Not the color of your skin, but the thickness

Watching the news and one of the commentators (Neil Cavuto) just said, “I don’t care about the color of your skin, just its thickness…”

Now that is a good rule.  Thin-skinned vs. thick-skinned is what really matters.

Neil Cavuto’s exact words on television today were:

“I have no issue with the color of anyone’s skin, more often than not, just the thickness of it.”

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Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at

4 thoughts on “Not the color of your skin, but the thickness”

  1. In response to this, which is supposed to be the negative reference? The thick or the thin? Is thick supposed to mean one is so self-absorbed, that they are oblivious to the world outside of their own life? That being thin-skinned, one is more compassionate, more observant, more in-tune with the world and what goes on around them?

    Just a few thoughts and questions from myself.

  2. I think Cavuto was referring to the dictionary definition of being thin-skinned.
    American Dictionary: sensitive to criticism, reproach, or rebuff; easily offended; touchy:
    British Dictionary: sensitive to criticism or hints; easily upset
    According to the dictionary, the term was first used in 1590. Wow.

    I think the gist of thick-skinned vs. thin-skinned is,
    Thick-skinned: can handle criticism; healthy emotions
    Thin-skinned: cannot handle criticism without unhealthy emotions clouding the issue

  3. I always wonder why. What is the root of the sensitivity. My experience is that until I ask this question then the door to resolution Is never opened.

  4. I understand completely what you are saying, Katia. I do not see being “thick skinned” as being calloused and uncaring. It, to me, would be a person who “ponders in her heart” and reacts to a situation in a measured, common sense way. All the while taking into account the feelings of those involved. There are too many in this world who are unable to discern the long term consequences of their overreactions to some situations. Just my own thoughts on the matter. +Deborah

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