Become an Ordained Minister, PhD in Religion, Doctor of Theology, Get Ordained Online

Become an Ordained Minister, or get ordained as a Rabbi

Have you always felt Called? Called to serve your fellow humanity in time of crisis? Or has someone asked you to officiate their marriage aka perform their wedding?

The Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. was founded in order to ordain people of all callings, all faiths, to become clergy. We have been ordaining ministers for the past 25+ years. Get ordained as a minister, rabbi, priest, or other clergy title that suits your spiritual work.

We also confer religious doctorate degrees for clergy such as Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Theology (called the Th.D.), and several religious PhD degrees, such as the PhD in Religion, PhD in Metaphysics, Doctor of Sacred Music, etc.  Religious Masters and Bachelors degrees are available, too.

5 thoughts on “BECOME ORDAINED”

  1. I would like more information about ordination, and degrees, please. I enjoy your blog and reading the varying topics you present. Like the Dalai Lama, I believe that religion should make us happy. Mine does.

  2. I have been researching Mary Magdalene for over 30 years.
    I was raised Roman Catholic now Episcopalian.
    I celebrate MM on her feast day with education and a labyrinth walk every year. She is my Spirit Guide in my Spiritual Reiki practice and Sacred walk, Sacred Dance.

    I would love information on being Ordained. I celebrate my 75th birthday this year.

    Blessed Be~ Gloria O’Sullivan

  3. Dear Gloria:
    We would be happy to ordain you. There is a great need for alternative “open-minded” clergy who are at least open to the idea of the Sacred Feminine. Surely there is more to the Godhead than just 3 male Beings! Here is our information page on ordination.

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