Dream Interpretation: Having unexpected baby unprepared to feed

Every week for the past 10 years I interpret two dreams for an advice column called The Dream Zone, which I co-write with Dr. Lauri Loewenberg “the Dream Lady”. I thought it might be fun to start posting them here…

My dream was: I entered into my boyfriend’s room and I found him on bed with somebody else. I was able to see her face, but I was not able to recognize her. I grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor, and I also slapped her. My boyfriend had a smile on his face while all this was happening. Then I jumped on top of him and we start making out. Isn’t this weird? Hope you can help me interpret this dream.
Evelyn, Age 30, Miami, Florida

Katia interprets: This is a fun dream with two messages for you. Your boyfriend secretly wants you to fight for him, to show how passionate you are about maintaining your relationship. He may be a bit childish in this desire, but it is not unhealthy. The other possible meaning for you (and both can be true at once, as is the unique nature of dreams) is that the woman is an aspect of your own personality. There is a man-stealing desire within you, flirtatiousness toward other men, which you don’t like, that you want to slap around and get rid of. You know it will please your boyfriend if you conquer and neutralize this behavior pattern, probably because he is a bit jealous when you smile or are otherwise friendly with other men.


My name is Gina, 32 from California. I have this dream at least twice a month. It’s a little different each time but almost the same. In my dream I have a baby I wasn’t expecting. Like I was pregnant but didn’t know, and then all of a sudden I have this baby. And I’m trying to gather things to take care of it. In my dream I keep saying how happy I am but I am hurrying to go buy everything for the baby. But the weird part of the dream is that I keep forgetting to feed it. And the baby is crying. I bring it close to me and keep telling it how sorry I am for not feeding it. I tell myself in the dream why do you always forget to feed your baby and what a bad mother I am. Please HELP! This dream really bothers me after I wake up because I can’t seem to make sense of it.

Katia interprets:  Aha! The baby is a beloved but vulnerable part of your future, a long-term goal, a cherished project, that you feel bad about not seeing through. What future plan or vision for your life are you unprepared for? Every now and then an opportunity to nurture this vision comes suddenly and unasked into your life but you have never acted on it. You can’t keep focused enough to “feed” this wonderful thing. Is it something educational, some kind of occupational opportunity or other calling you keep passing up? The dream is trying to tell you you’re going to regret and feel guilty about this, so it’s time to take the plunge. Stock up on “food” for this great endeavor; prepare for the new and wonderful life that you very much want to give birth to. Next time this opportunity whatever it is, literally falls into your lap, you will have plenty of life force (baby milk) to energize it. The guilty feelings will be gone forever. Hard work and constant attention will be required, yes, as with all “babies”, but you are up to it. Good luck and get going!

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  1. I keep having this dream that my boyfriend died. I dont know how he dies but i just remember crying in my dream so hard that i wake up with head aches. And the dream seems so real that i cant help but start crying even when i wake up because im so thankful that it was dream and he is still alve….. HELP!

  2. This dream is probably being triggered by fears of losing him in waking life. Whenever you feel like he is “dead to you,” or fear your relationship is about to end, it could trigger a dream like this. It’s normal and not to worry!

  3. I keep having a similar dream to Gina’s. I keep dreaming that I have this baby that I was not expecting and I do not want it but I feel obligated to take care of it and I feel like I cannot believe I actually have a child. I too feel like I am a bad mother in my dream because I don’t want the baby but I feel horrible about that. I guess the only difference between mine and Gina’s dream is that I am not happy about having the baby and I feel so trapped by it like my life is over. I wonder what it means?

  4. Dear Rebecca:

    Keep in mind first of all that the “baby” in the dream is not a real baby but a SYMBOL of something SIMILAR TO a baby. It’s a project, a new relationship, some new and fragile issue that has come into your life that will demand a lot of your time, is something positive, but on the other hand makes your plate too full right now. That’s why you feel horrible and trapped because this new and precious project is just coming at a bad time in your current life situation.

