Junia, Brigid, Blandina & Other Female Christian Leaders

Thanks to Bishop James, I just discovered this Women in Theology website. Wonderful artwork and intriguing observations regarding women leaders in Christian history from Junia in the New Testament to Brigid of Ireland (pictured below), who might have been a bishop. And that’s just one page on the site!Saint Brigid with Bishop's Crosier and her famous cross made of straw

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Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at NorthernWay.org.

2 thoughts on “Junia, Brigid, Blandina & Other Female Christian Leaders”

  1. It’s about time that women are recognised for their many and truly great contributions to the church. Were it not for women, especially in the 1st century, C.E., the early church may well have failed.

  2. It is incredible what women leaders often had to go through because of their faith. Look at the church today – where would it be without the women who work for it, become leaders and show their faith all the time? We so often are prepared to go with the flow and forget the outstanding women leaders of the past.

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