Day of the Magi, January 6 has Esoteric Meaning

On Jan. 6 comes Epiphany, the holiday which commemorates when the Magi came with gifts for a newly born god-man they’d discovered through their astronomy science.  It’s fascinating they came from Babylonia — modern-day Iraq.

The esoteric interpretation of Epiphany is fairly simple.

First of all, everyone says there were Three Kings or Three Magi, but we don’t actually know how many magi there were.  We only say three because there were three gifts mentioned.  But many more of them could’ve come, and some experts suggest perhaps NINE came.  The other six could’ve brought gold.  Each bringing a bag of gold and a few also bringing frankincense and myrrh seems quite probable.

I like to think of the drummer boy in there, too.  Hee hee.

Calling them Three Kings instead of Magi – they were Chaldean Mages from Babylonia, not royal kings — was the Church’s campaign to try to eliminate any and all magic from the Bible, from Christianity.  But we know Christianity and the Bible is full of magic, ESP, psychic phenomenon, even mediums (ghost whisperers) are in the Bible.  Anyway…

There is also a lot of significance to the date of January 6.

The vast majority of the earliest original Christians had Jan. 6 marked on their ancient calendars as Jesus’ birthday.  Jan. 6 was Christmas!  So when the Church changed Jesus’ birthday to Dec. 25 three hundred years later in order to match the winter solstice “birth” of the Sun (they were four days off since Solstice is actually Dec 21), they had to contend with the pesky Jan.6 Christmasday already on the books.  They dealt with it by making it Magi Adoration Day.  They said, that’s not actually the day he was born, but the day the Magi found him and came to adore him.  Poor Goddess Mary still living in that stable two weeks after giving birth!  January 6 is called Epiphany to this day, meaning “discovery”.  The discovery of the god-man born among us.

I read on another forum that some families keep their Christmas tree and nativity scenes set up until the 6th of January.  One said her family would scoot the three magi closer to the stable every day until on the 6th they “arrived”.   Sounds like a plan…

So what else shall we do to mark annual Magi Day in two days?  I usually burn frankincense around a gold candle, the candle symbolizing the Light of the World.  I have some nice myrrh, too, which I like to add in.

Here are a bunch of Magi images, paintings, etc. from all over the internet.  I see a slew of images depicted the Magi adoring the newborn godling, with Goddess Sophia-Maria looking on.  Click on each one for larger view:


Katia  (sometimes also known by my magi-kal name, Adepta Kristyana, which means “Christian Adept”)

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