    Maybe if you can identify what the “baby” is symbolizing you’ll be able to put it up for adoption so to speak, allowing someone with more time and dedication to carry this project forward. At least you gave “birth” to it, and that is all one can do sometimes with certain ideas or projects or relationships.



  5. My dream is similar to Rebecca’s except I feel like I have been decieved by someone because I never remember being pregnant. I wake up in the back seat of a car, and all of a sudden I have just had a baby. I have all of this anxiety about having to take care of a baby at this point in my life, and when I realize that I had never been pregnant, I accuse someone else of passing their unwanted child off on me and tricking me into believing that it is mine! What could this mean?

  6. So it sounds like you might be dealing with an unasked for situation, an awesome responsibility that you don’t want at this time in your life. Is someone tricking you or are you tricking yourself(!) in some way? You use the word deceive, so be on the look out for self-deception as well as the other kind. Were there extra duties or responsibilities dumped in your lap recently?

  7. I have had this dream about a baby, I know that the child is mine and I seemed to be happy, but I coudn’t find any formula to feed it. I tried breastfeeding and couldn’t do it, the child was not crying and then it was like all I wanted for gifts was burp rags. I didn’t want anything else. Weird.

  8. Just last night I have a baby dream as well. One minute I’m home, the next I am exhausted in a hospital bed, then I’m trying to check out of the hopital when the nurse says to me “Don’t forget your babies!” I am very confused and have no clue what she is talking about. I had apparently had twins (a boy and a girl), but i have no clue how because I am still a virgin and don’t even have a boyfriend. I look at the boy and pick up the girl and they look like what my kids would look like if i had kids. Then I am told that I can’t take them, because I don’t have babyseats. I go to the store to get them, and get the babies (only putting “my daughter” in the seat). Then it’s about 8 months later I’m having a party and only holding “my daughter”. The boy is somewhere around. I adore them both but feel guilty, because I don’t know who the father is. I am sooo confused. And why am I focusing more on the baby girl instead of the boy?

  9. I also have a re-ocurring dream (roughly every month) about having a baby and then forgetting about it. Every now and then I remember the baby and try to get to it asfast as I can. I am desperate to reach the baby since I have left it unattended. I always expect to find the baby either very distressed or dead. I am alwyas so relieved when it is ok and I promise never to forget again. I am alwyas troubled by this when I wake.

  10. I have had the same dream for many years, I dream I forgot I had a baby and forgot to feed it, I become frantic and run to the baby who is in a cot, I go and pick it up and start to feed it as quick as I can for fear it will die and it just looks at me and smiles as if to say, “I forgive you for neglecting me”, I look at the baby and know it so well, yet I can’t remember who it is, yet I love it so much, I think in my dream, Ït is not one my children, or grand children” and I try to place it in the family. Then last month I was going through my Mum’s old photo albums while conduction family research and I saw a photo of the baby in my dreams, it was then I realised this baby was me. What can this mean ?

  11. im have a similar dream to rebecca,
    but in the dream its my boyfriend telling me that he wants a baby, repeatedly althought im not actually pregnant in the dream, i told him and he thought it was odd… im only 18, i dont want a baby … HELP!

  12. i had this dream last night… that my boyfriend and i had twins. they were beautiful and we were both happy because we wanted 1 boy and 1 girl each. i remember it being exhausting taking care of the both of the babies, but we did it together. as i was changing a diaper i remember thinking that it was just so much work. About me: i’m 21 and definitely not trying to get pregnant. my boyfriend and i are on the verge of breaking up because i found out he’s been seeing his ex and i just don’t know if i can trust him. any correlation there? do i want to be with him or not?

