almost a wikipedia form of scholarship. They’re presenting it or setting it up as though we have a discovery and you can react and it’s all legitimate and valid which it’s not.”

I also spoke to James Tabor, the biblical historian who consulted on the documentary who has, by his own account, excavated over five hundred tombs in Jerusalem. He was very sure of himself and was quite knowledgeable, even though some of what he said is obviously still up for debate, judging by how many of his peers have directly contradicted some of the things he has said publicly.

In Tabor’s defense, I will say that though he is in many respects the nexus of the debate on this documentary, at least scientifically, the credit (or blame) probably can’t be laid at his feet. This project was put together by Simcha Jacobovici, a filmmaker and investigative journalist. The reason all this data was ever synthesized at all is probably largely, or even entirely, due to his efforts.

When I asked Tabor why this was brought into the public eye in the form of a documentary and not in peer-reviewed journals, he said this:

“I could publish something on the names and someone else on the stats and the DNA and over four or five years you could finally have enough scholarly articles to see what’s going on. I couldn’t do that myself, I could do something on the names and the history, one article, then I would need someone else to do the statistics article and a DNA report and on and on.

“Now that it’s come out, Gibson (Shimon) and I are going to write a comprehensive academic article on the question. It’s like the dead sea scrolls and so much came out and over fifty years, and people sorted it out slowly.

“Another thing I’d say in Simcha’s defense, he felt for ten years this was important (it surfaced in 1996) everyone said it’s not important. He felt if anyone was going to do it, then they should do it, but they were all dismissing it.

“He’s a facilitator — no one had ever contacted a statistician or a DNA person. There’s a sense in which one reason he did this is that I wasn’t thinking of doing this, and the DNA guy wasn’t thinking about it — it almost needed a single person to say ‘This is what I want to do.’ Then it just began to skyrocket because Cameron came in and it became high profile and that gave us the budget. If we were just talking about one subject, the names, then I think it would be correct that we would not say let’s have a documentary on that — we’d publish first.

“The publicity of it all was then picked up by Discovery, but that’s their decision — they’ve taken a lot of heat for it. I don’t want to be critical of that — I’m not paid by them in any way. I and about four other people were brought in as consultants — Shimon Gibson for archaeology, me for history etc. Nobody was paid — they paid our expenses, but no stipends and we have no stake in the film.”

Finally, Carney Matheson, whose titles include everything from mortuary archaeologist to forensic examiner, conducted the DNA examination the film cites. Basically, the filmmakers scraped a tiny amount of biological material out of the ossuary (or bone box) labeled Jesus, and a tiny amount out of the one that they think belonged to Mary Magdalene. Matheson then sequenced the mitochondrial DNA in both samples in order to establish that whoever those two boxes once contained was not related on their mother’s side–in other words, they’re not family. It’s a negative result that doesn’t say much (and it begs the question – if you were gathering material for testing, why not test the boxes that you believed belonged to related people, such as Jesus and his mother, as well?)

Matheson had this to say:

“The only conclusions we made was that these two sets were not maternally related. To me it sounds like absolutely nothing.”

So the experts have weighed in — but don’t expect that to end the spotlight on this controversy any time soon. Even if scholars conclude the whole thing is bunk, I have a feeling this will become a permanent part of the our culture’s conspiracy lore, like the JFK conspiracy, the staging of the moon landing, the Turin Shroud, and all the rest before it.

* * * * * * * *

Laurence Gardner (regarding the recent discovery of the Jesus Ossuaries) writes on 2-27-2007:
In December 2004, four Israelis and a Palestinian (led by antiques dealer Oded Golan of Tel-Aviv) were indicted by the Israel State authorities on charges of having run a lucrative forgery ring for several decades. The Israel Antiquities Authority and the Israeli police claimed that the defendants had created a series of biblically-related fakes, some of which had been bought for very high prices and placed in the prestigious Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
Since then, numerous well-known items have now been officially declared as fakes, and among those under current investigation (since it originated with Oded Golan and features in the ongoing court case) is the James ossuary. It is fully expected that the Jesus tomb ossuaries (which have absolutely no archaeological provenance) will also fall into the same Golan team category.

It is astonishing to see so many press entries which relate to ‘bones’ and/or ‘disintegrated bones’ in the ossuaries. There are no bones. There never were any bones. It is a felony under Israel State law to own or keep ossuaries containing bones or bone residue (even for museums). Any ossuary unearthed containing bone remnants must be thoroughly emptied and brushed out, with the items and residue re-buried in precisely the same location as the discovery. Only after that, and a sanctification of the site, can the ossuary be removed. We saw on TV back in 1996 that all of these ossuaries were completely empty and inwardly cleaned. So, if there are any bone remnants there now, then someone has put them there for the sake of the documentary and the supposed DNA testing by Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron.

