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Katia writes:
There is alot of hype now about “blood descendants” of Jesus and Mary Magdalene currently walking the earth, claiming to have the holy blood and holy grail flowing in their physical veins rather than their spiritual and mental veins.  The following is an important point Margaret Starbird made last week which I felt compelled to crosspost all over the place. 

Kelly Fleming on the yahoogroups forum Magdalene-list asked:

“What reference to today, at this time, this moment, would an ancient brood of kiddies and wife reveal?”


Margaret Starbird responds:

It’s NOT about an ancient brood of kiddies, Kelly. It’s
about balancing the masculine and feminine as partners on
a planet that has, at it’s heart, a Partnership or Union
model for life. Claiming that Jesus was married is a way of
insisting that he was FULLY human, “like us in all ways but–
sin.” It also enables us to image the Divine as “Complements”–
the union of the Logos and Sophia, the first “emanations” of
the unseen “HOLY ONE.” Ultimately it takes us back to something
akin to “wave” and “particle” theory–and it helps to heal the
wasteland caused by the hegemony of the masculine/solar principle
on our planet (playing itself out in the “desert” as we speak–
all the while praying that it won’t blow up the entire planet!).

This is the “gist” of the book I wrote about the symbolic numbers
in the New Testament. The “celibate god” ruling from a celestial
throne becomes the “wounded fisher king” of medieval legends–
precisely because he has not partner (his wound it to the “thigh”).
When the “Grail” (feminine partner!) is restored, the waters
begin to flow and the wasteland is healed.

peace and light,

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2 thoughts on “Margaret Starbird on Bloodline of Jesus”

  1. This is one of the most compelling statements from so many that Margaret has written (this lady has changed my life). I think it shows so clearly that until the balance of the male Logos to the feminine Sophia is restored, that our world will never truely be whole.

    Presvytera MagdalaSophia

  2. Neophyte here. I teach Kundalini Yoga and am a member of the Rose Cross Order. In yoga raising the kundalini is part of the mystical experience. The practice, among many methods, is to bring the dormant power from our first chakra up from the Astral body through the Ida (female) and Pingala (male)nadis through the Sushumna nadi (directly up the spine)to the 7th chakra where profound awareness is available. The “gist” of Magdala Sophia’s books sounds like the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads and Yoga. When the aspirant brings up the kundalini then the Yogi is enlightened and Yoga (union)with the Lord is attained. Part of this attainment requires that the aspirant joins the male and female nadis. Peace Prodound.

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