  13. I have had a dream a couple of times that my boyfriend and I, of 3 years, had a baby. The first time, it was a boy, and the last time it was a girl. In both dreams, my boyfriend seemed to never be around. I rememberin the first dream, he would be hanging out with his friends and I would call him telling him that “it’s his baby too..” Last night in my dream, he just wasn’t there at all. What could this mean? Does this mean that I do not feel as though I can rely on him?

  14. In a way yes, I think it means you worry about his reliability, about his being “present” in the relationship. He might not be as committed as you are. The babies I think symbolize your relationship. You are saying, “this is your baby, too,” meaning you and him. You probably get this dream whenever you feel he is not paying enough attention to you or to the concept of you guys as a couple. You may have a nagging intuitive fear that he’s not going to be there when significant life-changing events (like having a baby!) occur.

  15. I’ve had the baby dream a few times. It changes a little each time but this part is always the same. I have a baby — no real hospital scenes I just have this baby. I’m not at my actual house but in the dream it’s “my house.” I know the baby is mine but I’m completely unprepared for it. I always notice I have no diapers. I was so upset in the most recent dream that the Drs/nurses didn’t tell me how to breast feed. I kept thinking I don’t know how to feed my baby! (I’m sure its not that tricky in real life). My fiance is never in the dream although I’m never concerned about who the father is nor do I notice that he’s not present. The gender of the baby isn’t reveled.

    My own interpretation after reading the comments here is that I feel unprepared for a goal I have. I think its significant that my fiance isn’t in the dream because I don’t feel like I have his full support with my goal. I’m still missing some pieces to fulfill my goal so I’m assuming that’s what the diapers and breast feeding part comes in.

    Thanks for the website– It’s help me rest assured that I won’t be a terrible mother someday and that I have to focus more on my goal.

  16. Dear ECP:
    Yes, your interpretation is spot on. I would add that you feel unable to “feed” or nurture whatever this goal or project is. Ask yourself whenever you get this dream, how you might be frustrated with not being able to properly “grow” something in your life right now?

  17. I’ve been having baby dreams for about 2 yrs or maybe even more. I always tried to figure them out abd it said it was a good omen. So I stopped worrying about it. I stopped having those dreams whenmy dad passed away. I read that sometimes it means death because new life starts when another life ends or something like that. After reading that I really didn’t want to know anything else about cuz I felt guilty. Like my dreams were telling me something and I couldn’t figure it out. I just had a dream last nigt where I gave birth to a baby boy. It was weird because I didn’t evenknow I wad preggos abd all of the sudden I was giving birth. It was painful! Then I had a baby boy in my arms. I think he had blue eyes. His father was my ex that I haven’t seen in years and that I felt very in love with. He was there holding the baby but my family wasn’t happy about us being together. Then I had to go somewhere and left my baby all alone for a whole day which is something I would never do. I didn’t want other ppl to know that I had a baby and I felt guilty about living my baby alone. Does any of this make any sense to you? I was watching a show about pregnant people before I went to bed! On my previous dreams I had never had a baby boy. There was only once I saw my baby n it was a beautiful baby girl, but didn’t see her for too long. This baby felt real! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  18. Hi i’m 18 i’ve been having dreams like this for about 3yrs or so. Ican always feel thenmin my belly i am never scared always exstremly happy. I can feel the shape of the baby and can sometimes see the face ect. and sometimes tell the sex .once i’ve even drempt i when baby shoppin with my mom.I.m always rubbing a few times i’ve had the baby, they never die they are complety healthy, but never in a hospital.I apsolutly love children, but i am not married and have never had sex. can you please help me out with this evn today i had the baby dream, my mom was there again happy with me but i could see the body completly yet in my belly this time i had the baby somehow i was under water but we both sirvived it was a “light” skin baby lol i’m mixed she could have toke on the other side like my baby brother and not my lil sistrs.

