In the Dark Places of Wisdom, Sophia Removed from Western Mysteries

Our good friend author Margaret Starbird writes:

A “must read twice” book I love is “In the Dark Places of Wisdom” by Peter Kingsley— about the way the “Sophia” was written out of Greek culture by Plato and his disciples—in favor of rational thinking. I consider this a very important contribution to the dialog about “what happened?” I think Jesus came to reclaim the connection with the

“Sophia” (embodied in Mary Magdalene in the Christian story) but the early Church fathers were so “Logos” oriented, they scuttled the original vessel (the “hieros gamos” implied in the Gospels which honored the contributions of women….

I’t’s time to reclaim the Beloveds in the Garden and the partnership of heaven and earth that it implies–


peace and well-being,


Author of “The Woman with the Alabaster Jar”

Margaret also wrote:

While I love many books of Bible, one of my favorite passages in Scripture is the “Song of Songs”–(aka the Song of Solomon)–derived from ancient liturgical poetry honoring the “hieros gamos” union of Isis and Osiris, and another is Sirach 24, about “Wisdom”–“like a mist I covered the earth”


So I just ordered myself a copy of In the Dark Places of Wisdom