Magdalene Play, was Magdalene Investors Needed!

Author Margaret Starbird writes:

Dear friends of Jesus and Mary Magdalene,

Happy 2011 to you all!  This year will be an exciting one for the “Sacred Marriage” at the heart of the Christian foundation story.

At this url you can find updated information about the forthcoming [Mary Magdalene] musical by James Olm, based in part on my [book] Woman with the Alabaster Jar.

If you know anyone who might be interested in supporting the musical with a donation or as an investor, please pass this information on to them. I’d love to see the show get off the ground! The musical is due to open “off Broadway” in NYC in June of this new year, but the production is still in need of crucial funds in order to get up and running.

For those considering investing in the project, this information may be encouraging: The “story” of Mary Magdalene is set to receive renewed attention this spring due to the publication of a new book entitled “The Lost Gospel” and a documentary by Simcha Jacobivici (“The Naked Archaeologist on the History Channel”) scheduled for March 2011.

The co-author of the book is Dr. Barrie Wilson, a professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Toronto, who wrote me an email saying that I’m going to love what they found.  By next summer, I expect the clerics and academics who attacked “The DaVInci Code” so brutally will have to take another look at the probability that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married with children…. That should also help the promotion of “Magdalene” (the musical).

Here’s the website for the forthcoming book, The Lost Gospel, which supports my basic theories with hard evidence from the first-second century.

Here’s the amazon link to that book, which, when published, will be supported by a documentary on the history channel–which I hope will spark renewed interest in my pet theory. [Update 2013: the book is currently unavailable, but the documentary did get made]

I hope many of you will consider supporting the Magdalene musical! For more information about becoming an investor, please contact the playwright, James Olm, at this email address jolm at bresnan dot net.  He appreciates every bit of help and encouragement he gets!

Wish you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous year!

Blessings of peace and light,
“Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile”

+Katia adds:

I am going to contact the playwright and see what our Order of Mary Magdala can do to support the play. It looks sooo awesome! Check out the play’s photo gallery to see the evocative photos, including one of Jesus and Magdalene’s first kiss. There’s another one with a whole group of actors surrounding them as they encounter one another. The actors have the whole body language thing goin’ on — I want to SEE this play.

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