NOW by Peter Marjason



The past is a present idea


The present doesn’t slip

Into the past at all

It remains totally present

Because there is no past

There was no past


There is no time to waste


This now moment that you seek

Has you in its jaws

Why wait for enlightenment?

Why not go off half-cocked

Which is now

And already out of your control


This is all space right here

Where could you get leverage

To affect this?

This is all time right now

When could you even attempt

To change this?


When you comment on life

It’s already too late

And also too late to withdraw

The above comment

And this one also

And so on

The present moment is not

Just a moment

Among other moments


The present moment is as subtle

As an express train


It was already over

Before you started

That which you want to improve

Is happening now


Thought does never move

From the present


This moment is smooth

And continuous

And eternal

The past is also now


To think you have to remind yourself

To be in the now

Is absurd


When observed closely

Nothing lingers at allIn the present moment

No time exists


The absolute power of this now

Is completely overlooked


It’s too late to do anything

About now

There is no cause and effect

Because this is it

There is nothing else to cause this

And nothing else for this to affect


Truth is before you think about it

Behind this present clear moment

Is not even a trail of ashesEverything changes

Except now



The present isn’t an instant

It’s everything


The result of change is always nowAny attempt to

Change what occurs

Is what occurs


You will never learn from experience

Because experience is

Only now


There is only what is occurring

Right now

Change does happen

But there is no past

  To cause it

Every attempt to reach oneness

Is oneness already attempting


By Peter Marjason



If the poem above “clicked” and you have not yet read Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, well then NOW is the time!  And/or give it as a gift, it is like giving a Bible, that’s how profound Eckhart’s teaching is:

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One thought on “NOW by Peter Marjason”

  1. Thanks for this poem, Katia, it was such a nice experience reading it. I read it twice. My mind felt so light hearted, if that makes sense. It gave me the experience of an “expanded state”…many of your readers know about that. I felt more in love with “matter” and physicality (the Magdalene of existence) when my mind went to the “now” , maybe because it released my thinking . It reminded me of one of Jungian analyst Marion Woodman’s definitions of “the Feminine” as “presence now”. Another of her definitions of the mysterious Feminine is “receptivity” and the poem activated that feeling in me too. Maybe I’d call it “receptivity to the presence now”….which resulted in loving appreciation for all that surrounds me.
    It makes me feel like saying “Merry Christmas”.
    with love, Joan

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