June Multi-Faith Holidays, Pre-christian Gods, Goddesses

June 13:  Feast of Epona – The Celtic Horse Goddess
–  All Soul’s Day (Tibetan)
– Children’s Day (USA)
– Athena’s Day (Greek)
– Minerva’s Day (Roman)

June 14 – Vidar’s Day (Norse Heathen)

– Birthday of the Muses (Greek). Music, the arts & inspiration “born”

June 16 – Night of the Teardrop (Egyptian)

Celtic Goddess Danu who morphed into Saint Anna, grandmother of Jesus. Become Ordained as her priestess or priest!
Celtic Mother Earth Goddess Danu / Dana / Anna / Anu / Ana who became St. Anna Grandmother of Jesus

June 17 – Ludi Piscatari (Roman)

–  Marriage of Orpheus and Eurydike (Greek)

June 18:  Roman Day of Anna – Goddess Danu / Dana / Ana to the Celts.  Early Christian-Pagans made sure Anna entered the Kristian story, making her Yeshua’s grandmother, Mary’s mother.

June 20 – Iron Skegge’s Day (Norse Heathen)
– Festival of Edfu (Egyptian)
– Kuan-Yin Day (day she became a Bodhisattva)

June 21:  Summer Solstice (<–Click for details)
Also, see next blog entry for all the Christian – Pagan “Christo-Pagan” details on Summer Solstice

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