Teachings on the Feminine & the World Soul

Margaret Starbird sent this out after Sara Dorman sent it to her.  Margaret says most of us will feel a connection with this work and adds, “Don’t you love the “web” and the “Weaver”!

Sara Dorman writes:  Knowing your work on the sacred feminine we thought you might be interested in a body of work on the feminine and the world soul by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee that we are making freely available on our Working with Oneness website; please see the link below.

One of the articles you might find of interest: Reclaiming the Feminine Mystery of Creation. [2013 Update: can no longer find link Sara sent to “Reclaiming the Feminine Mystery of Creation”, but click below to read all her other Sacred Feminine articles]

Sara also wrote in 2008: We welcome any response to this material as we know how important it is to work together to bring back an awareness of the sacred feminine at this time of global crisis.  It is wonderful to find others also involved in this work.

Read all the other articles on this awesome Sacred Feminine website.

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Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at NorthernWay.org.

3 thoughts on “Teachings on the Feminine & the World Soul”

  1. That was an awesume article!! And she put into words that which is happening currently, so beautifully!!

  2. Warm greetings! How lovely to find the link to working with oneness on your blog! It is a delight the way these connections come about — the wonder of the Web (and Weaver as you say). Also, I just wanted to clarify that all of the materials about the feminine and the world soul on the working with oneness website are by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (including the article referenced), and not by me!

  3. The sacred feminine is claiming her place. We see it everywhere around us. It is as if she is rising up out of the earth itself, as the lost feminine side of God finds its voice with the power of a dandelion to break through concrete.

    I hear the echo of her song through the words of the scientists finding facts, through the researchers looking for her stories and through the women gathering in groups to honor her.

    I like the thought of that we are going into “union”, a third stage, with balance and harmony. Is that what’s coming in 2012? Is that what the new light brings? Let’s hope so, and look forward to it


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