Honoring the Sacred Feminine on Int’l Women’s Day

Welcome to our first online Sunday Sermon. Please click on the .Mp3 audio file and when you are finished listening to it (20 min.) click on the YouTube video below to sing with us this week’s hymn.

If you have three candles, any color, any size, you may want to get them and something to light ’em with before you hit the Play button for the audio file.

Click to Hear Sermon Audio – 20 Minutes


Then watch the YouTube video below for the closing hymn, She Is Near

Items Mentioned in Sermon you may wish to track down for further study or inspiration:

Triune of the Lights candlelighting ritual we did today is from The Holy Book of Mary Magdalene: The Path of the Grail Steward, a new inspiring book by our friend Jennifer Reif.

Jennifer also wrote the lovely Prayer to the Black Madonna we prayed for our Invocation above. It is from her earlier work,  Morgan Le Fay’s Book Of Spells

For the actual “sermon” portion, see pages 154 – 157 in Eckhart Tolle’s, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.  

And don’t forget to check out the beautiful singing voices from our special hymn today (video above), the Sacred Feminine inspired musicians of Aurora.  Margaret Starbird told me several times their music is her favorite CD’s!

For the story of Allat, the wife of Allah, as briefly mentioned in today’s audio sermon above, see my own slideshow, God Has a Wife! starting with this slide.

Join us next week when we will experience selections from Margaret Starbird and Joan Norton‘s brand new book, 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine: Women in the Circle of Mary Magdalene.

We will also “randomly open” Magdalene scripture from the inspired / channeled writings of both Jennifer Reif and Joan Norton to see Magdalene’s special message for us.

Hope to see you then!

–Rev. Katia

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Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at NorthernWay.org.

6 thoughts on “Honoring the Sacred Feminine on Int’l Women’s Day”

  1. thanks so much for sharing this, Katia…. the video was amazing, along with the prayers and sermon….
    I love your ministry!

    love and blessings,

  2. -very nice Katia, I like your low key humor in there too. I hope you do more of these.
    blessings, JohnnyDee

  3. I love this. I’ve been doing lectures for about five years now on Gnostic Christianity and Hermetic Philosophy and I simply adore the approach you take. Not only do I heartily approve your approach to Tolle, but also your take on Gender Equality is so gentle and loving and yet uncompromising that it is truly a beautiful thing. Chelsea Elisabeth Goodwin, Hermetic Philosopher and Transgender Activist

  4. Thanks for being a Spiritual “candle in the doorway” – an opportunity for me to grow – I look forward to celebrating our divine heritage of the ancient ways, with others.

    Enjoyed your Sunday Message & the Youtube video of “She is Near”.

    I’ve been playing “The New Earth” set of CDs – when I’m in the car. I like the lesson of the 2 monks – where one carried the woman and the other carried the baggage of resentment. And also the “swans/geese” releasing their imagined hurts and moving on…


  5. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for using my work. It feels like such a blessing. This is a
    great idea that you have about doing a weekly sermon, really a great way to
    reach people all over the world who might not have any other way of getting
    a sermon service like this.
    Very cool idea!
    Love, Jennifer

  6. I loved this! Thank you. I’m looking forward to more.
    Several of my favorite artists work was featured in the video.
    Awesome idea. 🙂


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