End of November Holidays Esoteric Alternative Meaning

St. Catherine of the Wheel esoteric alternative holiday holy days online Mystery School ordination
St. Catherine of the Wheel aka of Alexandria

Nov 25 – St. Catherine of Alexandria Day. Famously called St Catherine of the Wheel (due to her martyrdom on a torture wheel) and the origin of “Catherine wheel” as in doing a cartwheel.

Nov 26 – Tibetan Festival of Lights

Nov 27 – Day of Parvati – Hindu Mother of the Universe

– Feast of Ullr:  “The Feast of Ullr was to celebrate the Hunt and to gain the personal luck needed for success. Weapons are dedicated on this day to Ullr. If your arms were blessed by the luck of the God of the Hunt, your family and tribe shared the bounty with a Blot and Feast to Ullr .”

4th Thursday of November:  Thanksgiving Day – Day to give thanks for religious freedom here in this great country, the fertile abundance of mother earth, and basic necessities of life, “thread, bread, and shed.”  (Clothes, food, shelter).

Nov 29 – Egyptian Feast of Hathor – as Sekmet, Lioness and Sun Goddess, the alternate of Bast, the Cat Goddess.

– St Andrew’s Eve.  Don’t talk to wolves tonight! This is the one night of the year wolves can speak, and if you hear one, it is said you will die before the year’s out.  Also on Andrews-Night or St Andrew’s Eve, still to this day as in centuries past, maidens divine their future husband’s name by writing potential husbands on little pieces of paper and putting them under their pillow (Eastern Europe, Poland) or baking the names into bits of dough and seeing which one floats to the top first. Men and women also on this night do other divinations such as dropping hot wax into cold water, seeing what shape it takes, then from that determining the future spouse’s profession. In Germany they drop hot lead into water and examine the shape for the spouse’s profession or name.

Nov 30 – St. Andrew’s Day. Eat Scottish food!

Last Sunday of November – The last Sunday of November begins Advent, the Festival of Lights for the Coming of the Light of the World – Christian vigil for the birth of the Cosmic Christ. Advent candles are lit on each of the four Sundays before Christmas.  A purple one on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays, and a pink one on the 3rd Sunday.  See our Sundays of Advent page. Here’s a traditional Advent Wreath “how-to” page.


November 12 – 24 Alternative Holidays, Diana, Hecate, Weyland

Goddess Mystery School Deanic Holidays
Diana Artemis Goddess of the Hunt

Nov 13 Festival of Jupiter – Roman deity associated with rain and agriculture, prime protector of the state, and concerned with all aspects of life.

Roman Fontinalia – Feast of Fons, God of Springs.

Nov 14 Feast of Musicians and Bards – Druid celebration of the Celtic musical arts.

Nov 16 – Night of Hecate, Greek Goddess of the Hags or Wisewomen, (later called Witches), her name comes from Heqa-ma’at, a goddess in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead who later became Hekmah or Hokmah (also spelled Chokmah) meaning wisdom in the ancient Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).  From Heqa-ma’at / Hecate / Hokmah we get the Greek word for wisewoman or holywoman, “hag”.  Hecate was goddess of the hags and it was a very complementary thing to be a hag of the Hagia Sophia tradition!

Nov 20 – Day of All Gnostic Saints (see http://www.gnosis.org/ecclesia/cal_mandala.htm for explanation)

Nov 22 – Festival of Diana aka Artemis – Roman Goddess of Moon, Hunt, Wilderness, Birth (pictured above right)
– Feast of Weyland – Norse God of the Smiths aka Volund

Nov 24 – Feast of the Burning Lamps, Egyptian festival
– Celtic Tree Month of Reed ends – Tree Month of Elder begins


Jesus Married to Magdalene With Kids


Jesus Christ, Wife Mary Magdalene Had 2 Kids, New Book Claims

A new book based on interpretations of ancient texts features an explosive claim: Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene, and the couple had two children.

In “The Lost Gospel,” set for release Wednesday, authors Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson argue that the original Virgin Mary was Jesus’ wife – not his mother – and that there was an assassination attempt on Jesus’ life 13 years before he was crucified.

The writers say they spent six years working on the book. Their arguments are based on an ancient manuscript dating back nearly 1,500 years, one they say they found in a British library, translating the text from an Aramaic dialect into English.

Mark Goodacre, a professor of religious studies at Duke University, is skeptical of the book’s findings.

“I don’t think that there is any credibility in these claims at all,” Goodacre said. “There is simply no evidence in this text or anywhere else that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, much less that they had a couple of children.”

This is not the first assertion that Jesus was married. A fragment of an ancient Egyptian papyrus known as the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” was unveiled in 2012, containing the phrase “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife,” although the document was written centuries after Jesus died.

The 2003 novel “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown also highlighted the possibility of Jesus’ having been married to Mary Magdalene.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Personally I do not believe the Virgin Mary was Mary Magdalene…. sheesh, what a stretch to conflate those two!  We have the extra-biblical Gospel of Philip that says “Jesus had three Marys in his life, his mother, his sister and his wife”. But this topic is still one of our favorites, and we do believe Jesus and Magdalene were a couple, probably with children, so I will buy the book. Friend (and teacher) Margaret Starbird was interviewed by the author Simcha Jacobovici during the writing of it, so hopefully some of her views will be in there.

Click here to where this article appears in ABC News to see a nifty video which includes snippets from The DaVinci Code movie about the married Jesus. Shows that awesome flip-graphic where Magdalene sits next to Jesus in Leonardo’s painting The Last Supper.

November Esoteric Alternative Holidays

Oct 31 – Nov 6 Mid-Autumn / Day of the Dead / Hallowmas – Festival marking the transformation of life to death, the end of the agricultural year, departure of migrating and hibernating animals, and decay and death of vegetal and animal life. Observed by remembering departed ancestors and contemplating one’s own mortality.

Nov 1 – All Saints Day – Christians around the world remember all the dead on this day
– Day of the Banshees, Reign of Celtic Cailleach, Crone Goddess.

Nov 2 – All Souls Day, Christians remember their own dead — relatives, ancestors, beloved dead.
– White Tara Day. Day for meditation on Tantric Bodhisattva Goddess, White Tara, who guides the dead to Buddha Amitabha’s Pure Land, where all will find salvation.

Nov 7 – 9 Feast of Divine Justice – Source of just law, honoring Goddess-God as Maat-Thoth (Egyptian); Goddess as Themis (Greek), Justice (Christian), and God as Forseti (Norse).

Nov 8 –  Seven Holy Archangels Day (Orthodox Christian).  The seven original Archangels to the Eastern Orthodox Church are:  Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, and the fallen Lucifer.  Lucifer lost his place to another Archangel but the various lists can’t make their minds up about the name of the new archangel.  Baracael, Ieadiel, Sealtiel, Peliel, and Gamael are some of the possibilities.  The Book of Enoch says:  The big four plus Raguel, Sariel, and Jerahmeel, while from other apocryphal sources we get the variant names Izidkiel, Hanael, and Kepharel instead of the last three.

Nov 11 Feast of Dionysus – Greek God whom Yeshua was “connected to” as the Cosmic Gnosis.

Veteran’s Day when we remember the dead. See article.

Celtic Lunatishees – Day of the Fairie Sidhe, Old November Day.