Summer Solstice Esoteric Meaning, Knights Templar Holiday

Summer Solstice Druid Holiday Become an Ordained Minister Esoteric Holidays
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge
Ishtar Inanna Goddess of Syria and Iraq
Ishtar Goddess of Syria and Babylon (modern Iraq) May she bring peace to her homeland

Summer Solstice!

Longest day of the year, a day most chosen to get married. This is the holy day opposite earth’s orbit from Christmas, the solar “birth” holidays. Luckily this is not a solar “death” holiday, although some in the “Dark Side” of the spiritual world do think of this day as a “death of god” day, the idiots. Never will understand the hardcore darkside — as if they would survive if the sun didn’t?!

Look at all the Goddesses connected to the Summer Solstice holiday. Some of them are from homelands in the news today. Iraq is certainly in the news currently, as is Syria. We have Ishtar, the Babylonian and Syrian goddess who gave her name to Easter, and whose birthday is considered Summer Solstice.  Brazil and the World Cup are also in the news, and is represented by Yemaya, the Brazilian goddess honored on Summer Solstice.

Scroll on down to see the ancient Egyptian holiday, Roman holiday (this was Hera’s Day!), and even Native American, ancient Hindu, and Druid holidays. This is quite a day worldwide and has been for millennia.

June 21:  Summer Solstice (Click for more info on this ancient holiday)  Here are all the deities — many Sacred Feminine ones — connected to this holy day through the ages.

– Day of Cerridwen and her Cauldron (English/Welsh)

– Day of Aine of Knockaine (Irish)

– Day of the Green Man (Northern Europe)

– The Great Mother (British)

– Alban Hefin (Druidic)

– Waa-Laa Ends (Native American)

– Litha (Wiccan)

– All Hera’s Day (Roman)

– Ishtar’s Day (Babylonian)

– Astarte’s Day (Canaanite)

– Aphrodite’s Day (Greek)

– Yemaya’s Day (Brazilian)

– Aine’s Day (Irish)

See also notes here about June Solstice holidays, including the other days coming after it.

June 23: Celtic Day of the Green Man – In honor of Herne, Cernernos, Lugh.

Knights Templar Holidays, Online Ordination
The Knights Templar Revered John the Baptist and were said to have preserved his head

June 24:  TEMPLAR HOLY DAY. In the Roman calendar this day was thought to be Summer Solstice.  The Church renamed this pagan holiday to St. John the Baptist Day. Templars revered it highly.  On Jun 24, 1314 a mysterious band of knights joined Robert the Bruce of Scotland on the battlefield making his victory at Bannockburn possible.  These knights could only have been the a troop of disbanded and now in-hiding Templars who had fled to western Scotland.  St. John’s day was used by Freemasons in 1717 to found the first public (non-Scottish) Order of Freemasonry in London.  Masonic teachings are said to descend from the esoteric Christianity of Templarism.  St. John the Baptizer was beheaded because he wouldn’t give in and sacrifice his principles.  This is a Templar ideal, as is the constancy and regularity — order out of chaos — of the solstices and equinoxes.  So for both reasons, Christian and “pagan,” we observe this day. See also notes here.

– Feast of the Sun (Aztec)

– Feast of St. John the Baptist

– Midsummer Bride (Swedish)

– Inti Raymi (Incan)

– Lady Luck (European)

– Burning of the Lamps at Sais (Egyptian)

June 25 – Parvati Praise Day – Hindu Women’s Festival for Earth Mother.
June 27 – Roman Day of the Lares – Household Deities honored and tended
– Initium Aestatis (Roman)
– Arretophoria (Greek)

June 28 – Festival of the Tarasque (French)
June 29 – Shiva Day – Hindu Lord of the Dance invoked for blessings
– Runic New Year
– Petosiris’ Day (Egyptian)
– St. Peter’s Day
– Herb Harvesting Day (East Anglican)


June Multi-Faith Holidays, Pre-christian Gods, Goddesses

June 13:  Feast of Epona – The Celtic Horse Goddess
–  All Soul’s Day (Tibetan)
– Children’s Day (USA)
– Athena’s Day (Greek)
– Minerva’s Day (Roman)

June 14 – Vidar’s Day (Norse Heathen)

– Birthday of the Muses (Greek). Music, the arts & inspiration “born”

June 16 – Night of the Teardrop (Egyptian)

Celtic Goddess Danu who morphed into Saint Anna, grandmother of Jesus. Become Ordained as her priestess or priest!
Celtic Mother Earth Goddess Danu / Dana / Anna / Anu / Ana who became St. Anna Grandmother of Jesus

June 17 – Ludi Piscatari (Roman)

–  Marriage of Orpheus and Eurydike (Greek)

June 18:  Roman Day of Anna – Goddess Danu / Dana / Ana to the Celts.  Early Christian-Pagans made sure Anna entered the Kristian story, making her Yeshua’s grandmother, Mary’s mother.

June 20 – Iron Skegge’s Day (Norse Heathen)
– Festival of Edfu (Egyptian)
– Kuan-Yin Day (day she became a Bodhisattva)

June 21:  Summer Solstice (<–Click for details)
Also, see next blog entry for all the Christian – Pagan “Christo-Pagan” details on Summer Solstice

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The Jodi Trilogy consists of three books: Jodi: Guardian Angel in Training, Jodi and the Children, and The Jodi Experiment.  Jodi and the Children narrates the expansion of Jodi’s innovations into a subculture of human families who work interactively with their angels.  The family angels can now team guard.  And anyone who knows their angel personally can see and talk to other guardians who are in similar relationships with their own angels.  In the third book of the trilogy Jodi must form a new department in the hierarchy and overcome the obstacles thrown up by those who disapprove of her methods and by Satan who sees her work as a serious infringement on his access to humans.

Since Jodi introduces a new concept of interaction between humans and their angels, this might be a book that will be of interest to some of our Mystery School members.  And since right now it is free ….

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This is Juno’s month, Esoteric meaning of Pentecost, Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage month is June the month most chosen for weddings
The Sacred Marriage in Alchemy, “I am the sun, you are the moon”

Alternative, Suppressed and otherwise Forgotten  Holidays for the first week of June

Month of Juno – Dedicated to Roman Goddess Juno, partner of Jove (God of Happiness), protector of marriage and family.

Movable Holiday:  sometimes in May, sometimes in June. I really like the esoteric meaning of Pentecost and not just because I had a baby on that day long ago… The Sacred Marriage Holiday is awesome too since June in marriage month worldwide — many choose June for their wedding month, which makes sense since Juno is the Goddess of Marriage. To esotericists the Sacred Marriage also has to do with a Heavenly Mother marrying a Heavenly Father, be it God and Mother-God aka Yahweh and Havah / Asherah / Sophia, El and Elat, or Jove and Juno.  The ancients knew about and celebrated the Sacred Marriage aka the Hieros Gamos. Read more here : Shavuot/Feast of First Fruits, Pentecost, Sacred Marriage holiday

Goddess Juno of June, the month most often chosen to officiate a wedding
Goddess Juno in the House of Dreams

June 2   – Juno Regina’s Day (Roman)
– Goddess Sin’s Day (Norse goddess pronounced “Seen”)
– Shapatu of Ishtar (Babylonian)
– Seamen’s Day (Icelandish)
– St. Elmo’s Day

June 4 – Socrates’ Birthday

June 5:  Earth Mother Day – Call forth good harvests

June 11 – Feast of Matuta (Roman)
– Matralia (Roman)
– Fortuna’s Day (Roman)