Science Proves Jesus DID Resurrect? Fabric of Time

Now this looks interesting.  I’ve always believed that the Shroud of Turin, whose marks cannot be duplicated by science and whose carbon dating to the Middle Ages was proved false (it is dated to the Holy Land, first century by pollen and other evidence) proves somebody (or, some -body) resurrected under that cloth.  Most likely Jesus since he’s the one everybody claimed resurrected, on pain of their  own deaths they claimed it.  The science of this is way cool.  Ask our 3rd Degree Templars, they have been given the third degree over this whole Shroud argument…. hee hee, pun certainly intended.

The Fabric of Time television program described below airs this week on Good Friday, which is basically the Christian Yom Kippur — a solemn day for fasting, deep thought and religious contemplation.  I think I will mark on my calendar to watch this show.  As long as there are not too many fundamentalist Christians screaming about me and mine going to hell, I should be able to get thru a mainstream Christian produced documentary.    — Katia

Christian Newswire
April 1, 2007

DENVER, CO – While former “Titanic” director James Cameron’s recent documentary, The “Lost Tomb of Jesus,” makes what scholars believe to be an unscholarly and poorly documented attempt to refute Christ’s Resurrection, the world premiere of “The Fabric of Time: Secrets of the Universe” reveals new evidence of Christ’s Resurrection through numerous scientific disciplines. The “Fabric of Time” documentary will air on the ION Network (formerly PAX-TV) on Good Friday, April 6th at 10 PM EST (Check your local TV listing).

Produced by Grizzly Adams Productions with a team of 28 veteran scientific
researchers, historians, forensic scientists, botanists, theologians, and biblical archaeologists, the feature-length program analyzes historic records, an ancient burial shroud, current medical knowledge, and scripture to build a compelling case for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“When viewers see our show that scientifically examines the 2000-year-old burial cloth which many scientists now believe wrapped the crucified body of Jesus Christ, there will be no doubt about how baseless and full of holes James Cameron’s ‘Lost Tomb’ show really is that aired on the Discovery Channel,” says David Balsiger, senior producer of “The Fabric of Time” documentary.

Startling new discoveries by physicists and other scientists around the world are shedding new light on one of the world’s most controversial and revered artifact, an ancient burial cloth known as the Shroud of Turin. Even though this piece of linen has been revered by millions of people the world over for two thousand years as the true burial shroud of Jesus Christ, that belief was swept aside by Carbon 14 (C14) tests in 1988 which concluded the fabric itself was of medieval origin. Science, it seemed, had trumped faith. But had it?

Even though three labs each separately determined that the cloth was 600-700 years old dating to about 1350 A.D., the Grizzly Adams show will reveal new scientific evidence by the late Ray Rogers, a Los Alamos National Laboratory chemist, that proves the C-14 test was in fact done on a rewoven and patched area of the shroud after a fire destroyed portions of the burial cloth in 1532. The C-14 date is accurate for the patch but not the Shroud.

“As a spiritual phenomenon the Shroud should be left to theology to discuss,” said Dame Isabel Piczek, a particle physicist and monumental artist of international repute. “But the bodily resurrection, the Shroud of Turin and the whole circumstance of the image on the Shroud involves matter, although matter seen in a startlingly different way. What we have here is probably a new branch of quantum physics that will tell us new findings about our universe.”

The Shroud is a piece of ancient linen cloth 14 feet 3 inches long by 3 feet 7 inches wide. It contains a negative image of a man who appears to have been severely beaten and crucified. The front and backside of the man’s body are imprinted on the burial cloth. By using laser technology, two-dimensional photographic negatives of the image become anatomically accurate three-dimensional holograms of a man. Identifying this man and discovering the process that created such a scientifically advanced image of a human body thousands of years ago has captivated scientists and scholars for centuries.

Balsiger noted that throughout history thinking men and women have wrestled with the question: Does indisputable evidence exist to prove the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? “We’ve researched all the relevant elements to which thoughtful people appeal when addressing this timeless theme. We feel strongly that ‘The Fabric of Time’ will convince the most skeptical observer about the historical legitimacy of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection.”

The film reveals that following His death, Jesus was seen by numerous people, both believers and non-believers. “There were at least 500 eyewitnesses in and around Jerusalem who actually saw or talked with Jesus after his resurrection,” explained Balsiger. “Beyond the Bible, there are more than 20 non-Christian sources written between 30 and 130 A.D. that refer to Jesus of Nazareth as a historical figure. Twelve mention his death and provide details on how he died. Ten of these refer to his resurrection.”

One of the most fascinating parts of the program shows how holographic scientists in Holland created a three-dimensional holographic image of the Shroud face and body of Jesus Christ. “In all nearly fifty scientific discoveries on the Shroud tie this burial cloth to the biblical account of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ,” said Balsiger.

“Viewers will see the newly discovered scientific information presented by scientists and scholars that gives a never before seen up-close look at a three-dimensional view of the face of Christ and His entire body,” said Dr. Petrus Soons, who directed the holographic research with laser scientists in Holland. “It’s absolutely breathtaking. This is truly historic — it is an image the world has never seen.”

