Starbird on Defamation of the Feminine

Margaret posted this to our Goddess Christians list the other day as we were discussing how the Divine Feminine in all her forms seems to be demonized and defamed.

Whenever I encounter defamation of the “Feminine,” I think of the
amazing “Unicorn” tapestries called “La Dame a la Licorne”–
located in the Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris. The panels
extolthe five senses of our human bodies and the “ecstasy”
of union (the final panel) that is “only a shadow” of our union
with the Divine. Human bodies are NOT corrupt evil prisions of
the Divine Spark (as aescetic “gnostic” teachings would have us
believe). Rather, human bodies are “earthen vessels”–sacred
containers of consciousness, gradually evolving into the “new
creation” thorugh enlightenment. Unfortunately, dogmas condemning
the flesh (the earth, our bodies, our body-wisdom, the “Sophia”
and the realm of the unconscious) have distorted our perceptions
of reality! Which is why, in my work, I insist on the “sacred
union” of Jesus and Mary Magdalene as incarnations of the Archetypal
Bride/Bridegroom syzygy–the Logos and Sophia–at the heart of the
Christian mythology/story. As above, so below. There is only one
viable pattern for life– “union.” The “ultimate” marriage is
that of “flesh” and “divinity” –or even, “wave and particle”–
which better illustrates the “oneness”/wholeness of all creation…

peace and well-being,
“Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile”

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