  19. hey everyone my name is ebony i having been having death dreams since i was 5 years old i dont no what it means i am 20 now and i am still having the same dream -dreams about each one of my family member dying, my grandmothers funeral we wer crossing some lake and hills which i have never seen in my life and she is trying to talk to me but i dont understand and i had the dream of that 3 night in a row also i had a dream of my sisters baby the one she was caring at the time that she had a son and had dimples with blue eyes and when he came out he looked like the same child i seen in my dream y am i having dreams like these am i crazy do i need to see a docter?

  20. i had a dream this morning that i had a baby. i am black and the baby was white. i kept saying it had to be my mothers child because her fiance is white but they said it was mines. i tried to breast feed and i got a silver mercury type fluid instead of milk. second time i sqweezed i got green n yellow. then i gave up baby started to get hungry again and i only got a LITTLE bit of milk and the baby wouldnt suck. i got so mad i started to cry n i woke up… what could this mean

  21. hi i am due to ovultae today and lastnight me and my partner had sex, then last night i dreamt that i had a babygirl i was holding her in my arms i wasnt pregnant in my dream but i had this new born baby and she was mine…. did i dream this because i want a baby, although i dont mind wat the sex is id would like to have a boy as i already have a girl but i dreamt of a girl …. some 1 explain

  22. I had a dream last night that I was giving birth at my house I called 911 and then they told me what to do. I don’t remember ever seeing the face of the baby but I heard people say its a girl… not its a boy they asked me what I wanted to name him. I didn’t know but I also remember someone I used to be friends with gave me a note that said I was going to be a horrible mom. What is this dream about??

  23. i had this dream last night. I was in this house and i saw a picture of a baby. well…. it was two… one boy one girl (i think) and the photo’s were static but they seemed to cause the effect of the rest of the dream (which was really quite violent but i got that covered) And im just wondering that it doent mean im gonna be pregnant or something does it?

    I mean, i’d love to be a mum but not quite yet 🙂

    If you could tell me what it mean’s i’d be really grateful

  24. i had a dream that i was in the hospital and i had a baby but i could not remember giving birth and when i asked to see the baby no one will show me the baby my boyfriend had left so i just kept asking to see the baby because i couldnt remember giving birth so i wanted to see him but no one will bring thhe baby to me

  25. My experience with the baby is that it symbolizes ones own higher self, who are lacking attention in one way or the other, that we are using our lives on something which isn’t worthwhile, as playing Facebook games day out and in:)

  26. I had a dream that I had a baby. I was changing his diapers and my mom was next to me trying to help. I was keeping him engaged and explaining to him what I was doing since I learned in my child development class to do so. I also shone a light on the wall so he could focus on it. I thought the light was too bright so I moved it. I think I accidentally bumped his forehead on the light so he started to cry. I picked him up and I felt so bad and such love for the baby. My mother asked if he was ok. I hugged the baby and started kissing him and I told my mom “Oh no I think I’m going to spoil him.”

  27. Last Night I Had An Odd Dream, I Was In My Home I Believe And All Of The Sudden I Am Handed A Baby By Some Women Whom I Didnt Recognize Nor Recall How Many Women There Were. Anyways They Handed Me A Beautiful Baby And Tell Me I Must Breast Feed It. So I Did, To My Surprise My Right Breast (The One I Was Using To Feed The Baby) Was Producing An Ample Amount Of Milk That Poured Out My Breast (And For A Moment I Saw One Of Those Machines That Help Suck Breast Milk From Mothers? I Dont Know What It Is Called But For A Brief Moment I Saw That Device Attached To My Breast Only For A Brief Moment…) I Recall Thinking To Myself In The Dream That Women Can Produce Breast Milk Even If They Are Not Pregnant If You Must Feed A Baby.This Dream Is Very Odd Because I Have Never Had Children, I Am Only 20 years Of Age & I Always Say That I Will Refrain From Having Children Until I Am About 30 Years Old. Can Someone Help Me Interpret This Dream?