Dame Piczek thinks that the image was created in an infinitesimally small fraction of a second. But, she says, the image may have been created by a complex process arising as Christ’s body passed from one form of existence into another. She notes that it may be “Something akin to the Big Bang, but at the opposite end of the creation continuum — a portal opens into a new science and eventually into a new form of human existence.”

In 2004, Dame Piczek, working independently made a discovery that could change everything we think we know about the world we live in. Time, space and energy apparently interact in a way never before predicted. This discovery soon received support from two completely independent sources : a group of laser scientists and a former U.S. Apollo astronaut. According to some observers, this new information could ignite a scientific revolution, or perhaps even provide something much more important to mankind . . . like the secrets of life itself . . . perhaps even eternal life.

Dame Piczek, was fascinated by the total lack of distortion on the Shroud image, a physical impossibility if the body had been lying on solid rock. She created a full-sized, three-dimensional reproduction of the body and discovered what she believes to be a true “event horizon,” or, a moment when all the laws of physics change drastically.

“Two things are immediately obvious ; the image-forming action at a distance had ‘nothing to do with gravity’ . . . and the new field does not have an anti-field, otherwise the two images would not show the same exact system,” says Dame Piczek. “Summarizing all of these qualities, the Shroud puts us in the realm of raw creation . . . we have nothing less in the tomb of Christ than the beginning of a new Universe.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a former U.S. Apollo astronaut, the 6th man to walk on the moon and the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, was also searching for a way to describe the quantum universe and came up with his own discovery. In the show, according to Dr. Mitchell : “If you analyze all the emissions from any physical object . . . that’s called a quantum hologram, and what we now know that we didn’t know before is that every object is a quantum object !”

Forensic scientists and chemists have determined that the bloodstains on the shroud are real human blood and contain DNA. Botanists and paleontologists have identified pollen grains on the shroud fibers as coming from various plants, some of which grow only within the immediate vicinity of Jerusalem. Other images on the shroud — flower blossoms and an identifiable coin on each eye (both Pontius Pilate widow’s mite coins minted between 29 and 33 A.D.) — have been examined in microscopic detail.

Joseph Meier, writer and producer of the program pointed out that, “Everyone who has seen the holographic images believes they solve the mystery of what Christ really looked like and agrees that, taken as a whole, it appears the Shroud provides ample scientific evidence of the literal Resurrection of Christ. It just might be,” he continued, “that instead of science proving the Shroud is authentic . . . the image on the Shroud is proving the accuracy of the science.”

Grizzly Adams Productions in-part based the TV Special/DVD on two books by Oxford-educated author Ian Wilson : New York Times bestseller “The Shroud of Turin,” (Doubleday) and “The Blood and the Shroud” (Touchstone), as well as “The Shroud of Turin” (Providence House) by Dr. Alan Whanger and his wife, Mary.


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5 thoughts on “Science Proves Jesus DID Resurrect? Fabric of Time”

  1. Mmmm! Now this is an approach I really love – the Resurrection as an element of multi-D Quantum Science, leading us to greater understanding of Boundless Divine Truth. When it comes to the attempted debunking of real, limitless Re-creation and many-faceted Immortality, I’ve always wondered why so-called progressive theologians want to make God so small – as though She/He might be contained by the intellectual workings of the limited 21st-C human left-brain!
    For me, the Resurrection is the ultimate “base-line” of Faith, as unavoidable for the restoring of Deepest Truth as the acknowledged re-balance and living of the “Divine Feminine and Masculine.”
    The Creator created wondrously and well and sensuously in the word’s widest sense. The Resurrection restores the Balance and the Knowing of all levels of energy as holy and sacred – from the densest to the lightest. And yes, o fundamentalistic friends, Total Inclusivity – Betrayal and Denial are embraced back into the Victory of Boundless Love. And we are ALL included in this Ecstatic Moment! Praise God!
    John O

  2. Yes, indeed, the Shroud IS the burial cloth of Christ and does indeed prove the Resurrection but there is a paradox to all of this……..being, that God is NOT an anthropomorphized deity rather God is a transcendent energy….

  3. Shrouded

    I woke up one morning
    playing a little tune from memory
    as a NASA experiment back in the 50’s
    when de gubmnt was running tests.

    Den I met dis guy his’a name was’a
    Father Pauly who said that de goat sucker of
    Costa Rico was a casino dealer in his spare
    time when he wasn’t reading beat poetry by
    Jack Kerouac’s pet parakeet.

    Robert Johnson is definitely higher on the
    food chain than Lyndon or his whole family for that matter who held big time stock in Viet Nam era aircraft companies. Talk about needing yer basic reality adjustment!

    “I gots to keep on movin”

    Meditate and pray that Jesus still has his famous cosmic sense of humor. You know, he will always be my favorite Jewish boy even when he was a hologram.

    Said Dante of Dar

    oncet upon a time

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