Dream Interpretation: Purse taken, jewels left instead

Here’s my dream…I ran to go catch this bus…it was almost dawn….and the bus number was 113…someone at the bus stop said to me “well, aren’ t you going to get on?” I said “No, it’s too early” and the bus was just sitting there for a while, empty, with the lights on inside…..and in the same night, I also dreamt my purse and wallet were gone…but then I realized they left the wallet behind and just took the purse, and I found jewels/jewelry with my things. These jewels/jewelry didn’t belong to me, but were apparently very valuable. Again in the same night, I dreamt a friend who loves to cook and bake but not by trade…was cooking food …..and invited me to go see what she was making….I haven’t seen this friend in probably over a year…. Thank you, Antonella Yasuna

Some say the number 113 is a warning regarding the end of the world, others believe it is a good luck number that “follows” some people around. In esoteric lore 113 symbolizes sacrifice for the survival of others. You ran so you wouldn’t miss a pre-dawn bus, but you never got on. There is a group or “crowd” you don’t want to miss out on, yet you want the timing to be just right. You don’t want to jump into a situation too early for fear of losing your identity (purse and wallet) and getting lost in the crowd. You don’t want to be just another number, but you also don’t want to miss out on an opportunity. You fear the time is just not right for this “journey” in the darkness before the dawn. You had a brief identity crisis recently but it wasn’t as bad as you originally feared (wallet was not stolen after all). In fact, you lost your purse – your normal financial practices – only to find it replaced with other financial gains, the jewelry. It’s almost like you lost on the broader stock market in the recent crisis, but somebody bought you some gold! Or else you are handling someone else’s finances or valuables in life. Whatever your financial situation is, you feel the valuables do not belong to you, but yet somehow you are responsible for protecting them. What people, situations or things are you protecting or “stuck with” or handling that are not technically yours? What values showed up uninvited in your life after some kind of  loss? You also have an invitation to join a new venture – see what’s cookin’ in someone else’s “kitchen”. Are you going to take this person up on their offer? The person could also be another aspect of your own personality. Have you come up with an offer for yourself, but your other self is afraid to accept it?  Your old friend with culinary skills (nurturing skills) symbolizes a person, career or other situation that is making you an offer you don’t want to refuse, but also have a fear about timing. We know it is an informal or semi-professional offer because the friend is not a professional baker/cook but is just as good as one. The overriding theme here is you trying to work with the numbers in your life, from finances to timing. Perhaps you are weighing whether to start your own business or change your work situation. Very intriguing!

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