July Alternative Holidays – Celtic, Roman, Greek, Osiris & Isis

July 1 Greek Kronia – Honoring Kronos (Father Time) and Rhea (Old Mother Nature).

July 2 Roman Feast of Expectant Mothers.

July 8 Celtic Month of Holly – Honoring the Holly tree.

Sphinx Performing marriage of Isis and Osiris
The sphinx as marriage officiant!, performing the wedding of Isis & Osiris

July 12 – 14 Feast of the Moon – Honoring Goddess as Selene (Old Greek), Ixchel (Maya), and Manat (Old Arabic-Sufi).

July 13 Birth of Osiris – Egyptian God of Divine Youth, annually resurrected by Isis.

July 17 Celtic Feast of Tailtiu – Mother Nature Goddess who fostered Lugh.

July 19 Egyptian Opet Festival – Celebrating the marriage of Isis and Osiris.


Summer Solstice Esoteric Meaning, Knights Templar Holiday

Summer Solstice Druid Holiday Become an Ordained Minister Esoteric Holidays
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge
Ishtar Inanna Goddess of Syria and Iraq
Ishtar Goddess of Syria and Babylon (modern Iraq) May she bring peace to her homeland

Summer Solstice!

Longest day of the year, a day most chosen to get married. This is the holy day opposite earth’s orbit from Christmas, the solar “birth” holidays. Luckily this is not a solar “death” holiday, although some in the “Dark Side” of the spiritual world do think of this day as a “death of god” day, the idiots. Never will understand the hardcore darkside — as if they would survive if the sun didn’t?!

Look at all the Goddesses connected to the Summer Solstice holiday. Some of them are from homelands in the news today. Iraq is certainly in the news currently, as is Syria. We have Ishtar, the Babylonian and Syrian goddess who gave her name to Easter, and whose birthday is considered Summer Solstice.  Brazil and the World Cup are also in the news, and is represented by Yemaya, the Brazilian goddess honored on Summer Solstice.

Scroll on down to see the ancient Egyptian holiday, Roman holiday (this was Hera’s Day!), and even Native American, ancient Hindu, and Druid holidays. This is quite a day worldwide and has been for millennia.

June 21:  Summer Solstice (Click for more info on this ancient holiday)  Here are all the deities — many Sacred Feminine ones — connected to this holy day through the ages.

– Day of Cerridwen and her Cauldron (English/Welsh)

– Day of Aine of Knockaine (Irish)

– Day of the Green Man (Northern Europe)

– The Great Mother (British)

– Alban Hefin (Druidic)

– Waa-Laa Ends (Native American)

– Litha (Wiccan)

– All Hera’s Day (Roman)

– Ishtar’s Day (Babylonian)

– Astarte’s Day (Canaanite)

– Aphrodite’s Day (Greek)

– Yemaya’s Day (Brazilian)

– Aine’s Day (Irish)

See also notes here about June Solstice holidays, including the other days coming after it.

June 23: Celtic Day of the Green Man – In honor of Herne, Cernernos, Lugh.

Knights Templar Holidays, Online Ordination
The Knights Templar Revered John the Baptist and were said to have preserved his head

June 24:  TEMPLAR HOLY DAY. In the Roman calendar this day was thought to be Summer Solstice.  The Church renamed this pagan holiday to St. John the Baptist Day. Templars revered it highly.  On Jun 24, 1314 a mysterious band of knights joined Robert the Bruce of Scotland on the battlefield making his victory at Bannockburn possible.  These knights could only have been the a troop of disbanded and now in-hiding Templars who had fled to western Scotland.  St. John’s day was used by Freemasons in 1717 to found the first public (non-Scottish) Order of Freemasonry in London.  Masonic teachings are said to descend from the esoteric Christianity of Templarism.  St. John the Baptizer was beheaded because he wouldn’t give in and sacrifice his principles.  This is a Templar ideal, as is the constancy and regularity — order out of chaos — of the solstices and equinoxes.  So for both reasons, Christian and “pagan,” we observe this day. See also notes here.