  28. I am infertile, but last night I had a dream that my boyfriend of 7 years gave birth to a baby girl. A nurse came out and told me that the baby was a premie and that we would not be able to take her home, but hten she came back out and told us that we could leave with our baby. We got on the bus with the baby. The baby had a pink onsie with her legs exposed. I felt the baby’s leg and they felt realistically cold. My boyfriend then handed me a baby quilt to cover her. We then get home and lay on our bed with the baby in between us. This dream felt so real that when I woke up, I was looking for my baby. This dream made me happy and hopeful.

  29. The baby represents something new and fragile that your boyfriend is bringing into your lives. It is not a real baby, but rather a project, a situation, relationship or even a new romantic mood that is so brand new (he just “gave birth” to it!) it needs constant nurturing. What is about to come into your lives, or just did, that needs constant attention and care — but is wonderful and inspiring? Whatever it is, you need to “keep it warm” (not forget about it) and pay attention. Its legs are a bit cold, but otherwise it’s pretty in pink!

  30. hi..i have been having dreams about this guy but he never talks to me and he’s kind of flirtatious.Then another dream i had is that i kissed him on the cheek but the weird thing was his lips were red and his eyes are a different colour in almost every dream..Another dream was i saw him and i and we were walking on the street and then he told me to wait, and he bought the cutest baby i have ever seen and i felt she was mine..

  31. I was pregnant 3yrs ago and my baby did not develop. I had a DNC at 9wks. and the nite before my husband and I had the same dream that i was holding the baby but i could not see its face because there was a black spot covering its face.

    What does this mean.

  32. How sad, I am so sorry for your loss. The black spot obscuring the baby’s face symbolized the unknown. The baby was unknown to you and would remain that way. Both of you having the same dream — called a “shared dream” — is not surprising considering the highly emotional energy created by the situation. It’s a good sign regarding your connection as spouses that you both were getting the same “message from the Universe” at the same time.

  33. first of all,i keep having dreams of zombies..but i feel obligated to take care of me and my friends and we survive the zombie attacks. but the very first one some guy told me that the zombies cant get yoy if you have a black shirt on. well recently i had another “zombie dream” but my friend who is pregnant right now who i havent seen in awhile was there and so was my mom&sister.. i looked pregnant &my friend was pregnant too but she was the size i last saw her when she was pregnant with her previous son.. well the zombies were gone& we found a restroom because my friend had to pee because she was pregnant&i did too..well she told my mom i was 6 months pregnant&i kept denying i was..(even tho in my mind in the dream i felt that i was) well the dream skipped over some parts&then i was talking to someone about having to repopulate the earth since the zombies were all gone now.. that was the end. well the next night i had a dream that i felt something was wrong&i needed to go to the hospital&i couldnt get a hold of my boyfriend so i called my ex&he was saying he didnt want to take me but after waiting sometime&me crying&begging him to he took me..he left after dropping me off at the hospital.. i ended up being pregnant&not knowing it&i was in labor so my boyfriend or anyone wasnt there for the birth…well my boyfriends mom picks me&the baby up from the hospital&we get home&im soo happy..the baby was a beautiful baby girl &she was my everything. well i put her in the bed with me&my boyfriend&his mom came &layed on the bed with us&she was so interested in the baby girl as much as i was..my boyfriend was happy but didnt seem as happy as us.. i felt like the baby was real&this dream felt so real&so right&when i woke up it felt so real& i felt sooo much love&security for the beautiful perfect baby girl!

  34. I had a dream last night about giving birth to a baby girl who was not even a baby she was a toddler and she was talking so much and i felt so much love for her and she knew everything..I would ask her questions about if she knew one of the Gurus in our religon and she said yeah I know him and she said his full name…and then she said that, that was where she came from the sikh bible…it was just so weird and i remember i kept hugging her and kissing her and telling her how much i loved her…and then if was mine and my bfs daughter and i named her after his brother who passed away not too long ago(which happened in real life about a month ago)..and my bf wasnt happy that i had her..he wanted me to wait..what does this mean??