* * * * * * * *

What Gardner may not have realized when he posted the above is that they didn’t use bones for their DNA testing but rather scrapings of human organic deposits from the insides of the ossuary box. Such deposits they say, form during decomposition.

I did hear Simcha say on television, “We have the bones.”  Does he mean bone residue? He needs to be less sensationalist, but that’s asking a bit much, they are having such a good time with this.

Magdalene & Jesus Painting, meeting of souls, minds

Mary Magdalene wife of Jesus paintingLook at this! A painting of Jesus and Magdalene together in a posture of mystical unity. Also, note the Asherah headband Yeshua is wearing. And the strings, ropes, what are they all about do you think? And the blue bottle behind Magdalene — is that supposed to be her anointing jar? It isn’t made of alabaster. My daughters are looking at this painting with me now (ages three and eight) and my oldest says, “Jesus walked and pregnant Magdalene rode on the donkey.”

I had to tell them, no, that was Mother Mary in the Christmas story, this donkey apparently is carrying furniture and other gear. Three-year-old Rhea pronounces after looking at the way their hands are touching, “He loves her.” And then a long pause.

Rhea ponders. “She was married to him. She is our Queen and he is the King.”

Sketch print given to me by Margaret Starbird originally titled Forgiveness by unreadable woman artist's nameIn our Order of Mary Magdalene we have a lesson exercise in which members are asked to design in their mind a painting of Mary Magdalene and Jesus/Yeshua in unity, as equals, etc.

Several years ago Margaret Starbird gave me the print / sketch pictured at left showing Magdalene and Yeshua in a nice posture as though in love, married, etc.  It was drawn by a woman artist whose name we cannot make out.

But be sure to study the new Frank Thomas painting at the top of this post, it is gorgeous and full of symbols we could decipher together.

What catches your eye?

I just ordered a copy of it to hang in our house chapel (aka the old living room parlor). My husband decided he’d better look at it since I just paid $400 for a painting. He said the bottle behind Magdalene looks to him like a wine bottle, so together she’s got the bread and wine of the eucharist. That’s interesting the eucharist is on her side, and the beast of burden and what looks like household goods are on Yeshua’s side. Hawk added that with her back to us we don’t have to worry about whether she’s pregnant or not. This painting is not about that tired old subject.

I thought Magdalene is rather plain looking, not the beautiful “sex object” others have painted her as, a pleasant change. We don’t have to worry about beauty distracting us. Distractions about Magdalene’s body neutralized, we can focus on their two hands in union, the first thing that caught my three year old’s eye, and I imagine the first thing that most people see. I saw their hands first, too, and then his Asherah headband got my attention. Such headbands symbolized goddess-men in the ancient holy land and during King Josiah’s reign were used to identify Asherah worshippers (and priests and priestesses) who had groves and altars to Her “in the high places” on hilltops and mountains. Women may have worn the headbands, too.

Magdalene is wearing blue and white which are Madonna colors. But in New Age reckoning, blue is the color of mental strength, perhaps indicating Magdalene has a mind, she is not just a body, not a sex object. This painting illustrates a meeting of the minds, too, therefore.

Above their hands in union is the Mount of Transfiguration aka Mount Tabor, a “high place” where once God-ess was worshipped, no doubt. Below their hands in union is a well, bringing to mind Jesus being the living water but yet the living water is obtained thru imaging them together in union.

This is not the woman at the well, that takes place in Samaria and Frank Thomas the painter says this is Magdalene and Jesus. His exact phrasing is: “JESUS and the MAGDALENE” (…Evening in the City of Nazareth…) Original 35″ x 48″ (12 sq. ft.) Acrylic/Canvas Painting by Artist Frank Thomas of Holden, Utah Artist comment: “My New Testament painting of the Christ, for women.” … Frank Thomas

See a larger version of the painting here as part of our God Has a Wife! slide show

Sophie2Uagain writes:

What about Jesus’ right hand in gesture? A hand sign?

Yeah, I was wondering about that, thinking of “occult” sign language hand signs I know.  This one seems to be a combination of two.  The painter is a Mormon so he may be depicting more “modern” sign language, even masonic since the LDS Church uses some of the masonic hand signs and grips.

If modern is what the painter is after, see how Jesus’ hand is clearly making a capital L, perhaps saying I am the Life, or water of Life.

