My twenty-odd Gospel of Thomas Commentaries

Our seminarians and I got talking about  different translations of the Gospel of Thomas (GoT). I realized I own about twenty different GoT’s. There are so many cool commentaries and several powerhouse translations-with-commentaries!  My faves are Tau Malachi, Jean-Yves Leloup, and Miller’s newish one. I have Elaine Pagel’s, the only GoT commentary by a woman, as far as I know. [UPDATE: Oops, forgot April DeConick’s GoT translation-and-commentary, see comments below…]

Here’s a list on Amazon of all the many Gospel of Thomas translations available. I own about every other one of these…<laugh> It has turned into a “collection”.

But you know a favorite I must mention doesn’t even have GoT in the title, yet is indeed Thomas with short pithy zen commentaries on each verse. ‘Tis a little hardback book, slightly bigger than pocket-size. I love it.  It’s called Christian Zen: The Essential Teachings of Jesus Christ by [Sophiologist] Robert Powell.