Reign of Mary Beginning Soon

Anne, the grandmother of Jesus, with her daughter Mary
Anne, the grandmother of Jesus, with her daughter Mary
“…the fight between the sons of light and the sons of darkness, established by God in Paradise, when He foretold that Our Lady would smash the serpent’s head: an eternal fight that was, is, and ever will be present in History until the end time.

At Fatima, Our Lady prophesied her triumph, that in the end her Immaculate Heart would triumph. We are sure that many more and much greater marvels are still to happen in this world.

We ask her to imbue our souls not only with nostalgia for that past era of faith, but above all with a hope for this future. An ardent hope should inspire us to do everything that we can to accelerate this future so that the Reign of Mary will come as soon as possible. Making penance for our faults, maintaining our desire for a complete victory for Our Lady, and completely rejecting the present day abominations in the Church and society are the backdrop for this prayer. By our suffering, work, fight, and dedication, by the risks we are willing to face, we should help in the restoration of Christendom and the implantation of her glorious Reign.”

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I got to the above excerpt by searching for info about today’s only female saint, Saint Gibitrudis of France. Her spiritual teacher was Saint Fara and it was on St Fara’s page (be sure to click thru to see nice illustrations) I read the above stirring words. It is so obvious that Catholicism reveres Mother Mary as God-ess. She is called Our Lady, the coming of HER reign is looked forward to, not just His reign.  In the first line above, Mother Mary is Mother of All Life, the New Eve who will crush the evil one … just as Jesus is said to do at the end of time in the book of Revelation. Catholicism reveres the Feminine Divine whether they admit it or not.

Mary’s mother, Jesus’ grandmother, Saint Anne is also depicted as a God-ess with statues of her shown giving the priestly blessing, while Mother Mary — a child — sits at her feet wearing a beautiful crown of pink roses.

Our Christian Goddess is part of theology, but the powers-that-be will never admit it openly, only indirectly. Reminds me of the Mormon church who I am told will not admit or talk openly about the Heavenly Mother, yet they acknowledge She exists and is part of their theology.

Makes you hope reform from the inside might be possible.  Some day. Not any time soon considering the way Rome (and the LDS church for that matter, come to think of it) is so against women in the priesthood.

Here’s the link about Saint Fara and all the princesses who left their kingdoms in the 7th Century to go become her spiritual students. Today one of those princesses, Gibitrudis, has her feastday. I had to find a female saint for today because my 3 year old insisted on baking a cake for SOMEbody… baking cakes is her form of self-therapy. I am reminded of the “baking cakes for the Queen of Heaven” function priestesses-of-the-home have performed since Old Testament times.


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One thought on “Reign of Mary Beginning Soon”

  1. “Mother Mary is Mother of All Life, the New Eve who will crush the evil one” how intriguing a statement.

    I wonder to myself how many know there were 3 Eve’s, the original whom was called Lilith.

    It should be known that the Mormon faith was started by a man whom was known to be a Freemason. That may help clear any mysteries as to why their practices are so similar, as well as their beliefs. Hence the secrecy. A good bit of their founders works are found to be seriously flawed, based on erroneous translations of Egyptian Papyrus which have recently been exposed to be entirely fraudulent.

    All God*esses are the ONE. She of many names. Nuit to St. Anne as Mary to Isis. Like the facets of a diamond all unique cuts of of the One, aspects of One true God*dess. The Queen of Heaven, Queen of Angels and the Consort of God.

    What is in a name ? Here we call a dust pan a dust pan ~ in Hungary we call it a Lapot but it is still the same as it always was. Labels are used to divide and this is where the fighting began … the ancients always knew …

    SHE of many names is our Mother, the Divine Feminine.

    Waves of Ethereal Ananda


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