Roman Catholic Fashion Show Parody, a must see

What a riot this YouTube video is!  When they get to the clerical vestments part, oh man is that funny. Some of the vestments blink and light up like Vegas, plus the body language of the “fashion models” is so priceless.

What the heck is that moribund looking bride all about? I wonder if they mean the internally exiled Bride (Sacred Feminine) in the patriarchal Church? She’s internally and externally exiled, if you think about it.  In traditional fashion shows the finale is always at least one bridal gown.  This Bride comes near the end, but not the very end (these guys end with the Pope, and it is hilarious).  So the bride comes out and shows her gown, but there is heavily laden symbolism there! She is grief stricken — and unwelcome, seemingly exiled.  She beseeches the unmoved crowd. Very intense, very interesting…

I have no idea what all the skeletons near the end are supposed to mean. The dead? The many murdered heretics? Wow. The skeletons herald the finale, which is the Pope.  You gotta see this.
The Clerical Whispers blog this video appears on also looks intriguing, especially with the sub-title, “Irish RC Priests…Giving The Uncomfortable Truth And News From The Inside…”

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Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at

4 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Fashion Show Parody, a must see”

  1. Hi Katia, Thanks for sharing this amazing video with us…someone really put a lot into it, didn’t they? There was so much despair in it, so much recognition of the emptiness the church supports these days. Of course, as you said, the bride was riviting , so obviously a failed opportunity for Life Ever-renewing. It was a little synchronicity for me watching the video because I’d just had a dream with a “church father” in it. He was dressed in white with embroidery on his tall hat (mitre?) and at first he spoke nicely but soon deteriorated into death and doom and destruction stories. I had to forcibly push him away from me. In another part of the dream I was shown some symbols of “the secret tradition” of christianity on a broken plate….. indicating to me that there’s work to be done to “restore the Bride” so that the plate will be Whole again.
    I agree, Matt, I liked the flying nuns too…at least there was a bit of life in them! xoJoan

  2. Yes, and from what I know of Fellini, he quite probably intends many of the possibilities Katia suggests!

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