  35. my girlfriend is pregnant and she is 4 months, i dreamed that she already had the baby and i was changing the diaper.

  36. last night i had a dream that i was pregnant and that i was in labour and then the hospital were i was started to fall down what does this dream mean?

  37. Last night I dreamt I had a baby girl. Then, my ex-husband and I had a great big party. At that party he was having a great time with all the women, some of it, sexy stuff. At that same party, I dropped the baby girl into what looked like a big bucket of some kind of mud/chocolate stuff. Then, the baby died not long after, but no one knew I had dropped her… This baby was still a new born at that time. This dream has haunted me all day and I am worried about what it means. I am unemployed right now and am praying for a job.
    Thanks for reading this…:)

  38. Something new and unknown, but wonderful (pregnancy) is trying to come into being in your life. But. You are losing the ground beneath your feet. Some of your support system, your mode of healing (hospital) is failing you lately. What (or who) in your life is causing you to feel insecure and unable to bring your goals into being?

  39. The baby represents your hopes for a job. Your precious hope, your goal, is covered in mud and dying an early death. This is happening to a lot of people right now, the way this horrible job market is. So many have sent us their dreams about the search for a job, any job. It’s really frustrating. So you feel like your ex-husband is having a good life, enjoying himself, while you are financially strapped with no hope in sight. Evidently you are putting on a brave face about your unemployment to your friends and family because no one knows your vulnerable hope has been dropped and “died”. Babies represent vulnerable but wonderful things that need our constant attention and nurturing. Maybe you are afraid you didn’t search hard enough for a job when you first became unemployed, and now it’s too late. The gloom and doom is hitting you, but keep pounding the pavement. There is only one way to go right now, and that is up!

  40. I hope you can help me again Katia…

    Last night I dreamt that I was back in my hometown. There is a river there, and it seemed to be turned into a huge swimming pool, with lovely clear blue water and a long bridge. I was with my ex sister-in-law, and we swam across the river. But, as I got out and looked back at her, she was being MURDERED under the water by some gang! I saw her clear as crystal, laying on the bottom of the pool, flat out on her back – dead!
    Next thing, I was with my mum-in-law at the same pool to show her, her dead daughter.

    Then, all things let loose, as you can imagine.
    The next place I was at, was a big pub. I was there (at the funeral) with my ex husband. As per usual, he was eyeing up one of my ex friends, and she at him.

    Then, I decided to leave him – finally. As I was walking over another bridge, this old lady stopped me in a very small car. I tried so hard to squeeze into it. And she looked at me, funnily. Then, she took me to something which looked like her home, and there she showed me this lovely topless ORANGE car. It was so nice, but, we had to keep banging the door really shut as it’s hinge was very loose.
    Then, she took me to hjer place of work, it was a small restaurant, but her boss didn’t want me there, so I left.

    I then went back to the pub, and my ex husband had been looking for me, for me to give home money. He then thanked me, and told me he was going to live with my ex BFF.

    I woke up at that.
    I am so worried about why I keep dreaming of my ex and his family and also of DEAD people, Katia.
    It’s worrying the life out of me. Please settle my mind. Thank you 🙁

  41. I had a dream last night that I had a baby. I don’t remember giving birth but there was this baby and I gave it to my dad to hold it. We couldn’t figure out at first who’s baby it was (like it wasn’t mine or something) but then after a while I looked at the baby and it had my eyes and my lips so I then knew that it was mine. I was really happy but I didn’t want to tell my boyfriend because I wasn’t sure it was his for some reason. But then after a while I thought about it and I had not been with anyone else but him then I figured it is his baby. It was weird because I have never cheated on my boyfriend but I was unsure whether it was his at first and I remember I was very happy and excited about this baby, although I’m 21 and I have not plans on having a child. Just wondering what this might mean…