It also looks like he’s about to wrap the rope around their wrists to do a hand-fasting.  This is fun, fun — deciphering a painter’s code.

Anyone else? C’mon!


Magdalene: Dresser of Women’s Hair, Yeshu

I have been reading a Wikipedia article about a Jewish character named Yeshu who lived around 100 BC.  He is mentioned in ancient Hebrew writings and a medieval Pope made the Jews remove all such Yeshu references from their books.  Luckily the Jews hid away uncensored copies of the Babylonian Talmud and other writings so we know about this Yeshu dude who pre-dates Christ, has a mother named Miriam, is born out of wedlock and gets executed for apostasy or magic or both.

Here is an excerpt that has Jesus’ mother Mary called “magdalene”.  Confusing, but most fascinating.

The character of Miriam the dresser of woman’s hair is of interest. (Her name is also mentioned briefly in Chagigah 4b in the Babylonian Talmud where it is used together with Miriam the teacher of children simply as an arbitrary choice of names in illustrating a point.) Some suggest that the expression “dresser of women’s hair” is a euphemism for a woman of ill repute. The original Aramiac for her name is Miriam megadela neshaya in which many see Mary Magdalene. Some have thus identified her with Mary Magdalene while others are more cautious merely suggesting dresser of women’s hair as a possible meaning of Magdalene alternate to the traditional understanding of the name as a toponymic surname. –  from the Talmud,

* * * * * * * * * * *

The above is from the Talmud and is calling Mother Mary “magdala” meaning dresser of women’s hair.  Mary is also referred to in one place in the Babylonian Talmud as “Miriam, teacher of children”.  So maybe the Miriam e mara in the supposed Jesus family tomb was a “master” teacher.  We are told “e mara” means “known as a master”.  Then there is the other Mary buried there, too, the one who is supposed to be Jesus’ mother and spells her name Maria in the Greek fashion. 

Some scholars think one of those Marys is Mary Salome, Jesus’ aunt.

Why oh why are so many of them named Mary?– we can’t sort ’em all out!    The first Miriam in recorded history, sister of Moses was a teacher of the Children of Israel, right? She even taught their messiah, Moses.  A teacher of the Messiah.  And prophetess, seeress, songstress…  I have a cool tome called The Five Books of Miriam, meaning the Torah as if SHE had written it, not her brother. Here is the first sentence: “TORAH SPEAKS: In the beginning, Shekhinah, the Holy-One-Who-Dwells-in-This-World, spins the world into being: light, water, earth, heavenly bodies, seed-bearing plants, sea creatures, birds, animals-and Adam…”

Anyway, the dresser of women’s hair title is partially explained in the Wiki excerpt above.  The word was supposedly a euphemism for whoredom.  Of course, what else could it mean!  Women in the ancient world were virgins or prostitutes, nothing in between. Yeah, right.  Dubiousness aside, the fact that hairdressers were supposedly whores is probably why a woman with the epithet Magdalene got labelled a prostitute. 

Jewish scholars who read the New Testament and encounter Mary Magdalene know that Magdalene is Greek for Magdala (Aramaic) and that it means dresser of women’s hair.  They have no problem therefore seeing why she was called a prostitute.

* * * * * * * * * * *

All of this is from a search I was doing about the Yeshu of 100 BC:

Now don’t let the stuff on the page above about Yeshu shake your faith.  Yeshua “bore” a lot of archetypes. He embodied them just as Magdalene embodied Sophia, Isis, Inana. 
Yeshua/Jesus was Osiris, Tammuz, Adonis, Dionysius and the Son of God/ess.  Some
Moses-like tales were added to his life (slaughter of babies) and transfiguration on
a mountain.  These tales of Yeshu were also added to him or attributed to him.


James Ossuary box legit, fraud, then legit again

The James ossuary box (casket) is said to be legit again.  These “experts” don’t know what inscriptions are real and what are fake.  The other caskets said to be of Jesus, Maria (Mary?), Mariamne (Magdalene?), a person named Matia (Matthew) and a Judah, were “lost in the system” conveniently for 27 years, discovered in 1980.  Plenty of time to do some forgeries, bring caskets together that might have actually been buried separately, discard the other four caskets found with the six in question, etc.  Most suspect to me, but wouldn’t it be cool….  Well, it almost would be cool if they didn’t deny the resurrection.  For me, the shroud of Turin “proves” the resurrection since science still has not been able to duplicate that “fraud”, unable to imprint any glowing luminous image on a piece of cloth despite numerous tries.