– Feast of the Sun (Aztec)

– Feast of St. John the Baptist

– Midsummer Bride (Swedish)

– Inti Raymi (Incan)

– Lady Luck (European)

– Burning of the Lamps at Sais (Egyptian)

June 25 – Parvati Praise Day – Hindu Women’s Festival for Earth Mother.
June 27 – Roman Day of the Lares – Household Deities honored and tended
– Initium Aestatis (Roman)
– Arretophoria (Greek)

June 28 – Festival of the Tarasque (French)
June 29 – Shiva Day – Hindu Lord of the Dance invoked for blessings
– Runic New Year
– Petosiris’ Day (Egyptian)
– St. Peter’s Day
– Herb Harvesting Day (East Anglican)


June Multi-Faith Holidays, Pre-christian Gods, Goddesses

June 13:  Feast of Epona – The Celtic Horse Goddess
–  All Soul’s Day (Tibetan)
– Children’s Day (USA)
– Athena’s Day (Greek)
– Minerva’s Day (Roman)

June 14 – Vidar’s Day (Norse Heathen)

– Birthday of the Muses (Greek). Music, the arts & inspiration “born”

June 16 – Night of the Teardrop (Egyptian)

Celtic Goddess Danu who morphed into Saint Anna, grandmother of Jesus. Become Ordained as her priestess or priest!
Celtic Mother Earth Goddess Danu / Dana / Anna / Anu / Ana who became St. Anna Grandmother of Jesus

June 17 – Ludi Piscatari (Roman)

–  Marriage of Orpheus and Eurydike (Greek)

June 18:  Roman Day of Anna – Goddess Danu / Dana / Ana to the Celts.  Early Christian-Pagans made sure Anna entered the Kristian story, making her Yeshua’s grandmother, Mary’s mother.

June 20 – Iron Skegge’s Day (Norse Heathen)
– Festival of Edfu (Egyptian)
– Kuan-Yin Day (day she became a Bodhisattva)

June 21:  Summer Solstice (<–Click for details)
Also, see next blog entry for all the Christian – Pagan “Christo-Pagan” details on Summer Solstice

Book about Angels written by Mystery School Member

Mystery School Member Karin Olson's book about Angels among usJodi: Guardian Angel in Training, the first book in the Jodi Trilogy, is a Christian Fantasy written by Karin Olson, a student in the Mystery School.  The book will be free as a Kindle download for the next three days.  (If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon has free software to allow Kindle media to be read on all other electronic devices.)

Jodi was a special forces angel who desperately wanted to be a guardian angel and pleaded with God to let her try.  After several centuries of her pleas, God finally gave in to her and assigned her to Gerald who had severe Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.  The first book chronicles their life together for the first forty years of Gerald’s life beginning in the early 1900’s.  The impetuous Jodi creates serious  controversy in the angelic realms with her novel solutions to life’s problems not the least of which is introducing herself to Gerald when he is only four. Her actions create consternation in the rigid hierarchy of the Guardian Division.

The Jodi Trilogy consists of three books: Jodi: Guardian Angel in Training, Jodi and the Children, and The Jodi Experiment.  Jodi and the Children narrates the expansion of Jodi’s innovations into a subculture of human families who work interactively with their angels.  The family angels can now team guard.  And anyone who knows their angel personally can see and talk to other guardians who are in similar relationships with their own angels.  In the third book of the trilogy Jodi must form a new department in the hierarchy and overcome the obstacles thrown up by those who disapprove of her methods and by Satan who sees her work as a serious infringement on his access to humans.

Since Jodi introduces a new concept of interaction between humans and their angels, this might be a book that will be of interest to some of our Mystery School members.  And since right now it is free ….

Here is a direct link to the free Kindle version of the book, Jodi: Guardian Angel In Training

(You can also see inside the book from this page)http://www.amazon.com/Jodi-Guardian-Angel-Training-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B005FC4U0Y/ref=tmm_kin_title_0
Jodi is also available in print form thru Rosedog, a subsidiary of Dorrence.