  42. Hello Katia,
    I had a dream last night that is so odd i cant stop thinking about it. So happy i found your site.
    The dream starts my cousin and i are in a cabin, getting ready to have a good time when all of the sudden i feel a baby foot in my belly kicking me. So i start to play with the baby, and i can tell the baby likes it. Next thing i know my cousin is pulling the baby out of me by the foot, and cuts the cord. The baby is a girl, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL girl i have EVER seen with the most GREEN eyes! I Love her so much the moment i lay eyes on her. Shes a new born but when i tell her i love her and she is beautifull she says no mommy you are. I tell my parents and they are happy (witch would not be the case. I am single, live alone and im 23). When i wake up, I was so sad that she was not real becasue i loved her so much i would have died for her the moment i saw her.
    What could all this mean?
    Im still sad that i dont have her but its not like i wanted kids at this point in my life but i feel like i need her still? Am i crazy?

  43. Hey, my husband keeps having this dream that he is playing with a baby girl and its ours. But im not pregnant, were trying to get pregnant pretty soon. Is that what’s causing him to have those dreams?

  44. Hi…I had this dream last night that my husband n I went n for our ultrasound to find out What We are having….We r really pregnant with our second child our first is a girl! Anyway they tell us its a boy but They don’t let us see the screen n they don’t give us pictures to take home then we end up. Having the baby right after the ultrasound and We never left there Just had the ultrasound then had the baby they handed us our baby boy he looked perfect then the nurse came in with pictures that she said was his n said this is him he isn’t ur husbandn n urs he belongs to a different couple that gave him to u guys but this baby looked Just like us and I swore we had him n I looked at the pictures which was a baby a little bit older with scratches all over his eyes n the nurse said he has brain damage and he’s yours now so not believing he wasn’t ours we kept him n. The nurse lyed me down n said lets get these ultrasound pics for u guys so u can go home so she starts n I woke up….I was so scared when I woke up thinking it meant my baby was going to have something wrong or I might MC….What do u think cuz now I’m worried? 🙁

  45. I know this is an old post– I dreamed last night that I had twins. Two days apart. And the first was a girl and I forgot all about her– put her in a shoebox in the closet and unintentionally forgot to feed her. However, when I went into labor with the second twin two days ago, I remembered her. The second baby was a boy, and I pulled the girl (Molly, I’d named her) out of the closet and fed her and the twin boy. My family and I were so excited.

    I am 38 and had a hysterectomy two years ago. I have two teenage sons and do not want anymore children. I have a masters degree and will be applying to PhD programs this fall. I know that one dream I have deferred, started and stopped, is a novel I’ve been writing for 5 years. It does make me feel guilty that I haven’t finished it, even as I feel guilty for not having more time for my family, or being able to find full time work… the list goes on for my guilt!

  46. Last week I had a dream that I was pregnant. To be exact I was standing next to my best friend who is really pregnany and saying that she only had 22 more days til she is due and I said if you think thats bad Im due now like tomorrow she then says oh I didnt even know you were pregnant and asks to see my belly. I lifeted up my shirt and said I dont look pregnant just fat. (I have two teenaged kids and gained so much weight while pregnant with them that I just looked fat and am still over weight).

    Now last night I dreamed that I just had the baby (not sure if it was the same baby) and the baby was still in the hospital but I was working night shift at a job I used to have and my manager explained to me that i was going to have to work tonight and then second shift tomorrow and I agreed but after I went home I realized it was time to go and get the baby but I did not have a way to go get her and was conflicted as to whether I should call in and tell my manager that I would not be able to work. I also had not yet named the baby and upon realizing this decided on a name for her.

  47. Dreams were historically used for healing, as well as for guidance or divine inspiration. The content and purpose of dreams are not yet understood fully, but I believe just as much that they mean something very significant.

  48. I had a dream i gave birth to a baby girl but could not remember the name that i had picked out for her. I felt like i had to run home look through papers where i had written the name.

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