Attended Margaret Starbird Workshop Today

Husband and I went down to The Villages, Florida this morning to attend a Margaret Starbird workshop. We first met Margaret back in Spring of 1999 in Dallas and have seen her at least once a year since then. This all-day seminar with her was awesome. She had so many new slides, new tidbits, and new anecdotes. Tomorrow she will be in Tampa, then Oklahoma, back home to Washington State, Eugene Oregon (to speak at my friend musician Katherine Conrad’s Unity Church!) followed by her trip to North Carolina in April. Margaret’s full 2008 schedule is on her webpage. She’s got some eclectic items on her page, everything from intriguing artwork with mysterious symbols and their esoteric interpretations to suggested movies with the Magdalene / Yeshua Sacred Union theme.

Nice to hang out with likeminded folk today, many of them senior citizens(!) and see the growing awareness of Her, Our Divine Lady of Christianity. I got some cool new ideas for my popular God Has a Wife! presentation, too… I will be presenting it in Gainesville, Florida in March at our new Christian Goddess live study / devotion group; or come check out our nine year old GoddessChristians forum with 1400 members [Update: Now 1900 members] — all part of the work of restoring the Sacred Feminine to Judeo Christianity from which She was violently removed centuries ago.

Hope to encounter you laboring in this vineyard, too…!


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  1. Hi Katia, Reading about your trip to Florida to see Margaret reminded me of the wonderful Magdalene event here in Los Angeles that you presented at a few years ago. “God Has a Wife” was such a great slide show and you gave a wonderful talk that the audience loved. They wanted more…I wish we’d had all day. I remember that I was worried that you wouldn’t find us at the Hollywood Woman’s Club here in the Big City.
    You mentioned Margaret being in North Carolina April 11/12 and I wanted to let people know that I’ll be doing the opening prayer Saturday and a meditation from my Magdalene Circle book at Sunday’s retreat workshop. The weekend will be wonderfully full, with Margaret signing books Friday night, a lecture and labyrinth walk Saturday, and the bookstore’s retreat Sunday. You can see more at My friend Sandra Pope is the organizer…do you remember her from our L.A. Magdalene day? She had her aromatherapy oils at one of the tables, I think you two talked a bit. It’s so much fun to have a big Magdalene community of events now and more all the time. I’m already thinking of another one for Magdalene Feast Day 2009 !
    And all in Her name… to you and thanks for being my “first blog”.

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