Jodi’s website is www.Jodi-guardianangel.com

This is Juno’s month, Esoteric meaning of Pentecost, Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage month is June the month most chosen for weddings
The Sacred Marriage in Alchemy, “I am the sun, you are the moon”

Alternative, Suppressed and otherwise Forgotten  Holidays for the first week of June

Month of Juno – Dedicated to Roman Goddess Juno, partner of Jove (God of Happiness), protector of marriage and family.

Movable Holiday:  sometimes in May, sometimes in June. I really like the esoteric meaning of Pentecost and not just because I had a baby on that day long ago… The Sacred Marriage Holiday is awesome too since June in marriage month worldwide — many choose June for their wedding month, which makes sense since Juno is the Goddess of Marriage. To esotericists the Sacred Marriage also has to do with a Heavenly Mother marrying a Heavenly Father, be it God and Mother-God aka Yahweh and Havah / Asherah / Sophia, El and Elat, or Jove and Juno.  The ancients knew about and celebrated the Sacred Marriage aka the Hieros Gamos. Read more here : Shavuot/Feast of First Fruits, Pentecost, Sacred Marriage holiday

Goddess Juno of June, the month most often chosen to officiate a wedding
Goddess Juno in the House of Dreams

June 2   – Juno Regina’s Day (Roman)
– Goddess Sin’s Day (Norse goddess pronounced “Seen”)
– Shapatu of Ishtar (Babylonian)
– Seamen’s Day (Icelandish)
– St. Elmo’s Day

June 4 – Socrates’ Birthday

June 5:  Earth Mother Day – Call forth good harvests

June 11 – Feast of Matuta (Roman)
– Matralia (Roman)
– Fortuna’s Day (Roman)

May Holy Days: Sarah daughter of Magdalene, Stella Maris

Mary Magdalene Christian Goddess May 24 – Day of the Three Maries (special to Mary Magdalene and Grail Christianity)

Margaret Starbird writes: On May 24th, the feast day of Saint Sarah — the dark refugee child known as “Sarah Kali” celebrated at Les Stes.  –Maries de-la-Mer– I’ll celebrate by doing an interview about Mary Magdalene and reclaiming the Lost Bride of the Christian story…. Here is a link to the program, you can listen to the archive.

Other May 24 alternative Holidays:

– Feast Day of Hermes Trismegistus

– Celtic Festival to the Three Mothers

– Greek Celebration of the Horae

May 25 – Assassination of Edmund I (Anglo-Saxon)

– Celebration of the Tao, Mother of the World (Chinese, Japanese)

May 26  – Festival of Diana begins (ends 31st) (ancient Roman holiday)

– Dakinis’ Day – Day Tantric Buddhists make offerings to Mother Tantra; day to unite will and power to manifest positive social change and environmental healing.

May 30 – Frigg’s Day, Northern Goddess, spouse of Odin (Teutonic “heathen” European pre-Christian holiday)

– Feast of the Queen of the Underworld Begins (Roman)

– Feast of the Queen of Heaven (European)

Stella Maris by Thalia Took used by permission
Stella Maris “Star of the Sea” an ancient title of Goddess and Mother Mary, our Christian Goddess

May 31 – Feast of the Triple Goddess – Marking the transformation of the Virgin into the Mother.
– Feast of Stella Maris – Venus, (and Asherah) as Star of the Sea. Mother Mary was later given the title Stella Maris


Mid-May Alternative Holidays, Brigid, Isis, Ragnar, Pentecost, Sacred Marriage

Movable Holiday:  Sometimes in May, sometimes in June:  50 Days after Easter: Pentecost & Shavuot: Annual Sacred Marriage Holiday

Movable Holiday:  2nd Sunday in May.  Mother’s Day – Day to give love and thanks to all mothers; day for mothers to celebrate motherhood and contemplate their sacred duty to provide for the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs of their children.

May 13 – Roman Garland Day, Offering garlands to Neptune.
– Month of Hawthorn, Celtic festival of the tree.

