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July Alternative Holidays – Celtic, Roman, Greek, Osiris & Isis

July 1 Greek Kronia – Honoring Kronos (Father Time) and Rhea (Old Mother Nature).

July 2 Roman Feast of Expectant Mothers.

July 8 Celtic Month of Holly – Honoring the Holly tree.

Sphinx Performing marriage of Isis and Osiris
The sphinx as marriage officiant!, performing the wedding of Isis & Osiris

July 12 – 14 Feast of the Moon – Honoring Goddess as Selene (Old Greek), Ixchel (Maya), and Manat (Old Arabic-Sufi).

July 13 Birth of Osiris – Egyptian God of Divine Youth, annually resurrected by Isis.

July 17 Celtic Feast of Tailtiu – Mother Nature Goddess who fostered Lugh.

July 19 Egyptian Opet Festival – Celebrating the marriage of Isis and Osiris.


This is Juno’s month, Esoteric meaning of Pentecost, Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage month is June the month most chosen for weddings
The Sacred Marriage in Alchemy, “I am the sun, you are the moon”

Alternative, Suppressed and otherwise Forgotten  Holidays for the first week of June

Month of Juno – Dedicated to Roman Goddess Juno, partner of Jove (God of Happiness), protector of marriage and family.

Movable Holiday:  sometimes in May, sometimes in June. I really like the esoteric meaning of Pentecost and not just because I had a baby on that day long ago… The Sacred Marriage Holiday is awesome too since June in marriage month worldwide — many choose June for their wedding month, which makes sense since Juno is the Goddess of Marriage. To esotericists the Sacred Marriage also has to do with a Heavenly Mother marrying a Heavenly Father, be it God and Mother-God aka Yahweh and Havah / Asherah / Sophia, El and Elat, or Jove and Juno.  The ancients knew about and celebrated the Sacred Marriage aka the Hieros Gamos. Read more here : Shavuot/Feast of First Fruits, Pentecost, Sacred Marriage holiday

Goddess Juno of June, the month most often chosen to officiate a wedding
Goddess Juno in the House of Dreams

June 2   – Juno Regina’s Day (Roman)
– Goddess Sin’s Day (Norse goddess pronounced “Seen”)
– Shapatu of Ishtar (Babylonian)
– Seamen’s Day (Icelandish)
– St. Elmo’s Day

June 4 – Socrates’ Birthday

June 5:  Earth Mother Day – Call forth good harvests

June 11 – Feast of Matuta (Roman)
– Matralia (Roman)
– Fortuna’s Day (Roman)

Mid-May Alternative Holidays, Brigid, Isis, Ragnar, Pentecost, Sacred Marriage

Movable Holiday:  Sometimes in May, sometimes in June:  50 Days after Easter: Pentecost & Shavuot: Annual Sacred Marriage Holiday

Movable Holiday:  2nd Sunday in May.  Mother’s Day – Day to give love and thanks to all mothers; day for mothers to celebrate motherhood and contemplate their sacred duty to provide for the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs of their children.

May 13 – Roman Garland Day, Offering garlands to Neptune.
– Month of Hawthorn, Celtic festival of the tree.

– Our Lady of Fatima Day (Portugal)

May 14-16 Feast of Divine Love and Compassion – Source of healing and beneficence, honoring Goddess as Isis (Old Egyptian), Oshun (Yoruba/Santeria), Lakshmi (Hindu).

May 14 – Isis Day in ancient Egypt

May 15 – Cold Sophie (German)
– Festival of Vesta (Roman)
– Maia and Mercury’s Day (Roman)

May 17 – Dea Dia (Roman)

May 18  – Celtic Feast of Old Greek God Pan – Who represents the masculine in Nature and protects men throughout their lives. Men recognized the transitions in their lives and honored male fertility.

May 19 – Old Celtic Feast of Brigid – In which sacred healing wells and springs were adorned with flowers in honor of Goddess Brigid, daughter of Mother Goddess Danu and Father God Dagda.

May 20 – Mjollnir (Germanic, Teutonic, heathen)

May 21 – Dark/Bright Mother Goddesses Day – Kali / Parvati and Hecate / Demeter.

– Plato’s Birthday

May 22 – Ragnar Lodbrok’s day (Norse Heathen)

May 23   – Semik (Russian)

Hermes Trismegistus famed founder of Hermetic philosophy and writer of the Emerald Tablet as above so belowMay 24 – Day of the Three Maries (significant to Mary Magdalene and Grail Christianity)

– Feast Day of Hermes Trismegistus

– Celtic Festival to the Three Mothers

– Greek Celebration of the Horae