June 3rd Wedding at Cana? Jesus & Magdalene’s Anniversary?

Well shoot, I missed it by one day. I meant to post this yesterday on June 3rd.

Carol from Florida (whom I met in Phoenix last month at the 3rd annual Divine Feminine conference) told me according to an Edgar Cayce book, The Life of Jesus, June 3rd is the date of the Wedding at Cana. Has anyone else heard of other dates for Cana?

Carol wrote:

I think Sunday June 3, is the same day as the wedding in Cana, the day Yeshua turned the water to wine.
Do you believe it was the wedding of Yeshua and Magdalen?
I’m having a glass of red wine to celebrate.

I wrote back: Yes, I do believe the wedding at Cana was theirs. On a trip to Israel while on the way to Cana we sat at an intersection for a long time in a bus. I looked out the window and there was a sign saying, “Magdala” and another saying “Cana” with the distance to these villages in kilometers.

A sudden impression came to me confirming a long time suspicion (but I hadn’t been sure) — the wedding was theirs. It all fit together.

Most people who don’t agree it was his wedding cite John 2:2 where it says he was invited to the wedding, which of course a bridegroom would not be invited to his own wedding. They also say John 2:12 indicates Jesus going home with his mother after the wedding, but I disagree about that. It says he and his whole band go to Capernaum for a few days (why is that going home with mother?) and that could be their honeymoon! So there.

So we were supposed to have a glass of red wine yesterday, guys! Never too late — we can have it today in honor of their wedding, in honor of him turning water into wine. The wedding feasts often lasted for a whole week in the ancient world. If not, they would be on their honeymoon about now so we can still drink to them and the Sacred Union!