– Our Lady of Fatima Day (Portugal)

May 14-16 Feast of Divine Love and Compassion – Source of healing and beneficence, honoring Goddess as Isis (Old Egyptian), Oshun (Yoruba/Santeria), Lakshmi (Hindu).

May 14 – Isis Day in ancient Egypt

May 15 – Cold Sophie (German)
– Festival of Vesta (Roman)
– Maia and Mercury’s Day (Roman)

May 17 – Dea Dia (Roman)

May 18  – Celtic Feast of Old Greek God Pan – Who represents the masculine in Nature and protects men throughout their lives. Men recognized the transitions in their lives and honored male fertility.

May 19 – Old Celtic Feast of Brigid – In which sacred healing wells and springs were adorned with flowers in honor of Goddess Brigid, daughter of Mother Goddess Danu and Father God Dagda.

May 20 – Mjollnir (Germanic, Teutonic, heathen)

May 21 – Dark/Bright Mother Goddesses Day – Kali / Parvati and Hecate / Demeter.

– Plato’s Birthday

May 22 – Ragnar Lodbrok’s day (Norse Heathen)

May 23   – Semik (Russian)

Hermes Trismegistus famed founder of Hermetic philosophy and writer of the Emerald Tablet as above so belowMay 24 – Day of the Three Maries (significant to Mary Magdalene and Grail Christianity)

– Feast Day of Hermes Trismegistus

– Celtic Festival to the Three Mothers

– Greek Celebration of the Horae


Jesus Not Crucified Says Secret Bible

secret Bible knights templar defend christianity
1500 year old Bible kept secret until recently, supposedly says Jesus was not crucified

Bishop James writes:

There is much junk on the internet.  If you have not seen this article yet, you probably will: “1500 Year Old Bible Confirms That Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified – Vatican In Awe.”  This is just one link to the thousands of posts referencing the article: http://sonsonthepyre.com/1500-year-old-bible-confirms-that-jesus-christ-was-not-crucified-vatican-in-awe/

Significantly, the article states “The text maintains a vision similar to Islam, contradicting the New Testament’s teachings of Christianity.   Jesus also foresees the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, who would found Islam 700 years later.”  It also states “It is believed that, during the Council of Nicea, the Catholic Church hand-picked the gospels that form the Bible as we know it today; omitting the Gospel of Barnabas (among many others) in favor of the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Many biblical texts have begun to surface over time, including those of the Dead Sea and Gnostic Gospels; but this book especially, seems to worry the Vatican.”

This is what the Assyrian International News Agency (an organization I have not vetted) had to say: “Muslims, liberal and secular organizations have portrayed this discovery as something that undermines Christianity, ignoring the many problems with this book and presenting it as virtual fact. In fact, in their zeal to support the anti-Christian narrative, they have withheld or suppressed information questioning the authenticity of this book. For these organizations and individuals, this is another tool in their arsenal for the attack on the foundations of Christian doctrine.” http://www.aina.org/news/2012022916569.htm

At one time, I just ignored posts such as the first one referenced, but now I respond to these posts with facts.  For example: the statement, along with many others in the article, that “during the Council of Nicea, the Catholic Church hand-picked the gospels that form the Bible” indicates the poster is ignorant of basic historical facts.

Because so many people believe much of what they read on the internet, there will be many more of these high search result propaganda articles. Hopefully, accurate responses will rank higher in the search engines.

modern Knights Templar online groupA primary mission of the modern Templars is responding to such posts in an accurate and factual manner.



Celtic, Norse, Babylonian, Ancient Jewish, Egyptian, Holidays in May

Here are the ancient alternative holy days for May’s first twelve days.

May 9 thru 12 looks rather freaky…  At Christmas many families put candles in the window in order to encourage this very event. Looks like our ancient forbears believed their dead returned home during the second week of May.

