About the School

The Esoteric Mystery School was founded in 1987 originally as a snail-mail correspondence school with local classes meeting in person. The founders took the lessons online in March of 1999 and we’ve been here ever since. Physically located in Gainesville, FL, the Mystery School has an online staff / faculty of experts, clergy, mages, etc. who cyber-commute to the School every day.

The Mystery School studies with people like you who are seeking something luminous, something “mysterious”, you already know…

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5 thoughts on “About the School”

  1. Please send me information about your online school. I live in Darby, Pennsylvania, the United States. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Danny Doegan

  2. I came up on your site and I am crying! I have been searching for awhile for a school I could afford — and that was true. Thank you!
    I will be sending my application.

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