Sophia’s Compendium: Judeo-Christian Mystery Teachings and World Esoterica

2012 is going to be a year of Wisdom for us here at the Esoteric Seminary and Ekklesia Epignostica. We’re about to add an encyclopedia-like compendium called something like Sophia’s Compendium: Judeo-Christian Mystery Teachings and World Esoterica.  There will be articles on everything from Western Mysteries, the Golden Dawn to mysticism, the Divine Feminine, esoterics of liturgy and the sacraments, Rosicrucian mysteries to the symbolism of pre-Abrahamic religions.

We toyed with other titles such as Sophia’s Whispers, and Encyclopedia of Esoterica, etc.  If you have an opinion, chime in!

As soon as it is up and open for visitors, I will come back here and link directly to Sophia’s Compendium.


P.S. Happy New Year!  You know, I hope 2012 isn’t Mayan Doomsday after all. I know people now say it means a “shift” not “the End.” But I was taught it means the End of the World back when I was a new student of esoterica in the early 1980’s.