Ordained minister pastor church Bishop like Pharoah shepherd staff
Pharoah holding the shepherd’s crook of rulership, called the heqa. Modern bishops of the church carry the same staff

Today, May 6, is Shepherd’s Day, a day for Shepherd gods many of which pre-date Jesus by millennia – Osiris, Shiva, Dumuzi / Tammuz (pictured below right). The Shepherd’s crook can be seen in ancient tombs held by Pharoahs — it was the mark of the god Osiris and also the staff of office for a Pharoah.  A Christian bishop to this day must carry a Shepherd’s crook as proof of their high office. Pastor is a term for both ordained ministers and priests that means “shepherd.” May 6 Shepherds Day is an ancient holiday.  See below…

May 1 – May Day (European holy day)

           –  Babylonian Celebration of Asherah, also Called the Queen of Heaven.  Asherah is in the Bible. She was Yahweh-God’s wife. Women in the Old Testament actually complain to the corrupt ruling priesthood how bad life became after Hebrew women stopped “baking cakes” for Asherah. (This can be found in the Bible)

Wedding of Inanna and Dumuzi self officiating their sacred marriage
Sumerian Goddess Inanna and God Dumuzi one of the earliest Sacred Marriage bride and bridegroom couples

May 2 – Elena’s Day (Welsh)
– St. Helen’s Day (British)

May 4  – Celtic Festival of Cerridwen and Brigit – Corn Goddesses of fertility, healing, and poets.
– St. Monica’s Day (Irish)
– Veneration of the Thorn (Irish)
– Festival of Sheila Na Gig (Irish)

May 6  – Shepherd’s Day – Day to meditate on Deity as Lord of Animals and God as a Shepherd King: Dumuzi (Old Sumerian), Osiris (Egyptian), Pan (Old Greek), Shiva Pasupati (Hindu).

The Sumerian god Dumuzi was also spelled Tammuz. Sumeria was current-day Iraq, and near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers where the Garden of Eden supposedly stood. Tammuz’s initial was considered very sacred. The letter T, later called the Tau, was said to be “God’s mark” placed on the foreheads of the Hebrews in one of the Old Testament Bible stories. God told his prophet to make sure all his people got the Tau drawn on their forehead with oil or ash so they would be saved when an invading army came.

Another story in the Hebrew Bible has the priests aggravated because the women are carrying out an annual weeping ceremony for Tammuz / Dumuzi on the steps of the Temple! Maybe Mother Mary knew about that ancient “pagan” ceremony, it is said she was one of the temple “workers” aka priestesses. Then again, we know all the Divine Feminine elements were suppressed by Jesus aka Yeshua’s time, but the people of course still remembered them.

We discuss that in our God Has a Wife! slide show here.

May 6 – is also Eyvind Kelve Day, a Norse / Viking saint’s day.  Eyvind Kelve was a martyr for his faith, refusing to give up his old norse beliefs, put to death by a Christian-pagan King on this day (May 6) in 965 A.D.

LEMURIA  May 9 thru 12, or by some reckoning May 9, 11, and 13 (only the odd days) Lemuria or Lemuralia was a Roman festival when the spirits of the dead are thought to revisit their homes. You should place bowls of beans out or sprinkle beans around the house to make sure the ghosts don’t turn malevolent. Vestal Virgin priestesses would make a special salted wheat cake for the people to use on this day as an offering to their dead.

Become an ordained minister Mother Mary is a Moon Goddess and Queen of Heaven like Asherah Inanna Artemis and Diana
Mother Mary as a Moon Goddess and Queen of Heaven riding the moon holding her divine son, God of Humanity

May 9  – Greek Feast of Artemis.  Diana is her Roman name, she was very important moon Goddess to the ancients and many of her attributes — the moon at her feet, etc. — were later given to Mary, the Goddess of Christianity. Mary is also called the Queen of Heaven like Asherah mentioned above and like Inanna pictured above with Dumuzi.  When Christianity was still new and still quite pagan, Jewish and gnostic, priests were asked who was the mother of Mary? It isn’t listed in the Bible. They told them, her name was Anna — from In’Anna, the ancient Mesopotamian Goddess.